Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Is It Okay To Marry My Brother-in-law?

For a definition,brother-in-law is the brother of one's wife or husband. In this topic,it is wise to say that the person in question here is a woman asking: ''Is it okay to marry my brother-in-law? Dear Motivational reader,what do you have to say?

A woman is married to her husband and now she is asking if it is okay to also marry her brother-in-law,that is the brother to her husband.

My dear woman,is your husband dead or missing?Are you having problem with your husband and you feel you can get out of him by getting married to someone else?

But unfortunately,someone else you admire to marry is not someone else but your husband's blood if that is your reason for getting married to someone else.

Okay,let's say your husband is lost as in missing and not found.And so? Is getting married to his own brother a way of getting your husband back home? The truth is that you do not know the where about of your husband.But he is somewhere,probably very much alive! What happens the day he comes back and discovers that you have given yourself to his own brother in marriage just because he was nowhere to be found?

Are you under the command of your custom and tradition? Yes,some traditions especially in Africa mandate that when one's husband dies,the widow should be automatically married to her brother-in-law otherwise she would lose both her husband's properties and children.

Such traditions are so strong that just one woman cannot fight it! Sometimes,the only solution to this law is leaving the family of her husband entirely without her children and remain unmarried wherever she is for the rest of her life if she refuses to marry her brother-in-law!

Now this woman under this cage is asking: ''Is it okay to marry my brother-in-law? Hello?

What else are you looking in marriage you have not got from your late husband? He has given you home and children and yes,a change of name one of the greatest prides of African women. What else do you want to have in marriage you have not got with the father of your children? And if you leave without taking your children as the tradition demands will your children not still be yours tomorrow and forever? They will surely look for you and come back to you when they are grown.

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Get free from slavery by opposing the option of marrying your brother-in-law. You will only be locked up in chain to be child bearing factory for them. Go,take your leave and realize your potentials as a gifted woman!

Is it okay to marry my brother-in-law? What properties are you afraid of losing if you say no to the tradition that subjects you to getting married to your brother-in-law that you cannot get in double fold if you go make yourself and realize your potentials?

And your brother-in-law you are talking about,is it the one who has a wife already you want to become a second wife to and then struggle to survive under his roof with your children or the one who will soon leave you as an old woman and take a new wife of his choice for himself?

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Dear widow,do give yourself some respect and love. Save yourself further problems,abuse and embarrassment by choosing to get out of that bondage of a house under inconsiderable tradition of womanhood.

What is okay about marrying your brother-in-law who will not even respect you as your husband would, a man who will not even regard or honor your place as a wife?  This is a man who will soon leave you as soon as you accept to be his wife and property in obedience to their tradition and go marry a woman of his dearest choice!

Whether you marry him or not,your husband's properties are in his hands and he will soon hand them all over to his own and dearest wife! Is it okay to marry my brother-in-law? What will you gain in marrying your brother-in-law? What will you lose if you say no to him???

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

To What Extent Should Man Prove He Loves His Girl?

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To What Extent Should Man Prove He Loves His Girl?

And you know these days,love has gone technology. It has migrated from what used to be analogue to digital. Men are now taking their love style to another level so much that we do not know anymore when it is real love!

A man would see a girl on a street for the first time in his life and claim that he loves her and would like to marry her. On just one spot! What do we call that? Love? 

To prove his claim,he takes her out the next day to where he lives and tells her ''This house is yours from now on''. Without giving this girl any breathing space to think about it all,he would stage a societal birthday party for the girl and kneel down in front of every witness and say '' Baby,will you marry me?'' If you are the girl would you say no?

But well,this is another kind of love affairs we see in society today. There are many crazy ones out there you may know but what we are talking about here is ''To what extend should man prove he loves his girl?

I was listening to one mid night program on radio and it was all about lovers. The presenter would call someone and say that her boyfriend so so and so gave her her number to call her and tell her that he loves her so much and won't trade her for anything on earth. And then the girl would say: ''Oh my God this is great! I love you baby so much and forever I am yours!''

