Sunday, 22 April 2018

Why Should A Man Love You For who You Are And Not For What You Are?

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Love and attraction.

Often,we hear people say ''I want a man that will love me for who I am and not what I am''. Sometimes too,we also share the same sentiment. Then I ask: ''Who are you that a man should love you for who you are and not for what you are?

Sometimes you forget that who you are is not more than a person,which is a human you are! Everyone is a human and that is whom we are!

What one is is what that person one has become in life. Your beauty,your talent,your career or profession,your family background,your educational status,your financial status,your dreams and ambition,etcetera.

Whom someone is is anything one is born with and not what someone achieves in live.

Again I ask: What is the source of attraction? What possibly and naturally makes a man love a woman? Is it what she is born with or what she posseses  in life?

Definitely,it should be what someone is born with or how someone is born. Height,complexion, and physical appearance.

What about character? Is it whom somebody is or what somebody is?

Well,since it is what someone possesses,acquires or develops in life,character is part of what someone is.

Again can someone,a man love a woman because of her character? Then,why shouldn't a man love you for what you are and not for whom you are?

Now your are getting it right?

Both whom you are and what you  are good things! They are the major part of the reasons why a man can love a woman and marry her!

 It surprises me to hear some women say ''If I discover that he loves me because of my family or because I am educated or because I have talent or good job,I will quite my relationship with him''.

To these ones I ask: What makes you have value? Is it not your possession? Is your value not what attracts a man to you? What are we saying?

A lady was so fat and no man of her choice ever got attracted to her. When she reduces weight,suitors begin to knock around for her hand and she refuses them saying ''Anyone who did not love her when she was fat does not deserve her now she is slim!''
Read these tweets and tell us which side you
What you are,your value in life is what attracts a man to you! Therefore,why should a man love you for who you are and not what you are???
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Saturday, 21 April 2018

But Is This Wise? See Reasons Why Mother Of 3 Refuses To Legalize Her Marriage With Her Husband

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A sad wife.

You see,while there are many women out there begging day and night that their husbands and father of their children legalize their marriage,there comes a woman,a mother of 3 children whose husband  and in-laws all together have been begging to legalize her marriage in court with her husband and yet,she refuses.

Who on earth is this woman and why would a mother refuse to legalize her marriage in this system? In this age of our time? This is her story,and see the reason why a mother of 3 children refuses to legalize her marriage:

Image result for unhappy wives

“I got pregnant nine years ago while dating my current husband and then the issue of marriage came up.
I wasn’t working then. He told my family and I that he doesn’t want a court marriage for no reason.
My parents tried talking to him, I cried and begged him severally to legalize his marriage with me but he stood his grounds not to wed me in a court.
I involved his family members to help me beg him but they said, he’s old enough to make his decisions.
He even refused to do a white wedding either because my church requested for a court certificate, so we ended up doing only traditional marriage.
I later got tired and gave up on the matter. I was hurt and broken but I resolved to marry him like that just to save myself and my family the shame of having a baby outside wedlock.
My dad was angry and disappointed in him but he didn’t care and because of that my dad vowed to see me a successful and independent woman with or without him.
After I gave birth to my baby, my dad helped me secure a job with a multinational company and things started to turn around for me.
I could now take care of myself and secure a future.
Though I married my husband but I never forgave him from my heart and it made me not to do anything in my husband’s name.
We currently have three kids together but all my properties are in the name of my children. I never used him as my next of kin either.
Just last month my company decided to transfer me to a branch in Texas and the company is willing to pay for my entire family to relocate with me.
My husband’s business is not doing too well and he’s willing to relocate also but we have no legal certificate to show that we are married.
Now he wants us to go to the court to legalize our marriage and I have said “No” My dad has threatened to disown me if I ever go with him to court.
He’s been tagging me everywhere as a bad wife who is not loyal to her husband, spoiling my family also.
He’s family members have been calling me trying to persuade me but I told them I’m old enough to make my decisions also and I have stood my ground just like he did to me nine years ago.”
Our dear rare mind.having listen to her story,what advice would you give this mother of 3 children who refuses to legalize her marriage with her husband of 9 years?
Here,we like to advise this young mother to legalize her marriage with her husband. 
Yes it is obvious that her husband of 9 years has been selfish all along to her,for not ever wanting to legalize their marriage in the first place when his wife and the father of his wife were begging and encouraging him to do so.
My dear woman,two wrongs can never make a right! Your husband did you wrong yes,but should you also do the same to him?
Then where is the love? The evidence that you people are in perfect bond of union as one flesh,one body?
If you don't legalize your marriage with your husband because he refused to do the same years back and wants to do it now because he has opportunity to enjoy from you now what becomes of you if you relocate to Texas with your children and his  children without him?
Is this really want you want? Living without your husband because your father threatens to disown you?
Remember your owner now is your husband! Forgive him and let him live in his guilty conscience of not ever making you happy when he had every reason to do so! Forgive him too because,while some men would deny the pregnancies of their girlfriends and choose to marry other ladies in abandonment of their ex,he chose to marry you completely as his wife and the mother of his unborn children!
What would you gain by refusing to legalize your marriage with your husband,not relocating to Texas with him?Nothing!
Your father is your father and not your husband. If he really loves you as much as you feel he does,let him look for ways to make you have a good relationship with your husband!
Yes,you are now financially robust,but money is not enough! You need your husband and your children need their father! Can't you see that with your mind's eye? 
You need to remind your father of all these and ask him to please help you build your own home and achieve a happy marriage there  ever after!!!
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Friday, 20 April 2018

