Monday, 9 July 2018

Why Do You Really Want That Ex Back?

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You and your ex!

Yes,Why do you really want that ex back?

Is it because you have committed so much in the relationship and you couldn't let it go? Is it because of the much you have shared with him you and feel you could not forget? Why do you want that ex back?

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He said he is no longer interested in being in a relationship with you after all you have shared together. He doesn't feel you are marriageable but he continued to use up your time and resources until now he's sapped you and has said goodbye. My dear lady,why do you really want that ex back?

Obviously he doesn't love you any much,otherwise,nothing would have separated you from him. He would have fought and protected you from anything that wanted to break up your relationship with him if he really loved you. But here he is,gone far away from you! Why do you really want that ex back?

You love a man but he does not love you any inch. You sacrifice your time,energy and resources and he still made you feel not important. Aren't you crazy by chasing after a wind you can never hold? My dear lady,go and read your books to see the pages where it is written ''One cannot own everything one touches.Sometimes one owns,and sometimes one let it go.''

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Yes,let go of anything that tells you you have no value. Let go of anything that says you are of no importance. Anything that devalues your worth should be let go my dear lady! Why do you really want that ex back?

Many times,our ladies who have been abandoned by their ex embark on journey to bring back their ex and at the end of the day they wished they never tried it at all. Yes,it is because,they did not know that one does not own everything that one touches!

A mother once advised her daughter who wanted to marry her boyfriend by all means,a man who was not willing to do same with her that if she is not ready to pamper a man,to appeal to him and live to beg him in the rest of her life in marriage with him,she should not even start it in the first place.

If you beg a man to marry you,if you push or force your boyfriend to marry you,be ready to maintain the routine if you want the man to continue in the marriage with you! Then I ask: How long can one live to please a man? How long could you beg a man to be with you?  My dear lady,do not start a journey you cannot finish! Why do you really want that ex back?

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It is very simple! Men are like babies and that is true. You could make them fall to your wishes through their stomach especially when they are hungry materially.

Any hopeless man could easily be trapped in the roof of wealthy woman. Any frustrated man can easily be wrapped in the arms of a woman.

But at the end of the day,what does a woman get by hooking just a man to marry her with her own money? What is the joy of a relationship such as this? My dear lady,do not force things to be which do not match!

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When your boyfriend says it is over,let him be! If it is made to be,if it will be,he will definitely come back to you before it is too late.Then,you will enjoy a marriage which is founded on love and interest!!!