The program went on for hours and I kept following it. Just before it got boring,I discovered that so many boys and men have been sending the numbers of girls they just met few hours or days ago to force out love and compel them to get hooked for the likes of them. How do you explain the situation where the caller calls a lady and says ''your boyfriend Emeka  gave me your number and said I should call you on air and tell you he loves you''. Then the receiver would be like '' Emeka? Who is Emeka?'' You see, Emeka might just be one boy or man that met her few hours or days before and tried to play Mr. Romantic to girl. Being a stuff who knows what she wants,she didn't place him anywhere in her heart to remember him in later time. To what extent should man prove he loves his girl?

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Sometimes I don't just get it! Who should a guy call his girl?  Someone he met recently and said ''I love you?'' The girl who agrees and but said he should give her sometime to think about it? Men,who do you refer to as your girl?

Okay,let's say you have succeeded in getting the heart of that girl who never wanted you in the first place for any reason with your style of spending and showering love. Would you stop spending and telling the whole world you love her so much because you have succeeded in getting her?

If you dare it,you will have started a trouble you will never win. Understand you began in the first place to prove you loved a girl who never wanted you  in an extent you could not continue. That is your trouble and very big problem,and you must settle it yourself!

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Dear men,to what extent should you prove you love your girl? To what extent should man prove he loves his girl? My honest answer: To the extend that you know you can continue to make her happy and continue to keep her in love with you,as long as you live!!! 
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Monday, 16 July 2018

''Sex On The First Date Doesn't Make You Cheap'-Oyin. Is This True?

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sex in relationship.

This statement is coming from a Twitter user seeking to be notable among stars who could be talked about anytime,anyhow. Coming up,she has a controversial opinion on s*x saying that sex on the first date does not make you cheap. Is this true?

If s*x on the first date does not make one cheap does not Oyin imply that s*x on a second,third or on  frequent dates make one cheap? Then what difference does it make to have s*x on a first date and avoid it or further dates? What wisdom does Oyin the profounder of this statement give when she says that sex on the first date does not make you cheap?

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Oyin,does a wise saying not have it that first impression matters? If a woman loses herself and opens her legs for a man who wants to see what she has in between her legs on a first date,has it not tell it all what kind of person she is? The man might not have her again on another date if he ever wanted marriage with her in the first place. 

What kind of woman would a man naturally want for marriage? Is it a woman who willingly opens her legs for any man that wants them open? A very loose woman? This is crazy and weird! It is only acceptable in a wayward world.

Someone comes up on a social media platform and all she could give out was promotion of s*x on a first date saying it is like an interview and if one passes it,one would be called to start work. Take a look at her statement below:

''S*x on a first date does not make you cheap. It is called a relationship interview and if you are called back you got the job''. Yes,Oyin is right on an aspect. The kind of date here is relationship interview! Get it right: The date being talked about here is not the one on serious relationship between suitors for marriage. It is a relationship business,seeking for s*x workers.

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But why would the profounder,Oyin associate any proper action or attempt required for getting job to being cheap? What business does a harlot have with looking or being cheap when it comes to s*x? Is it not what she promotes and sales?

Where we are having troubles here with Oyin is on the area where she is mixing dating with s*x work. Oyin,you are making it look like s*x on a first date is good and normal thing and you are encouraging it. Saying that sex on the first day does not make you cheap is asking girls in your generation,people who look up to you for advice on relationship to go ahead and have s*x with their suitors on their first dates. If they do it well to the satisfaction of their suitors and prove they are experts in having s*x,you said they would be called back for work. Which work? S*xing rather than marriage!

Hah! This is unfair Oyin!A woman of virtue doesn't deceive her younger generations. She rather builds them up and sends signals!