See What A Disabled Did To Prove That Nigerian Youths Are Not Lazy

#NigerianYouthsAreNotLazy: One-legged man seen carrying out road construction
Disabled in action!

Father! What is this man doing? Is he doing all this just to prove to Mr. President,that Nigeria Youths are not lazy?

Who said Nigerian youths are lazy other than President Mohammadu Buhari? Who else could ever think that people who thrive to succeed amid hardship and corrupt system are lazy? Who could ever go to that direction to think or feel that people who mobilize,canvass,organize and make things work in a faulty society are lazy?

Anyone who says this or mean anything close to it does not understand the meaning of laziness or the kind of people Nigerian youths are!

But hey Nigerians,my fellow Nigerians,please come down and do not be too angry with your president.

What has been spoken has been spoken down at the commonwealth and surely,it has nothing to do with what you really are!

Yes,we know and everyone knows that Nigerian youths like other people in other African countries are strong,persistent,resistant, and hard working people! You do not have to prove to anyone you are not lazy not to talk of risking your own life like this!

#NigerianYouthsAreNotLazy: One-legged man seen carrying out road construction

There is every likelihood that no one sends this man to do this work. No one,man or woman could possibly assign a handicapped,a disabled to do a hard and strenuous job such as this.

He said from his original post that he is doing this work to prove that Nigerian youths are not lazy! Of course you are not!

Yes,Nigerian youths are not lazy and you don't have to do all this just to prove that!

Rather than doing this or acting this way,prove to Mr.President and all those who heard Nigerian youths are lazy that you are the bedrock and pillar on which the country,Nigeria stands and relies on!

Keep engaging your acquired skills,your energy,your ever God given talents on useful activities to make your family,your community and your country proud of whom you are! You don't have to prove or impress anyone at the expense of risking your health,your life!!!
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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Is Nigerian President Now Feeling Regret For Calling Nigerian Youths Lazy?

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Mr.President and Nigerian youths.

Well,from every imaginable angle,no one,no analyst has been able to justify Mr president's statement at the Common Wealth calling Nigerian youths lazy. Not even any of his ministers,Lai Mohammed,or his special media adviser could at this time defend Mr. President in his wrong and inconsiderate speech at the Common Wealth about Nigerian youths early this week.

In every media,in every nook and cranny place and in every circle of discussion of friends and youths,the topic for two days now has been #lazynigerianyouths#!

What Mr. President of Nigeria didn't remember before he made that statement was that in whatever he is,he was and he will be has always been and will be dependent on the efforts of Nigerian youths.

In political rally, it's Nigerian youths. In election,it is Nigerian youths!In everything about Mr.President in or out in his political career,it is also Nigerian youths! Just what can any one do without youths?

Is Nigerian president now feeling regret of calling Nigerian youths lady? Obviously Nigerian youths are not lazy and he should feel regret for this!

In amid unemployment situation and hardship in Nigeria,Nigerian youths are brazing strong,being hopeful that soon,everything will be fine! They never beg for bread or fight the government for not creating jobs for them or giving them enabling environment to thrive.

Nigerian graduate youths have now stooped so humble to do the works of ordinary people on the street to put food at the table and yet,all one man,Mr.President could say in public was that these hardworking youths trying to make ends meet and thrive under hardship are lazy. 

