Tuesday, 31 October 2017

When a teacher gets married to his student.

Photos from the wedding of the teacher who got married to one of his former students in Imo

Okay so,when the news has it that Mr.Chidi Obiora would be getting married to his former student, Nzube Nwokeji, it was unbelievable and a shock to some people. Some asked: How could a teacher get married to his own student? Others,see the marriage as
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The best contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy

Protect yourself against unplanned pregnancy- Be Lydia Smart!
every person's life-Lydia
And now,everyone would think she's finally changed her mind to accept preventive measures of unwanted pregnancy so rampant among youths and teenagers. But wait a moment! What is Monica talking about? The best contraception to
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Katie Price gives 2 reasons why she couldn't divorce her cheating husband

In all scriptural and to some extend,traditional injunctions,there is only ONE legal reason why divorce can take place. When a husband or a wife cheats and commits adultery. However,the originator of marriage and maker of man also says: ''If possible,forgive your erring partner'' and continue with him or her in marriage.

However,not many people would forgive their partners when they are cheated on. They would without having a second thought run straight to court and file for divorce,only for some,to regret their actions later.

Here we have Katie Price,a television personality and former glamour model whose husband has cheated so much on her and she still holds on to him,not going for any divorce. Why would Katie not divorce a man who breaks her heart by going after other women? The source explains:  

‘The thing is, Katie needs Kieran around – he cooks for the kids, he feeds the animals, he does the school run and he looks after (Katie’s oldest child) Harvey. He’s basically unpaid help, so if she kicked him out, things would be chaos'

Katie's husband Kieran Hayler confesses he is a s*x addict. he confesses that he had a six-month affair with their children’s nanny, just three-years after it emerged he had slept with two of Katie's  closest friends. Can you imagine that? Yes,Katie still keeps him and holds him tight as her hubby.

Katie Price not sending her cheating husband Kieran Hayler out of family home because he cooks for the house and cleans too

Some people argue that Katie,being a glamour lady,could accept the situation because,she was a stripper. Okay fine,maybe being once a stripper has taught her that there is nothing in immorality. Should something like this now make one lose his or her potential?

A woman who is ever close to her man will succeed in making her husband overcome his problems,even if he is a s*x addict or monger. However,the issue of divorce depends much on individuals. Like the originator of marriage says: ''If possible forgive!''  Therefore,if it is not possible,if you can't find any reason not to divorce your mate after cheating on you,then my dear,go for divorce!!!
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These are the only reasons why you should get married!

Over 70% of people believe that the one and the only reason why marriage is necessary or why people should even think of getting married in  the first place is to have children. Some people call it the general name which is
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Monday, 2 October 2017

"It is an incredible honor to be the first same-sex couple to marry in Germany'' says Kreile,a gay. Is that unbelievable?

Photos: Germany holds first ever same-sex marriage in Berlin

Now,Kreile is 59 and his husband Mende ( because he got married to a fellow man) is 60 years old. What Kreil and Mende didn't tell us is whether they have had children from various women before
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Sunday, 1 October 2017

''As far as I am concerned,Buhari's first term is bad.It's below the average mark''. Nigerians react to Buhari's statement on achievemnet in office,so far

Well Nigeria had her INDEPENDENCE celebrated yesterday,1st of October,2017 as they would do every year. As far as the presidency was concerned,Nigeria had every reason to celebrate her independence as it counted as its achievement,57 points promises
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