To be on a safer side girls,do not open your  legs to any man on your first date. Marriage tie is not founded on s*x performance but on trust.Let your man see moral qualities in you that should make him stick to you.

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Many girls have been deceived by immoral concepts adopted by young ladies such as Oyin but you should stand out! The truth still remains that any man who wants to marry you would hasten up to do so when you harden yourself from having s*x with him until marriage!!!
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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Are You Really In A Serious Relationship? Do Not Do This!

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Are You Really In A Serious Relationship? Do Not Do This!

These days,the way everyone is taking relationship has made it so difficult to differentiate it with non relationship. S*x is widely spread,and different names have been used to coat and color relationships. Whatever it is,you are the only one that knows whether you are truly in a relationship or not!

Are you really in a relationship? Do not do this! What? Relax,you will soon find out!!

Lately,a young woman reported to police that her boyfriend defrauded her of 2.9 million naira and used it to marry another lady. During the investigation of how the young man,the so called suitor of the young woman defrauded her of 2.9 million naira,the police found out that it was his girlfriend, the young woman that gave him the money but in the name that he wants to execute a contract  which would give him huge money in return. Unknowing to her that it was false and a way to defraud her,she did give him the money since she believed they were in a serious relationship.

To cut the long story short,the young man having collected the money,ran away to a far distance and disconnected every form of communication with the young lady and married the woman he wanted.

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My dear lady,are you really in a serious relationship? Do not do this. Do not ever think you are in a serious relationship until your boyfriend does something serious to commit you in his hand. Do you have a baby with him which both families are aware of? Has he done proper introduction and settled your bride price with your family? In that case,he is already your husband and you could be sure you are in a serious relationship with him if your answer is a big yes!

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I mean,how could you believe that a man would marry you because he comes to your house and eats your food? Who told you that an intimate relationship is when you are very close to a certain man to the point that he sleeps in the same bed with you?

My dear lady,if this is what your relationship is,do not commit your financial strength with to him. Do not even borrow to him if he says he would refund later. There is every likelihood that he is collecting the money to pay the bride price of his lady and marry her why you are deceived he would use the money for some business .

Read this please: Your Boyfriend Might Be Getting Married But You Do Not Know!

Are you really in a serious relationship? To what extent is your relationship that you are beginning to call it a serious relationship? Whatever it is,do not ever say or feel that you are in a serious relationship if your man is not ready to take you to isle. Even if your relationship is as old as Methuselah he is still your boyfriend on a platform level.

Let him go out,yes let him leave you and go look for his fortune. He has to go and make money to take care of his responsibilities and find his feet as man!

No responsible man would sit and eat the food provided by his girlfriend if he is thinking of marrying her! The common action to take is to go make himself a man and then come for his woman before another man takes her away from him and not the other way round.

Are you really in a serious relationship? Do not this!! I am sure and very sure you know the don'ts!

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Friday, 13 July 2018

What Is Bad In Dating A Married Man?

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What Is Bad In Dating A Married Man?

Today,a lot of young and old ladies are dating married men either knowingly or unknowing to them.Even when being told or when they eventually find out that the men they are entrusting their hearts to are already married,they seem not to be bothered by it and show ''I don't care'' attitude. Why? Is anything wrong with dating married men? What is wrong in dating married men ?

First,to give us a sound and reasonable answer,let us see what dating is! Simply put,dating is a stage of romantic relationships in which two people,a man and a woman socially meet with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage.

Since dating involves romance and intention for an intimate relationship or marriage,does it not look to you as an unwholesome practice when the man in the party is already married? And now you are asking: What is bad in dating a married man?

A married man has a wife,he already has a family! What need would you be filling in his household when you eventually come in?  Second wife right? But the one that would be fulfilling the s*xual responsibility for the man of the house and yes,the woman that would take care of the responsibility of his old age for the family when the time comes! What is bad in dating a married man?

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Here are the results of dating a married man!