This is unfair and Mr. President of Nigeria must apologize for this or risk his political success in future!

The power of economy lies in the hands of the youths! The strength of the nation also lies on the youths! What does Mr.President mean when he said at the Common Wealth that Nigerian youths are lazy?

I,you,and everyone expects president Mohammadu Buhari to settle the course!!!
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Is Traditional Marriage Not Also Marriage?

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Tradition marriage.

Honestly,there is this thing people of Africa and in Africa do that I don't understand. The fact that after a woman's bride price has been paid for and everything about traditional rites in marriage has been done,that woman and the man who has paid her bride price still don't fell they have been married until white wedding is done!

Doesn't this sound crazy?

Where does the problem come from? Does it come from the people or the tradition itself?

One other thing that surprises me so much about the whole thing is that before the white wedding came to Africa,of course it had never been from the beginning,Africans have only one type of marriage. And that type of marriage is TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE!

Once a suitor pays his woman's bride price and married her properly according to their tradition,they have automatically become legally married!

So what suddenly changed? What went wrong along the way? Why must the white people's culture and ways of living prevail when it arrives Africa!

A woman sees a man who wants to marry her,she takes him to her people for introduction and after her suitor has finished every traditional rites on marriage,she still feels she has not been completely married. Isn't that insane?

Ask your mother or your grandmother who were married only by traditional order if they still feel they are not completely married.

Then,if your mother,your grandmother and the rest of them married only according to their tradition,certified and given birth up to your generation and you feel today that without white wedding,you have not been properly and completely married,I would loudly say you are not thinking in the right direction!

Have a rethink and come back to your senses of origin and leave the white culture which you know not alone!!!
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There Is Something Stronger Than ''Authority'' In Nigerian System! Where Is The Mace?Take A Look!!

MACE National Assembly
Thugs in Nigerian senate.

You can imagine a situation where a number of thugs invade the Senate while the Senators are all sitting at the meeting. Just imagine this set of people quietly come in and forcefully take the symbol of authority of the house-the Mace and make away with it uninterruptedly .

Well,these thugs were called unknown men but the intelligence doesn't need to be told who they were,but unfortunately,they can't say words about it because even what they think they know might be deceiving them.

For goodness sake,how could one see a thug come in with a suspended member of a house and violently acted unlawfully taking away symbols of authority of the house and get boldly away with it and Senators still call the invaders unknown men? Unable to track them down and save the country of this shameful attack? Anyways,we are still going to find out why it was so at the end of this talk!

It is just very unfortunate that this invasion took place few seconds after the person of Senator Ovie-Omo-Agege,a suspended member of the house came in to the chamber. But could anyone or the house point fingers at Omo-Agege to have led these thugs into the Senate since they came in immediately Senator Omo-Agege appeared in the chamber?

Well Ovie Omo-Agege is already a suspect by the house of Senate and of course by every other thinking and calculative mind. However, according to the early hour news this morning,Omo-Agege has out rightly denied any breach of peace and cause of interruption of the plenary by the attack of about 10 thugs.

Take a look at the report from PREMIUM TIMES which saw everything A-Z as it happened in the Senate on Wednesday the 18th day of April 2018:

''The Senate plenary was on Wednesday disrupted after suspected thugs invaded the chamber and made away with the mace.
The incident happened few seconds after a suspended senator, Ovie Omo-Agege, entered the chamber.
PREMIUM TIMES reporter observed that about 10 suspected thugs who came to the venue with the senator forced their entrance into the chamber.
Seconds later, the thugs ran out of the chamber with the mace causing pandemonium in the Senate.
They left the National Assembly with the mace in a black SUV.
The mace is the symbol of authority of the parliament.
That is an intelligent report from PREMIUM TIMES. Well,again it is very unfortunate that this ugly and disgraceful situation took place as soon as Ovie- Omo-Agege came in,making it look as if he led the thugs to the house like Judas-Iscariot did to Jesus Christ. 
Among other people and senators who blame senator Ovie-Omo-Agege is the deputy Senate president,Senator Ike Ekweremadu.
Here is his sincere take in the matter: 
''Having suffered suspension, does Omo-Agege have a legal right to enter the chamber? It was a breach of the law for him to force himself into the chamber.
”As I said, police are still investigating; we are going to find out the details of those who aided him to come in and then some of them I believe have been arrested and we will get to the root of the matter.”
The truth is that Nigeria suffers dishonoring shame because of lack of  adequate security, something that is so achievable in almost every country of the world! 
“How this is possible anywhere in the world beats my imagination'' says the leader of the senate house Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila
He continued. But my annoyance with him is that his proposition centers on the need of security only in the National Assembly and not as a need of the society in general when he said: 
“The moment has come for us to do what we should have done a long time ago; to beef up security at the National Assembly.
“You see people hawking in the corridors like a commercial centre. People come here to sell Suya and all manner of things take place here.
“This attack simply meant that we have been sitting ducks here.”
Well,I think that is true. Think about it!!!

