Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Wahala Of Being Whom You Are Not To Guys With High Social Class

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Okay we have heard it all and we have concluded that seriously,differences in social class has really caused a lot of stumbling blocks in dating.

We have such girls from poor economic background everywhere around the globe being met with big boys from highly influential and affluent home background,not just coming for friendship,but really for  marriage.

How do you start? Where do you even start from? Okay,he just asked you to take him to your house so he could say hi to your parent,but the thought of how you could take him to that one over crowded room of your house where about five people occupy makes you sick. What would you do? Read more:

You see,the problem here is not the fact that many girls out there live in one congested room with their parents and siblings,but the highly and influential way they portray themselves outside.

When you see some girls outside acting,you would think they have traveled the four corners of the earth,or that they shop in Dubai. How disappointed many of us have been,when we find out the hut and shelter,where they come out from!

So that is the problem,the girls themselves. When however,some big boys in town get attracted to some of these girls thinking they are from the same social background,it now becomes the worries of the girls on how to take the boys home and show them where they indeed come from!

Point of correction,we are not saying that our girls should dress in rags or look as their backgrounds no,but let it not be that they are imitating the Nollywood  actresses in their wears and classy attitudes.

From our findings,we have discovered that some of these girls from poor backgrounds could do anything to make themselves appear rich and classy,but forget that it doesn't end there!

More shocking too is that not even one of hem is reasonable to give financial support to their parents to move from wooden to glass window houses! The money they make anyhow goes on their wardrobes and that is how much sense they have!

My dear forming lady,if you meet a cool young guy from affluent home,how would you do it? Would you rather take him to a friend's house who lives at the up north? You see the wahala of forming and trying to fit where you don't yet belong?

Trying to raise shoulders with people on the high side  is more than running before your shadow and of course the result is frustration,shame and disappointment!

Come down dear growing girls and see beyond looking like a big chic on the street and look forward to enriching yourself with education! Build yourself,build your future strong with education and good career,and no matter how poor your background might be,where you come from,it will soon be erased among things of the past!

Then let him come,the guy with social class,the man of affluent,the man that wears the royal robe! If he asks, you should take him to your home,of course you would proudly show him your humble beginning,the place that gave birth to the wise,intelligent lady who will make history tomorrow!!!
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A Thief Who Would Not Want To Be Freed. See His Silly Reasons!

"I rob people?because many people in government steal and I

You know,people really have certain reasons why they steal,just as every normal person who does certain things has reasons for their actions.

However,there are obviously silly reasons why people acts stupidly or commit crimes. You can imagine a thief who was caught and arrested by police saying that he wouldn't want to be released or freed. He says that if he is freed,he will commit crimes again!

 “Many people are stealing in the country, including top government officials. People are dying of hunger and there is no job. What else do you expect me to do other than stealing? If am discharged by the police, I will still go back to rob people. The country is in a bad situation,”

Hmm,this is serious.   Shehu Buda says that he steals because,many people are stealing including the government officials. ''What else do you want me to do except stealing?''

Dear Sheh Buda,is stealing a job or a business? Are you retaliating against the government or against people who have done you no wrong?

If Shehu Buda is wise,if he really has common sense,he would have known that he cannot retaliate against the government by stealing from the pockets of hardworking citizens.

Shehu,do you not know the seat of the government? Do you not know any house where a government official lives to steal back or bring back the looted funds? Honestly we don't understand your wisdom in this act! You steal because the government steals. But unfortunately however, you don't steal the same way the government or rather,people in government steal!

How many times for example have you heard that government officials steal and they are apprehended and arrested by police? Shehu Buda is really amazing!
Again he says: '' If am discharged by the police, I will still go back to rob people.''

Hmm,this man is really hard up! Did he say if he is discharged by the police,he will still go back to steal?

What is Shehu's problem? First he has in mind to retaliate and fight the government that is making lives of people very difficult,and unbearable,and he goes stealing from the pockets of none governmental officials who do not steal.

Secondly,Shehu and his friend Bello Mallam have been arrested by police for stealing the sum of N7,400 and two handsets at the value of N9,00 from one Mohammed Mohammed after inflicting injuries on him with machete.

Shehu Buda,do government officials who steal national money do so with machete? Can't you see you are not stealing as government officials do? 

Anyways,Shehu has said that he will still steal more and more if he is discharged or freed! I trust the police know what to do and how to handle Shehu's case right???

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''Why I Want To Marry An Albino''- Doctor dermatology

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Isn't this interesting or could we rather say this is strange that someone actually longs to marrying an albino,someone living with albinism? What could have made a man with normal amount of melanin wish to marry an albino,someone who lacks normal amount of melanin in the body? There must be a fantastic reason for this,and this we must find out!