By dating a married man,you are sharing not only your emotion with someone not belonging to you,but you are also romancing a husband of another woman.

Sharing your emotion and satisfying the sexual urge of a man who rightly belongs to another woman is devaluing yourself,saying you worth nothing than a secondary place in the life of any man.

From dating a married man,you would become a second woman at home.

From becoming a second wife at home,you have put asunder what God has yoked together and says let no one put apart.

By putting apart a family,you have succeeded in tearing a family tie that bond that bind a man and his wife and children making them fall apart!

Are you like still seriously asking what is bad in dating a married man?

My dear lady why? Just take your seat and consider the results of dating a married man and you will see that the results are negative! There is no positivity or goodness in it.

Some men are just pitfalls. Their lives are danger zones and traps set to destroy women's lives. Only those who think they are master planners boldly enter marriages with married men. They have their calculations and think they have their ways to succeed.

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But what is even good about dating a married man in the first place? If it is that you are looking for a very mature man for marriage,there are many single mature men out there for you. Why go with someone who is already married?  Okay,if your problem is loneliness and you just want any man to keep up with please read this article to help the situation: What To Do When You Are Lonely!

My dear lady dating or marrying a married man is purely a blind choice that even some traditions are no longer in support of. To get more opinions on the issues of dating married men,please read one of them in our article: Is It Okay To Date A Married Man?

Remember,in everything we do,in whatever thing we do under the sun,there are consequences. Dating a married man or getting married to a married man has its own consequences. Some of the consequences of marrying or dating a married man is found in this article: Your Boyfriend Might Be Getting Married But You Do Not Know!

Be good to yourself!!!

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Is It Okay To Date A Married Man?

Is It Okay To Date A Married Man?

Time flies as the days go by and we come to a time in our life when we are faced with some big decisions to make. Love no doubt is strong and very powerful and it could also make us make some irrational decisions that we may not deem fit to make on ordinary day when we are not in love. However,we should be careful when we take on a journey of love. The question we are about to look into is a very important big question we all have to consider carefully as growing girls and ladies: Is It Okay To Date a Married Man? I will answer this question as we progress. 

To date someone simply means to go out with someone one is attracted to. Sharing some romantic attachment becomes a common culture and norms of those dating.  More love and feelings begin to generate for these loved ones we are already emotionally attached to as close and warm relationship is being built! 

Definitely we have feelings for these ones, although some people go into relationships because of some gain they expect to get from it,but the main reason people in real relationship date someone is because they have and share romantic feelings with that them. But now, that person you are about to date is married, which means he's legally attached to someone he calls his wife and probably they already have kids together. Your crush who has turned to your partner could be this sweet loving married man who calls you at every hour, appreciates you, treats you well, make your heart beat fast, help you financially and make you feel on top of the world, but the question remains does he love you while still married? You can read our article that could help you: Do I Love Her Or Am I Just Lonely? 

 Our question: Is it okay to date a married man? Come to think of it: A man that is married owes an obligation to his wife and family, to love and cherish them and that same man claims to love you. Don't you think something is wrong with him he has to fix? Does the fact that he could not take up his responsibility as a husband to his wife not make you see that he is an irresponsible man? Let's move away a bit from his side and check your side as a lady and get some vital points to consider. 

As a lady who could only be attracted by a married man,a man who has already given his life and commitment to another woman not you,do you not feel the following:

1. Low self-esteem?: Having a low self-esteem is something that could happen to us due to the decisions we make. When you are playing the second position in a man's life while another woman is on top is bad and could lead to low self-esteem. You might be enjoying some financial aids and all that but remember that it is just peanuts compared with what his wife enjoys. Yes,the first place in that man's life,and everyone recognizes it! And you,you are content and just okay to accept a secondary place in the heart of man rather than being a queen in your own house! Is it okay to date a married man?