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

This Is When APC Leader Unknowingly Agrees That Present Nigerian Government Steals From National Treasury!

Bola Tinubu.

If you have been following Nigeria on political issues and reports these days,you would find out how  much the past government administration has been so criticized and largely blamed for the present economic hardship in the country.

The present ruling political party,APC has strongly asserted that the past government under PDP  left the national treasury empty,thus,being the major reason for the hard economic situations facing Nigeria today.

Looters are what the former government leaders and representatives are called by the present led administration! They are said to have embezzled and dried up the major streams and sources of national income! They are called thieves and stealers by the people of the present ruling party,APC!

However,the oiled finger which APC government uses to point accusations on the past government has also spread on their other fingers!

National leader of All Progressive Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu has unknowing agreed that APC,the present ruling party also steals and embezzles from Nigeria treasury but not as much as the past administration had done! This he said in the statement presented at the 35th Annual Aminu Kano memorial symposium held in Kano on 17th of April,2018,presented by Oyo state governor,Abiola Ajimobi:

“When someone can do for you in three years what another did not even try in 16 years, any person with an open eye can see the difference between giver and taker, between friend and thief. The APC government may, at times, be imperfect in fulfilling the spirit of Aminu Kano but we are far from the PDP, which has perfected the malign craft of giving selfish ambition primacy over the public good. Consequently, the Buhari government has spent inordinate time cleaning the rot and plugging the holes in the corrupt system they institutionalised as their strategic policy and national direction. The APC has been working to steer our national ship from this awful direction in order that we may bring the people and their welfare into safe harbour.”

Then he continued:

''The stolen money would have acquired the infrastructure and implement the programmes that bring greater development and economic justice to all. Instead, the select few ate more than their bellies could contain. Distorting the cause of justice and hijacking the means of national welfare. They wildly enriched themselves and left the average Nigerian to dine on the passing wind.” 

Can any government administration in Nigeria,any political party in power relieve  and make Nigeria economy ever stand on her feet again???
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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Man Believes This Painkiller Turned Him Gay. Find This Out And More!

Man believes painkillers turned him gay
Man turned gay.

As I was listening to this man's report,I remembered one of my friends who said that one thing about humans is that when they find themselves doing what is bad or uncalled for,when they see themselves on the wrong side,the very tendency is to quickly lay the blame on something or someone else.

There comes a 23 year old young man named Scott Purdy who claims that taking pain killer for his chronic illness has turned him gay! 

According to him,he had a girlfriend who had been soothing his romantic life for 6 months but just after sometime as he begins taking the painkiller,he discovers he no longer feels any attraction for women but men.

The name of the painkiller which the young man claims turned him gay is Pregabalin or Lyrica. Below are his statements on this :

''I noticed my libido for women had gone and I was wanting male attention. I was with a girlfriend I had been with for around six months. I had never been interested in men. When I was younger I was a little bit curious but a  couple of weeks after I started taking it I turned around and said I didn’t find her physically attractive anymore. She knew I was taking Pregabalin.
I said to her, 'I don’t really know what’s happening to me and I told her I like men and I just can’t be with you'. She was relatively understanding, as understanding as you could possibly be.''

Well enough,we understand from the indication that Pregabalin or Lyrica is a medication used for the treatment of epilepsy,generalized anxiety disorder,and pain associated with brain. Yes,its documented side effect is loss of libido and mood swing!

Now the question to Scott Purdy who claims that taking Lyrica has turned him gay is : How come a medication which side effect is to make the consumer lose his libido or mood swing make him get attracted to men while he loses attraction for women?

Well,it is obvious why he suddenly lost interest in his girlfriend of 6 months and doesn't feel attracted to opposite s*x any more because that is one of the documented side effects for the medication he takes. Very understandable,but what we  can not agree with him is how this painkiller could make him gain instead of lose his libido or mood swing for same s*x gender!

