Sunday, 15 July 2018

Things Not To Do If You Are in A Serious Relationship

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Are You Really In A Serious Relationship? Do Not Do This!

These days,the way everyone is taking relationship has made it so difficult to differentiate it with non relationship. S*x is widely spread,and different names have been used to coat and color relationships. Whatever it is,you are the only one that knows whether you are truly in a relationship or not!

Are you really in a relationship? Do not do this! What? Relax,you will soon find out!!

Lately,a young woman reported to police that her boyfriend defrauded her of 2.9 million naira and used it to marry another lady. During the investigation of how the young man,the so called suitor of the young woman defrauded her of 2.9 million naira,the police found out that it was his girlfriend, the young woman that gave him the money but in the name that he wants to execute a contract  which would give him huge money in return. Unknowing to her that it was false and a way to defraud her,she did give him the money since she believed they were in a serious relationship.

To cut the long story short,the young man having collected the money,ran away to a far distance and disconnected every form of communication with the young lady and married the woman he wanted.

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My dear lady,are you really in a serious relationship? Do not do this. Do not ever think you are in a serious relationship until your boyfriend does something serious to commit you in his hand. Do you have a baby with him which both families are aware of? Has he done proper introduction and settled your bride price with your family? In that case,he is already your husband and you could be sure you are in a serious relationship with him if your answer is a big yes!

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I mean,how could you believe that a man would marry you because he comes to your house and eats your food? Who told you that an intimate relationship is when you are very close to a certain man to the point that he sleeps in the same bed with you?

My dear lady,if this is what your relationship is,do not commit your financial strength with to him. Do not even borrow to him if he says he would refund later. There is every likelihood that he is collecting the money to pay the bride price of his lady and marry her why you are deceived he would use the money for some business .

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Are you really in a serious relationship? To what extent is your relationship that you are beginning to call it a serious relationship? Whatever it is,do not ever say or feel that you are in a serious relationship if your man is not ready to take you to isle. Even if your relationship is as old as Methuselah he is still your boyfriend on a platform level.

Let him go out,yes let him leave you and go look for his fortune. He has to go and make money to take care of his responsibilities and find his feet as man!

No responsible man would sit and eat the food provided by his girlfriend if he is thinking of marrying her! The common action to take is to go make himself a man and then come for his woman before another man takes her away from him and not the other way round.

Are you really in a serious relationship? Do not this!! I am sure and very sure you know the don'ts!