2. '''Am not in for money but for love'' say some ladies who try to justify their reason for dating married men.Have you not heard that men can have sex without being in love with a woman but a woman can not have sex without some emotional attachment to the man? Can't you see you are being used up by that man? Any married man who leaves his wife and come to you is not truly coming to you in the name of marriage but to have you satisfy his s*xual urge. Yes,he could after all marry you to become his s*x worker,but deep inside him,he knows his wife! The other woman he has given his everything to and not you! So my lady,is is okay to date a married man? 

3. He will leave someday: Have it in mind he's going to leave someday, he might claim to be in love with you but the main reason could be that he's having issues with his wife and is using you to heal himself from frustrations and heart break. This again should be an eye opener for you. He is married! He has given it all to his wife! Your stay with him is very much temporal and the earlier you know this the better it is for you.

4. What goes around comes around Remember? Definitely you must have heard that quote and most times it works. This action you are taking or about to take could come back to hit you back when you want to finally want to settle down with the man of your dreams. 

The point is this: Even if your intention is not to marry a married man but is on deceit to sap him,when you eventually marry your own husband,there is every likelihood that not just one but many women will run after him and sap him dry even before your eyes.

Morals: Don't make yourself cheap to be the second option of a man while there are so many single men out there that can treat you in a special way. You might have heard some heart breaks with single men in the past but don't make a bad decision because of your past. Also read the article: Does True Love Exist Only in Movies? and stay away from married men!!!

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Your Boyfriend Might Be Getting Married But You Do Not Know!

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Now,have you ever wondered why so many ladies say they are engaged to one man or another and they continue to remain in that state like indefinite? Just meet any girl for a relationship or to find out if she is still single and searching and it would amaze you what they would all say. ''I am already engaged to someone'' and all sort of that.

A year,two year,three four five years they are still there while other younger ones on their sides are taken to alter for proper marriage! Your boyfriend might be married but you do not know!

I ran onto a lady who was crying and lamenting that her boyfriend she was dating was getting married to someone else and she never knew! According to her,four days before she saw her boyfriend's wedding picture on his Facebook page posing romantically with his wife,the young man was all with her in bed,telling her he could do nothing without her,that she is the love of his life and all of that. Little did this lady know that it was all deceit! Yes,your boyfriend might be getting married but you do not know!

Dear lady,how would you know if your boyfriend who has probably proposed to you for marriage is not actually getting married to someone else?

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  • How often does your boyfriend hurt you and apologize to you? This question is very very important! Apology is not a guarantee that he loves you. Studies and research have proven that boyfriends who always apologize to their girlfriends do so on ulterior motives.He doesn't want to let you go not because he loves you,but because you do him a lot good by keeping him warm! Your boyfriend might be getting married but you do not know!
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My dear lady,beware of  any boyfriend of yours who often offend or hurt you. He knows that with just that apology,he would have you again.

  • Secondly,between you and your boyfriend who shows he needs the other more importantly? Who calls more frequently than the other? Does he call you more and only when he needs you to be in bed or around with him? Check check check! If the answer to the last question in the second point is yes,your boyfriend might be getting married but you do not know!

Some men are like hungry lions,looking for some women to devour. Ladies,use your senses!!

That he takes you out every evening for dinner is not a sign he is your future husband. That he calls you whenever he has urge for sex doesn't mean you are the right woman for him. If his girl he has somewhere to marry tells him there would be no sex until their wedding night he could be using you to satisfy his urgent need for s*x. Do not be deceived!

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  • what is your relationship with his family members? How many of them has he introduced to you? How many times have they called to check on you? Has he ever told you that his mother or sister asked after you?  If your answers to these questions are negative,then my lady,your boyfriend might be getting married to someone else but you do not know!

When your relationship is for marriage,you would see the difference. You would know it and you would see it. This is because,a serious relationship that points to marriage is not just between you and your boyfriend. It extend to the knowledge of his and your family members. Anything other than this is a relationship on a platform!