We hereby suggest that Scott Purdy,look for what turns him gay,it is definitely not Lyrica or Pregabalin!

 Man believes painkillers turned him gay
Yes,it could be his utmost desire for being gay that has come to past. Scott lost interest in women and the next thing he did was to think that he's been turned gay!

Scott loves and appreciates to be gay,otherwise,he wouldn't look in that direction.

The medication is made to make him lose having s*xual feelings,how come he's been attracted to have s*xxual feelings for men???

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Imprisoned For Being Raped In Saudi Arabia? What A Law! Read More Here

27-year-old Kenyan woman returns after being raped and jailed in Saudi Arabia
Ngolo raped and imprisoned.

When I heard about the news,I quickly sort for it and read it to know whether it is true or not. Surprisingly,I found out from the context that it was as true as the caption said. 

A 27 year old lady was raped and instead of fighting for justice for her,she was imprisoned because,rape and being raped are against the law of the land of Saudi Arabia.

But honestly,what does the law of Saudi Arabia expect of a helpless lady who finds herself in a helpless situation where she couldn't fight and succeed the rapist? Kill herself? Keep it and die with it?

Please read the story as well:

''A 27-year-old Kenyan woman has returned home after a one-year ordeal in a Saudi Arabian prison.
Levina Mapenzi Ngolo, who was jailed for allegedly engaging in illicit sex, returned home from Riyadh last Thursday night aboard an Ethiopian airliner.
In her arms was a two-year-old boy she says she conceived as a result of the rape.
Ngolo, who worked as a house help, said she was raped by an Indian migrant.

They were employed by the same person and stayed in the same flat. She said the man threatened her with a knife.
However, Ms Ngolo was charged, under Saudi Arabia’s law, with engaging in sex outside marriage and jailed. Her attacker is still serving his three-year jail term.
Ngolo said her legs were chained all the time she was in prison. She gave birth to her son in prison after a seven-month court battle.
She said she was handed back her passport at the airport, shortly before boarding the plane back to Kenya.
Ngolo, who spoke at her parents’ home in Frere Town in Mombasa, claimed her Indian attacker, a driver, raped her overnight in 2016.
“The driver took advantage of the absence of our employer to attack me. Our employer had gone to visit her children. He accosted me as I came out of the house,” said Ngolo.
While in prison, Ngolo said, inmates were often beaten but she was spared because of her pregnancy.
Ngolo’s sister, Esther Kaidza, said a Kenyan woman called in September 2016 to inform her that her sibling had been arrested.
“A woman who was speaking Arabic was the first one to call me but we were unable to communicate because of language barrier. Later, the Kenyan called me. She said Lavina was in custody for sleeping with a driver and becoming pregnant, contrary to the laws of that land,” Kaidza said.
Ngolo said she could not immediately report the incident to her employer for fear of the consequences.
But after some time, she started feeling sick. That is when her employer took her to hospital. She tested positive for pregnancy.
“It was my employer’s son who first expressed suspicions that I could be pregnant. After the truth came out, his mother suggested that I be quietly returned to Kenya. However, her son took me to a police station, where I was immediately arrested,” said Ngolo.
Her attacker was beaten up and taken to the police station. They were both charged with engaging in illicit sex.
Ngolo was sentenced to one year in jail because she did not consent to sex while the driver was jailed for three years. She said she was not allowed to attend clinic until she gave birth.
Her father, Ngolo Baya, 75, said he was happy to welcome his daughter and her baby back home.
"The entire family was shocked when we learnt of her arrest in a foreign country,” Baya said.''
Source: Standard Digital.
Obviously,Ngolo was raped by her employer's driver because:
One,she was simply peaceful and afraid of threat. In fact she gave in to the man and the man did to her body,according to his desire.
Again,the man who raped Ngolo could do so because he had studied her and known her weaknesses. She could fear and tremble,she could also cooperate with any body to make peace be even at her own risk and expense. 
Ngolo had every right and reason to defend herself and prevent being raped because the driver has no extra right to have such power over Ngolo in that house. They are both employed to serve one master!
Yes,Ngolo failed stupidly,but is this the reason why she was imprisoned for being raped in Saudi Arabia???
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Sunday, 15 April 2018

''No,It's Not Juju. Chef Chioma Has Gotten Davido Through Dishes''-Zone 2 Police PRO.

Its not Juju! Zone 2 Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos explains how Davido
Davido's latest mama.