You know this is not a popular thing to do or wish by people in a community black or white,but here is someone wishing he could just marry an albino,someone living with albinism.

This person is a doctor in a dermatology department of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH). He said this on an interview with us in the studio at the discourse of the topic: ''Is Albinism A Disease?'' available on our YouTube channel ''Storms And Winds With Monica''. 

 Among other things he said that interested us on why he wishes to marry an albino is that albinos cannot steal,neither are they troublesome. The only trouble albinos or people living with albinism have is lack of melanin which has affected their skin so much that they cannot work under the same conditions as people with normal body colors.

Yes,an albino should not work under the sun,neither should they walk in hot weather in sleeveless clothes and without their focus.

''If albinos apply their creams regular as prescribed,cover up their bodies under hot weather,put on their focus,and avoid hot sun,you will really love anyone living with albinism'' the doctor says.

He continued: ''Albinos don't engage in immoral acts,crime and vices,and if you doubt me start looking out for one'!

Hmm,I think the doctor in question is making sense! In fact,he is very very correct! All my life,I have never seen an albino among thieves,suspected robbers,any lady living with albinism who ever gallivants with men,living wayward life style,or a married albino going after another man,cheating on her husband. Albino wives are like faithful women,who would never cheat on their husbands! 

 Did you know that the fact that one marries an albino doesn't mean he will have albino children? Did you also know that someone might marry someone not living with albinism and he would have  albino child or children at the end of the day? And more importantly,what is wrong with having someone who has no disease or defect in the brain and behavior but just in few cases do some of them have burns in their skin due to poverty or ignorance of taking care of their skin???

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

If Your Girlfriend Is Loving Someone Else,What Should You Do?

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Do you sometimes feel that your babe is not actually faithful to you? Do you at times feel that some how,her heart is somewhere else? Not completely with you?

Okay,these are thoughts that may either be true or false. But let's say it is true. That your girlfriend is loving someone else and all the while,she 's been pretending there is no other but you!

If your girlfriend is loving someone else,what should you do? Hit her? Try frustrate her life? Threaten to kill her? Just what should you do if your girlfriend is loving someone else? Read more:

A lot of guys have tried,and done something funny and brutal but to no avail. This is because,neither violence nor any stupid act will make one achieve success and gain love in the affairs of love ! Rather,love will!

Yes,you have been dating a particular girl for sometime and all you guys agree to is to have a meaningful,healthy relationship that can lead to marriage. Yes,somehow,somehow,you found out that her heart is somewhere else,and she is loving someone else!

Don't blame her! It is love,not her fault. Her heart belongs to someone else not because she hates you or doesn't appreciate your person,but because her heart belongs to someone else. Love is magical! After all,you didn't do anything so special for her before she loves you enough to date you in the first place!

True love does not pretend,and no one can love two persons exactly the same way at a time. Read more:

 If you have a girl and she is loving someone else,let her go! Yes,let her go because she loves someone else and not you!

Complaining,planning to frustrate her life or doing anything stupid will not get her back to loving you.

Again,don't try asking her why she is loving someone else because she won't be able to you why. The answer lies only in the heart that you cannot see or know it. What would you want to hear? That you are hot tempered? Not romantic? Just what would you want to hear my dear gentle man?

Just save it and give yourself some peace of mind because,whatever that makes your girlfriend love someone else in place of you would not make you happy.

If your girlfriend is loving someone else,let her go and be happy that it is happening before you reach a point of no return in your relationship.  What is it about a girl who does not love you that you should admire so much and regret it does not belong to you? You can have it double times in someone whose heart goes and dies for you.,and yet,she is somewhere out there!

Anyone fighting to make his girlfriend whose heart is with someone else love him back is looking for troubles. If he succeeds,he should be ready to live with the great consequences of compelling a heart belonging to someone else to live with him!!

If your girlfriend is loving someone else,let her go!!! Read more:
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Monday, 26 February 2018

Should He Have Run Away On His Wedding Night For This Reason?

Missing or Runaway groom? Ugandan man who was declared missing days before his wedding found at friend

Often,we hear of some grooms to be running  away or being declared missing few days or hours before their wedding. Theses grooms to be usually are the ones that would fix their wedding date,print out the cards and share to friends,but just few hours before the wedding day arrives,they would be no where to be found.

Why are are the grooms usually the ones always on the run and never the brides to be? Even if the lady is not interested in the man she's been forced to marry,she would not still run away but could only cry and weep until the day for her wedding arrives and the rest becomes the story.