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Serious commitment such as telling you his personal goals and plans,revealing to you some inside stories and issues in his family to make you feel belonging to them and get acquainted with them is a great evidence he is not just a boyfriend but a husband to be. If these points are absent in your relationship,my dear girlfriend,your boyfriend might be getting married but you do not know! 

There are signs for everything we all want to know in life. The problem is the inability or unwillingness to read the signs.

Image result for boyfriend and girlfriend pictures

If you are ready for marriage and you are already dating, then sit up and show some maturity. If he has not done it right by introducing you to his family,if you still feel empty in knowing about his family background,culture and value,tell him how much you need to know them. If he is not willing to you,don't expect me to tell you my dear that he has someone else for real and that your boyfriend might be getting married but you do not know!!!
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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

What To Do When You Are Lonely!

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What To Do When You Are Lonely!

Loneliness,the feeling of being alone in emptiness when one should be with a partner is like a sharp knife that pierces though the marrow of the bones. It is not only painful to deal with,it also makes one depreciate in heart and mind!

Anyone could fall a victim of being lonely.  A married man who loses wife could be lonely even when he is a man! A young girl in her teen could also feel lonely when she has a disappointing boyfriend. An elderly who does not have a helper or loved ones around could also be lonely just like children without helper could be sometimes!

However,some experts say that the good news is that loneliness is nice sometimes when you need a quiet time to think about things and also rest from stress. ''Life could be hard and make us feel bad so we need rest. This is where loneliness could help you a lot and it also brings some inspiration sometimes.'' But I highly disagree with them! Rather,I say to this school of thought that being alone most times,is good for reflection! Considering the good part, we will also consider the disadvantage and how to avoid this slowly deadly thing. Let's look at the bad side of loneliness!


1. Bad Thoughts: You would agree with me that loneliness brings bad or evil thoughts sometimes. It's important to note that people tend to think about irrelevant things when they are alone and this makes them take actions if they are not careful with such thoughts.

2. Depression: This can also take place when you are too lonely and make you do things you don't ever want to do. At times suicidal thoughts may occur in the process.


Loneliness makes us do a lot of unimaginable things. Even in the Christian Bible God saw that it is not good for man to be alone so He created a help mate for him and that's what we know today as wife. How much more loneliness! I am going to list some points that you can apply when you are lonely:

1. Create a hobby: Hobbies such as visiting the gym, playing table tennis, reading books, visiting the library and many other things help to remove loneliness. Do not keep an ideal mind when you are lonely!

2. Take a trip: On the course of your career you will know the times when you will be lonely and need to have an action plan that will take care of that time. Another important action plan is taking a trip to visit your family members, friends and relatives. Yes,this is great in fighting loneliness.

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3. Take a vacation: Vacations help a lot in easing off and winning the war of loneliness.It deals strongly with stress and makes us relax a bit. Pick a country you will want to visit and check the amount of money needed to achieve that. If you can't achieve it,at least change environment somewhere you can reach!

The spirit of loneliness does not have advantage. It is all full of disadvantages,aiming to weigh someone down,and cause big depression.

When you are alone and feel lonely,apply all necessary measures to fight loneliness by keeping real busy!!! 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Kind Of Ex You Should Never Let Go!

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You and your ex!

In our previous article:''Why Do You Really Want That Ex Back?'',we could see there are actually some ex that do not worth the efforts of anyone who tries to make up for a second chance. The right thing for anyone,a victim of the experience is to let go of anyone who says or implies your place in his life is not important is to simply let go! Don't beg,don't even try to prove that your place is important in the life of anyone who thinks otherwise because at the end of the day,you would achieve no positive result but cause more harm than good.

However,there are actually guys,the kind of ex you should never let go! This kind of ex is direct opposite to the kind of ex you should never want back.

