Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Kind Of Ex You Should Never Let Go!

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You and your ex!

In our previous article:''Why Do You Really Want That Ex Back?'',we could see there are actually some ex that do not worth the efforts of anyone who tries to make up for a second chance.

The right thing for anyone,a victim of the experience is to let go of anyone who says or implies your place in his life is not important is to simply let go!

Don't beg,don't even try to prove that your place is important in the life of anyone who thinks otherwise because at the end of the day,you would achieve no positive result but cause more harm than good.

However,there are actually guys,the kind of ex you should never let go! This kind of ex is direct opposite to the kind of ex you should never want back.

There was a young man who was in love with a young lady for reasons best known by him. No matter what the young lady did to him,he would simply over look the matter and make up with her.

This he did for more than five years of there friendship because at the time they began this journey of love,the young lady was still in secondary school while the young man in question just got admissions in one of the Universities in Nigeria. Theirs was a distance relationship,out of sight but not out of mind.

The spirit of love grew and strong feelings generated between these two lovers over the years.Soon the friendship lasted for 10 years but although the young man never changes his mind about the young lady,but he found it very difficult to stand on his feet as a man. He could not secure employment good enough to put food at his table and bring him or anyone else in his heart comfort.

Like the adage says: ''A man who has not found himself will desert any woman that comes his way'' so did he do to the young lady that had kept herself for him for many years. The kind of ex you should never let go!

He left,abandoned and denied his girl he so much love for pursuit of employment,money and comfort! And I am sure that if he meets his target today,he will go look for his girl and marry her. I know this guy very well,and the lady is mine!

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My dear lady,if you have this kind of ex you should never let go! Help him to even secure this job that will make him find his place and feet as a man and watch his next move. If what I am thinking is right,he will make your dream as his wife come true!

Another kind of ex you should never let go is one that feels intimidated by your charisma. The charisma could be that your family is influential and his is on a very low class.

If his point is that he wants to go make a little wave to shape himself in a way that could make him appear worthy and presentable to your family and leaves,please let him go but never say goodbye! The kind of ex you should never let go!

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Somehow,you will always  find out if he is still in the mood with you even though you both are no more together. If you find out his heart still lingers to yours,never let him go until you see the situation has become unbearable and out of control.

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The truth again is that when a man has not found himself,he will desert any woman that comes his way including his future wife! If a man has not made himself a man,he can never make any woman his wife!

It is only reasonable men however that want to make their homes comfortable and conducive for whoever would become their wives. They are not goal diggers. They are not sorts of lazy people looking for already made women to house,feed and cloth them. They are real men,who cannot settle for less! Yes,the kind of ex you should never let go!!!

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