Are you serious? Davido has gotten another boo after the first and the second boos he's had? Well,there was no quarrel,there was no fight in case you are wondering why Davido has discharged his former baby mamas .

The news is that Davido has now gotten another baby mama and he is so hooked up with her! In the lips of everyone is that his latest catch got Davido charmed with juju,black magic or voodoo or spell if you like.

It was confirmed however by the Zone 2 Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos,even though she is not a doctor or a spiritualist that Davido's latest baby mama got him trapped in love with FOOD POWER! Yes,her DISHES!.

Read her proofs and convictions below:

Its not Juju! Zone 2 Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos explains how Davido
But really,I am somehow surprised that a person of Davido could be so heart hooked with Chioma because of food,what goes into his stomach. What kind of food could Chioma have given Davido that Davido had never eaten before? It must have been LOVE,not FOOD itself.

To prove,the person of Chioma and Davido are not from the same place or the same culture. But that is not to say anyway that Chioma could not have found out what kind of food suits and most dearly interests Davido.Hmm...

Again,we are not in any way suggesting or disproving that ladies,black and white shouldn't know the basic of the kitchen. No they should! What are you going to a man's house for as a wife if you cannot cook the food he provides and feed him well? Are you gonna be just there sitting as a beauty furniture for him to behold? Please save me that idea! No man is ever gonna be satisfied with just that! Ask your mother!

African men,no matter how English they look or sound like love to see their women cook and make homemade food for them. Take it to your heart!

If your man accepts that someone else cooks and brings for you and you think he is happy with it,my dear lady,he is pretending! One day,you will see him come real!

Yea yea,Chioma has obviously won the game and will be getting her 4th finger filled with Mr.D's ring soon!You all thought it’s juju??? No no no she’s gotten him through dishes (power of food)!!!
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Saturday, 14 April 2018

''My Wife Named Our Son After Her Ex-Lover''. See Why And What Next!

Image result for ex lover
Ex lovers.

At first when I heard this,I was like ''what?''  After her exlover? Yes,the man,the husband to the woman who named her son after her ex lover was not just shocked or astonished,he was hooked on his neck! He said he didn't have any idea at all!

Now this was how he found out all of this before we continue: 
Father! Women are really surprising! 

You see,there is no need contemplating whether it is true that the woman named her son after her ex lover because,when her old school mate asked her what the name of her son was,she hesitated to tell her. Why? Because,she knew her old school friend who knew about the woman's relationship with her ex then in school would not find a prophet to reveal where the name of her son was coming from. And of course she mentioned it!

Are you like seriously surprised that a woman gave birth to a child and named him after her ex lover? But well,it sometimes happens!

But what do you expect? When a man and woman are in good relationship and amicably end it,the common practice is to immortalize it or give it something to be remember for!

It could be naming ones child after a boyfriend,or an ex lover!

But does this make any sense to you that a woman would keep something immortal to remember her ex lover for good? It depends on your mind set and the angle of your viewpoint.

Yes,some ex could be so good and nice but one thing beyond human control could just be to separate them. Something like blood group,genotype and other medical factors!

There is no call of disappointment from an ex to make a woman feel hurt. It is simply a departure for good and who knows,this could be the reason for the woman who gave birth to name her son after her ex lover! She always wants to remember him. He meant well for her! and he could not just be forgotten!

Yes,the father of the boy whose name was after her mother's ex lover ought to have been surprised! Only that  I just wonder the kind of relationship he has with his wife that they have never discussed some of their past relationships issues together. Yea

What would this man do next?  We do not know yet,but we advise he finds out from his wife why she named their son after her ex lover and share reasonable understanding with her!! They can also agree to change the name if it is in the best option!!!
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Friday, 13 April 2018

Is Femi Adesina Sure Of Who Is Suffering From Intellectual Laziness?

Image result for femi adesina
Femi Adesina.

Nigerians are seriously being looked at as people who talk without brainstorming,merely talkatives who are carried by any winds that blow without any counter motion by ministers of the today ruling political party in Nigeria.

Since Mr president,Muhammadu Buhari met with the Archbishop of Canterbury in London on Wednesday,the 12th day of April 2018 and associated the influx of gunmen today among Boko Haram and herdsmen in Nigeria with the training the late Libyan president,Muammar Gaddafi gave  his gunmen before he died.

On hearing Mr. President's speech on this matter,Many Nigerians of course understand the President's talk to mean that he said: ''The late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi is responsible for the much crime in Nigeria today in the areas of Boko Haran insurgency and killings by herdsmen in the country''. That is their own view point.