There was a young man who was in love with a young lady for reasons best known by him. No matter what the young lady did to him,he would simply over look the matter and make up with her. This he did for more than five years of there friendship because at the time they began this journey of love,the young lady was still in secondary school while the young man in question just got admissions in one of the Universities in Nigeria. Theirs was a distance relationship,out of sight but not out of mind.

The spirit of love grew and strong feelings generated between these two lovers over the years.Soon the friendship lasted for 10 years but although the young man never changes his mind about the young lady,but he found it very difficult to stand on his feet as a man. He could not secure employment good enough to put food at his table and bring him or anyone else in his heart comfort.

Like the adage says: ''A man who has not found himself will desert any woman that comes his way'' so did he do to the young lady that had kept herself for him for many years. The kind of ex you should never let go!

He left,abandoned and denied his girl he so much love for pursuit of employment,money and comfort! And I am sure that if he meets his target today,he will go look for his girl and marry her. I know this guy very well,and the lady is mine!

Image result for you and your ex

My dear lady,if you have this kind of ex you should never let go! Help him to even secure this job that will make him find his place and feet as a man and watch his next move. If what I am thinking is right,he will make your dream as his wife come true!

Another kind of ex you should never let go is one that feels intimidated by your charisma. The charisma could be that your family is influential and his is on a very low class. If his point is that he wants to go make a little wave to shape himself in a way that could make him appear worthy and presentable to your family and leaves,please let him go but never say goodbye! The kind of ex you should never let go!

Image result for you and your ex

Somehow,you will always  find out if he is still in the mood with you even though you both are no more together. If you find out his heart still lingers to yours,never let him go until you see the situation has become unbearable and out of control.

Image result for you and your ex

The truth again is that when a man has not found himself,he will desert any woman that comes his way including his future wife! If a man has not made himself a man,he can never make any woman his wife!

It is only reasonable men however that want to make their homes comfortable and conducive for whoever would become their wives. They are not goal diggers. They are not sorts of lazy people looking for already made women to house,feed and cloth them. They are real men,who cannot settle for less! Yes,the kind of ex you should never let go!!!

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Why Do You Really Want That Ex Back?

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You and your ex!

Yes,Why do you really want that ex back? Is it because you have committed so much in the relationship and you couldn't let it go? Is it because of the much you have shared with him you and feel you could not forget? Why do you want that ex back?

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He said he is no longer interested in being in a relationship with you after all you have shared together. He doesn't feel you are marriageable but he continued to use up your time and resources until now he's sapped you and has said goodbye. My dear lady,why do you really want that ex back?

Obviously he doesn't love you any much,otherwise,nothing would have separated you from him. He would have fought and protected you from anything that wanted to break up your relationship with him if he really loved you. But here he is,gone far away from you! Why do you really want that ex back?

You love a man but he does not love you any inch. You sacrifice your time,energy and resources and he still made you feel not important. Aren't you crazy by chasing after a wind you can never hold? My dear lady,go and read your books to see the pages where it is written ''One cannot own everything one touches.Sometimes one owns,and sometimes one let it go.''

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Yes,let go of anything that tells you you have no value. Let go of anything that says you are of no importance. Anything that devalues your worth should be let go my dear lady! Why do you really want that ex back?

Many times,our ladies who have been abandoned by their ex embark on journey to bring back their ex and at the end of the day they wished they never tried it at all. Yes,it is because,they did not know that one does not own everything that one touches!

A mother once advised her daughter who wanted to marry her boyfriend by all means,a man who was not willing to do same with her that if she is not ready to pamper a man,to appeal to him and live to beg him in the rest of her life in marriage with him,she should not even start it in the first place.

If you beg a man to marry you,if you push or force your boyfriend to marry you,be ready to maintain the routine if you want the man to continue in the marriage with you! Then I ask: How long can one live to please a man? How long could you beg a man to be with you?  My dear lady,do not start a journey you cannot finish! Why do you really want that ex back?