Recently is a young man in Uganda,he is in fact a Ugandan whose name is Tumwebaze Philip. He is just 27 years old groom to be who ran away few days to his wedding.

His family reported his disappearance to the police who went on investigation of his where about,only to find him hiding out in his friend's house.

Actually,Tumwebaze's disappearance few days to his wedding was not on kidnapping bases but on the fact that he had changed his mind from wedding or marrying his bride to be.

There are no other reason why a groom to be would run away from or disappear before his wedding day to avoid being wedded with the lady he has prepared to wed other than confusion,indecisiveness,uncertainty,and incompleteness of mind made over for marriage.

The fear of ''Am I sure of what I am doing? Did I really say that I would marry her? Am I really sure she is the one for me'' and all of that make groom to be run away from their planned weddings.

But why would a man asking the above questions,who on not being sure of himself and his decision still go on and propose to his woman for marriage and yes,still proceeds for wedding plans? A man who is not sure?

He must marry that woman whenever he is found whether his spirit agrees or not! 

According to the family of the run away groom to be,Tumwebaze Philip,''wedding preparations are to be resumed with immediate effect''  says the family and that is simply the best decision to take.

If Tumwebaze does not marry the lady he had proposed to,who will?If you knew that the woman is not good enough for you why did you prepare to wed her in the first place? Oh your mind is now telling you she is not the right woman for you right? You are just finding out right? You are late and you are absolutely wrong!

Tumwebaze,we enjoin you to marry your bride in peace and enjoy the marriage with love! You know why? There is no woman who is absolutely good enough for any man on earth!!!
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This Is Why Anambra Youths Burnt Down A Church In Ekwulobia

Youths in Anambra village burn down church after teacher marries his 17yr old sister

You know,whether anyone believes it or not,youths are the instrument of both development and destruction. They are the strength and value of community and society.

This is not to say that whatever thing youths do is good because sometimes,they also abuse and misuse their strength,committing more abomination than
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Sunday, 25 February 2018

How To Handle Sudden Change In Relationship And Be Free Again

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Over 50% of secondary school students are in one form of relationships with opposite s*x or the other,but are not being sure of what they are doing!

When you come down to ladies between ages 20 and 37,you would find out that virtually all of them claim they are not single or searching,but they are
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Saturday, 24 February 2018

How Do I Know It Is Finally Over With Him?

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Hmm,the question of how one could know that she is no longer in a relationship with her soothing boyfriend,that it is absolutely over between them is one so hard to tell oneself.

The truth is that over 90% of ladies in wrong relationships who somehow
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When Is It Love At First Sight?

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Often time,we hear ''love at first sight ,love at first sight!'' What really is love at first sight? When is it really love at first sight? Is it when a lady sees a gentle man who smiles at her? Is love at first sight when a woman
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Friday, 23 February 2018

When Your Husband Cares For His Mom Than He Cares For You

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Is this strange or new to you that there are actually husbands who take care of their mothers than they do to their wives and kids?  Is this unheard of?  

What is wrong if a man takes care of his mom,his own mother? Are you in any way suggesting that at 
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Here Are Tactics Ladies Use To Escape Being Raped At The Point

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The saying that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner is now being applied by ladies to avoid being raped. Rapists are now finding it so hard and impossible to penetrate and rape their victims.

The extent at which
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Thursday, 22 February 2018

See Shocking Reasons A 75 Year Old Man Needs A New Wife. Women Beware!

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For those of you that want to marry rich in bundles,beware! Wealthy marriages,getting married to old but affluent men is not a bed of roses,dear ladies and sisters!

Who in those days did not know a man so influential and affluent as
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Should You Tell Your Wife You Had A Baby? Should You Bring The Baby In?

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Have you ever walked on the street,somewhere the road and see a child who looks like someone you know,like your brother,cousin,or even like your father? 

Many children out there who do not know who their fathers are
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Why Do Good Girls Suffer Most In Relationships? Examples speak!

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Who do we even refer to as good girls here? Are they ladies who never cheated and who do not intent to cheat on their boyfriends? Are ladies who obediently keep quiet on their boyfriends even when they should speak that are referred to as good girls?  Why do good girls
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How Do I Know He Is The One For Me?

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Hi,is there anything like predestination or destiny lovers?  Is the certain belief that someone somewhere has been destined to marry you,your friend or someone else true?

When I was much younger than I am today,I asked a man old enough to be my father: ''Is it true that God has created a particular man  for every woman?''