Now,the special adviser on media and publicity to the President Muhammadu Buhari,Femi Adesina,got infuriated and referred to these Nigerians as ''unlettered and brainless individuals''.

Below is the excerpt:

''They twisted the meaning of Mr President's words (yes, some people twist everything, even the words of God; 2 Peter:3, 15,16). They claimed he was blaming Gaddafi, long dead, for the killings in Nigeria.

But let's see the vacuousness and intellectual laziness in the twist they have given what President Buhari said, out of sheer malice and evil hearts. Sadly, even a Senator was involved in the sickening display of poisonous heart. That's what you get when small minds get into high places.
Here's what Mr President told Archbishop Justin Welby:

"The problem is even older than us. It has always been there, but now made worse by the influx of armed gunmen from the Sahel region into different parts of the West African sub-region. These gunmen were trained and armed by Muammar Gadaffi of Libya. When he was killed, the gunmen escaped with their arms. We encountered some of them fighting with Boko Haram. Herdsmen that we used to know carried only sticks and maybe a cutlass to clear the way, but these ones now carry sophisticated weapons. The problem is not religious, but sociological and economic. But we are working on solutions."
"The problem is even older than us," said President Buhari. If anybody is not challenged with simple understanding of English language, does this mean pre-Gaddafi? The former Libyan leader was born in 1942, and killed in October 2011, making him 69 years old at the time of his death. So, did he cause clashes between farmers and herdsmen, which the President said was older than most living Nigerians? Only rabidly mischievous minds can conceive such.

"It has always been there, but now made worse..." If you say something has been exacerbated by a factor, does it mean such factor is the cause? Simply illogical.
The President talked about the influx of militia trained, armed and used by Gaddafi, who now dispersed into different countries, including possibly Nigeria, after the Libyan strongman's death. Are some people claiming ignorance of such development, despite it being global knowledge? So deep must be the ignorance of such people. Simple research will show them the Libyan influence on proliferation of small arms all over Africa, after Gaddafi's death.
The President then talked about the herdsmen we used to know, who carried just sticks, and at worst a cutlass saying those armed with sophisticated weapons were unknown to this clime. Is that not true?
 If herdsmen have suddenly turned murderous in a country, it calls for all sorts of interrogation, including intellectual, as to what may have gone wrong. The causes could be multifarious. And solutions must be jointly proffered. 

A President has sensitive security reports available to him. President Buhari gave another vista from which the herdsmen/farmers clashes could be considered, but rather than be reflective and do critical interrogation, the wailers engaged in their pastime: they began to wail, including senators and people who should naturally be level headed and examine issues dispassionately. Very sorry.

"But we are working on solutions," President Buhari told the cleric. They ignored that. It holds no meaning for them. They are interested in problems, not solutions. Problems serve their pernicious interests more. Pity!
That is what hatred does to the heart. It stunts the mind and poison the souls.Such hearts play petty partisans and divisive politics with every matter. What President Buhari called at the meeting 'irresponsible politics''.
And as we head for general elections next year,much more of it will be seen except such people reform and put on their thinking caps''.
Again we ask: Is Femi Adesina sure of who is suffering from intellectual laziness? Is he not also giving his own interpretations of Mr. President's speech? Who is right in the interpretation of Mr President's speech in London???
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Ladies,What Are You Looking For In Church?

Image result for going to church for favor
Women and church.

Well,if you do have an eagle's eye,you would understand the question so well. You wouldn't have to ask: What is she saying or talking about?
Okay fine,remove the eagle's eye and use your normal eyes.  Have you seen the way ladies jump into churches these days? Even those that have sworn not to step their feet in the sanctuary are now streaming into it. Ladies,what are you looking for in church?

Fine,enough of the digression. Our ladies are now seen covering their heirs with Bibles seen on their hands! You don't have to ask me ''why'' or ''what for'',because you know the answer as much as I do! Or don't you have a thinking cap? Put it on!
Image result for church and hair covering
The main story line has it that our ladies are now going to church to seek God's favor. Yes,husband! But are husbands found in churches? I mean,do churches give or supply husbands to single ladies? Desperadoes!

Going to Church or remembering one's creator because one is in need of a husband is unfair,selfish and bad! What makes you feel that by lying to yourself that you now love God,you would get a husband?  Are those outside churches not getting married every weekend? Be realistic ladies!