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It is very simple! Men are like babies and that is true. You could make them fall to your wishes through their stomach especially when they are hungry materially. Any hopeless man could easily be trapped in the roof of wealthy woman. Any frustrated man can easily be wrapped in the arms of a woman. But at the end of the day,what does a woman get by hooking just a man to marry her with her own money? What is the joy of a relationship such as this? My dear lady,do not force things to be which do not match!

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When your boyfriend says it is over,let him be! If it is made to be,if it will be,he will definitely come back to you before it is too late.Then,you will enjoy a marriage which is founded on love and interest!!!

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Friday, 6 July 2018

Should I Tell My Fiancee I am No Longer A Virgin?

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Should I Tell My Fiancee I am No Longer A Virgin?

The question is not: ''Should I tell my fiancee I am not a virgin?'' It is rather: ''Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin?

This means that previously,you have already told your fiancee that you were a virgin and probably,it was true you were. But now,the situation is no longer the same.

So what happened? How did it happen? How did you lose your virginity to someone else order than to your fiancee?

If you were not a virgin when you met your guy and he asked you if you were,there are no two ways about it. The straight and right answer should be simple NO! Yes,after all,you never knew him from Adams and he didn't know what your stories have been or what you've been through in life. The least one could expect from someone he never knew from Adams is perfection. But however,if your fiancee has always known you before being in a serious relationship with you and he asked you the first time when you are beginning if you are a virgin and you said yes,only for you to misbehave and give in to having sex with someone else,it would be very difficult and risky to tell him you are no longer a virgin he hopes to marry.

How would you start? What would you tell him? Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin?

This is very difficult I must tell you. It is so so difficult because you misbehaved.You cheated. You were not faithful to him!

The only thing that could save you in this situation is if you were raped. In that case,it was a situation beyond your control. It could happen to anyone.

I mean,how would you explain the situation where you got lose and opened your legs for one sort of man when you are already having a fiancee?

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This is someone tantamount to being your husband. Yes,fiancee,someone you said yes to that you would marry and spend the rest of your life with! He is already seeing you as his wife and you feel the same way too!

Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin?

Well,because this is very difficult to say,some ladies pretend and lie to their fiancee that they are still virgins when they know they are not. They fear that telling them the truth would make them lose interest in them and call off any marriage with them in mind. But this is true! Yes,it could happen!

What if one sincerely tells her fiancee that she is no longer a virgin? Well,this is no doubt disappointing but the courage and sincerity will pay well .

The truth is that no man on hearing this would quickly call off marriage he has in mind with a lady that is not afraid to tell him the truth. This is evidence of trust! Trust keeps relationship healthy,trust keeps marriage alive!

Another truth is that even though you messed up,the fact that you sincerely told your fiancee the truth means you respect him. You've also proven that you are not proud of your action.

Having sex outside relationship is stupidity and badness. Sometimes,it is as a result of mistake or something one could not control at the moment.

Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin? Yes, tell him! Tell him and be free of guilty conscience. Tell him because you owe him an explanation and apology for not being faithful to him! If he loves you enough to marry you and have you as his woman,he would respect you as well and still go on with you! That is love! And the good book the Bible says that love covers multitude of sin! By telling your fiancee the truth,you are giving yourself the opportunity to see if he really loves you as he claims.

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If he leaves you because you told him the truth,then he never loved you enough to make you his woman. Yes,he will still leave you tomorrow when you fail to impress him or do it right as he expects.

But you know what? The worse of it all is telling lies! If you tell your fiancee lies about yourself,he will find out immediately after your wedding with him. And the worst is that he will never believe you again for eternity as long as you continue to be his wife.

Trust is everything in marriage. If you want to enjoy the peace and joy that marriage brings,let bare your hands! 

My dear lady,allow your fiancee to take you just the way you are! If you allow him,he will love and cherish the woman he has without wishing he has someone else!!!

Always remember,whatever lies put together,truth will put asunder!!! 
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