Of course he didn't asked me why I could ask that question as little a child as I was then,after all he knew I was in secondary school where romantic issues are talked about by peers. In fact I like that man,Mr. Michael,for opening up with me whenever I had something like this to ask. God bless him for me!

In answer to the question I asked Mr. Michael concerning marriage and predestination,he said after giving a soft laughter: '' Nooo,there is no such thing as predestination of a marriage mate.'' He continued: People get attracted to their heart desires once they meet them,and start up relationship to build their found love.''

In my heart,I didn't actually believe him and so I was not really happy with the answer he gave me,because then,I had someone my heart beat for and I didn't want to lose him. So,how do I know he is the one for me? Hmm,

If you look at the answer that Mr.Michael gave,you would see that it is true! If some has been predestined to marry a particular man,then,there would be no such thing as dating or courtship. In fact,lovers won't have to be in any relationship to know if they are truly fit for each other for marriage,since once you see someone your heart desires,your heart beats and leaps for joy.


  • When you see your lover,the one for you,you lose control,you won't be able to explain what you are feeling at the moment.

  • Even when you argue or have fight with him,you quickly make up.

  • The man whom you cannot keep grudges with,the man whose offense doesn't hurt you is the one for you.

  • If your phone is ringing and your heart tells you he is the one and you find it so,then he is the one for you.

  • If you are ever troubled and he calls you and asks you: ''Are you okay? Are you sure?'' Then my dear he is the one for you.

  • If you ever let him go or chase him away and he still comes back or lingers about,then he is for you.

  • Even if he never buys you anything or surprises you with anything because he doesn't have yet,and the love is still glowing for each other day and night,he is the one for you.

  • If neither of you could ever hang up the phone call until the credit exhausts,if both of you are never satisfied talking or being with each other,then my dear,HE IS THE ONE FOR YOU!!! 
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Eucharia Anuobi Shocks Friends Again As She Celebrates Late Son's Birthday at 16

Actress Eucharia Anunobi shares photos from her son, Raymond

What is Eucharia Anuobi doing to herself? Why would she not let the sleeping dog lie for once? Oh,this is even much greater than a sleeping dog because her baby boy is already dead,being in the state of unconsciousness.

On August 22nd 2017,
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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

What Should I Do If My Husband Cheats On Me?

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What should I do if my husband cheats on me? This is a very interesting question right?

A lot of married women out there have discovered that their husbands cheat on them on almost a daily basis,yet,those who
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How Much Do American Artistes Suffer Sexual Abuse In Hollywood Industry?

Image: Poll: 94 Percent of Women in Hollywood Have Faced Sexual Misconduct

In African,down to Nigeria precisely,a good number of female artistes such as musicians,singers,and actresses have suffered various kinds of s*xual harassment from men with power.

 S*xual harassment has become so
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Is It Normal To Be Attracted To Old Men?

Image result for falling in love with old men

Well,there are actually certain things one does not fully understand in life,some are mysterious,and others have reasonable explanations. Is it normal for example for a girl,or a lady to
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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

See Why This Man Claims In U.S Embassy, His Wife Is Dead With Forged Death Certificate


Wonder shall never end! How could a husband claim that his wife is late just because he wants to fly abroad with another woman?
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''I Hate Extravagant Women. Should I Give In To These Demands Or Opt For Divorce?''

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Hmm,a man who is just two weeks old in his marriage is already feeling he is into troubles with his new wife. He complains that he got married to an extravagant woman as if his eyes were tied closed when she was
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Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill? See Sarah Sanders' Reaction To American Journalists

This is American journalists for you. Asking the press secretary to Donald Trump whether Trump is mentally ill?

You know,the only difference between American journalists and
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Is It Weakness For Husband To Look After Babies While Wife Is At Work?

Image result for serena williams husband

 Okay o,Serena William's husband was spotted in the crowd,feeding and cuddling their baby at a sports arena where his wife,Serena Williams,was performing,working as her
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Monday, 19 February 2018

What Makes A Woman Happy? Find Out Here!

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We ask this question : ''What Makes A Woman Happy'' because,a lot of ladies out there think that marriage,and only marriage can make a woman
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Can A Man Truly Love Two Women Equally At The Same Time?

Man set to wed two women, makes separate billboards for the wedding ceremony in Abia state (photos)

Could this really be true? That a man actually sets to marry two women at  the same time,using two different billboards to advertise the marriage ceremonies?

Well,it is not as if it is unusual for man to
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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Should She Keep Waiting For Her Fiance For This Long To Come Back From Prison?

Overtime,ladies have been left by either their boyfriends or fiances after being engaged,and asked to wait for the return of their lovers for
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