It has also come to our knowledge that childless or barren women now sleep in churches as if God is owing them anything or withholding the gift of the womb from them. Honestly,what kind of people are these?

Well,I don't go to church,but I do know that God is not partial,neither does he treat or repay us according to our deeds. He is merciful and gracious,God I know who lives in heaven withholds nothing good from his wonderful creatures he beautifully made whether you worship him or not.

When the rain falls,he allows it to fall upon both the righteous and the unrighteous! Ladies,what are you looking for in church??

If you know you have offended God,go make peace with him and and simply live your life in peace! God is not responsible for your childlessness or singleness. 

If you are in good conditions,whether you go to church and worship God or not,you will have your heart desires of whatsoever!

Live decently,have a good health routine,love your neighbor as yourself and you won't have anything to worry about. Cast your burden on him because he cares for you the good book says!!!
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Thursday, 12 April 2018

''Prayer Doesn't Change Things As Relationships,You Have To Change Things Yourself!''- Tolani


This is for all you ladies and gentle men out there who would rather put it in God's hands than make efforts! Who told you that God loves a lazy hand? That he yearns to help and help such like ones? 

You have a problem,your boyfriend complains about your attitude wanting to quit the relationship and all you could do is start praying,asking God to change things for you. Never!You have to change things yourself!

And you are a student and want to pass your exam and you are praying asking God to pass you while you are busy gallivanting. You would fail because God is not partial.You must do things,change things yourself!

Hey,stop making it look like prayer is bad or that God does not hear prayers. He does,and prayer is such a powerful medium that can help solve difficult situations! But first,you must pray with right motive!

 Again,did he suddenly show indifference? Not interested in you any more? Then pray for wisdom to follow it. Ask God to help you follow the situation! You need wisdom you need strength from above to unfollow any man who says it is over. You need to learn to leave a dried leaf be! You cannot resurrect the dead!

I know many people in relationship aren't enjoying the impacts. Sometimes they don't even know if they are in relationships or not and so,all they just want is a miracle from heaven to make everything work out. Unfortunately and yes,very disappointing,things don't work that way.

Some times,you need to check yourself. Maybe,the fault is from you and you are expecting God to cast spell on your faultless boyfriend who has done no bad to change. Is it plausible? Does it make sense? Aren't you wasting your time?

ladies and gentlemen,prayer doesn't change things always,you have to change things yourself sometimes!!!
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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

''You Cannot Escape The Responsibility Of Tomorrow By Evading It Today.'' Is Yemi Alade Talking To Boyfriend?

Image result for yemi alade
Yemi Eberechi Alade.

Well I think Yemi Alade is talking to phlegmatic here! Those who don't bother how much they are doing,those whose poor conditions don't blink any measure of concern to them.

Even among lovers too,those boyfriends who would not want to give any attention to issues causing disagreement or quarrels with their girlfriends. Yes,you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today! This is coming from Yemi Alade,the Igbo Yoruba girl in Nigeria.

But seriously,let's not go to the phlegmatic people because their failure of having or living irresponsible life today we know will always result to doom,truancy,and nuisances tomorrow.

Let us talk about phlegmatic boyfriends! My good friend whose name I would not mention here used to have one one phlegmatic boyfriend in those days. He was always reluctant and unwilling to do necessary things responsibly. 

How could someone be in a relationship without calling his girlfriend to know how she was doing? That was the type of boyfriend my very good friend had. And you know what? Each time the girl called him to check on him,he would say: ''Sorry o,don't be angry with me that I did not call you all this while... ''

He said he loved his girl and seriously,whenever the his girl tried to leave him because of his irresponsible behavior,he would realize himself,and start doing it right. Then after sometime,he would cool off  again and do the worse!

To shorten their story,they kept on having one issue after another and he would never want to talk about any of them. He would laugh over it,and think it is gone! One night,their relationship disappeared into the tin air.

Dear phlegmatic boyfriend,you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today! Yemi Alade,the only Igbo and Yoruba girl is telling you this and I am telling you the more so!

If you like,when you have misunderstanding with your girlfriend today,leave it,laugh over it,don't settle it . Hey! Remember,any issue not settled  to die off today is kept for your future tomorrow! Yea,you will definitely meet it tomorrow!

And if you are a parent and fail to take charge of your responsibility of your household today,tomorrow you will have many nuts to crack! Your children will flee and abandon you,they will never behave like they ever have you because of your irresponsibility!

Phlegmatic men and parents,you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today! Na true talk!!!
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