Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Why You Should Love A Nagging Woman!

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The word nagging seems to be beyond having a good dictionary meaning. There is no dictionary meaning of the word nagging that can depict the exact meaning of its context in reality or in real sense. This shows that no one could give the actual meaning of Nagging even when it exists in real world. 

But we see nagging in some homes. We often hear complaints from husbands saying their wives nag a lot. Some men would even prefer to spend sometime elsewhere rather than go home after work for relaxation. Why? They say they have nagging wives in their homes!

Image result for nagging wife meaning,Why You Should love A Nagging Woman!

How does nagging come about? Why do some wives nag? Is nagging an inherited behavior? Is nagging as bad as it is being pictured?

According to Stan Ekezie,nagging is a very beautiful thing. He sees it as an anchor that shapes and molds lives to suitability. A fight to protect and keep what belongs to one. He says: 

''A woman is known to nag and fight over a man for whom she has feelings for, she moves to protect her territory at the slightest sign of encroachment. She wants him to be perfect, she tries to make him fit into her fantasy image of Mr right.''

Did you hear that? It is only a woman who has feelings for her man that could nag. She nags just to protect her territory. She nags to keep and maintain what she dearly cherishes and owns. What is wrong with that??

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Then Mr. Stan,one of the greatest relationship experts of our time advises men:

'A wise man shouldn’t be worried when the nagging is going on, however, you should be very worried if the fighting and nagging suddenly stops. If she suddenly starts to ignore the things that used to make her quarrel and fight, pay closer attention and move to make things right before you loose her for good.'

You see? I don't know how many of you can be like Mr. Stan Ekezie. He sees positiveness in what most men view as negative. He wins my admiration! 

How could a woman who truly loves her man watch her man misbehave and you expect her to keep quiet? No,she is not afraid of telling her love mate the truth and she believes he can change for good. The only fear of a nagging woman is that if she continues to keep quiet,she would be giving nonsense and nuisance chances to succeed. I don't know of any good woman who would allow that!

Image result for nagging wife meaning,Why You Should love A Nagging Woman!

According to one dictionary,nagging qualifies and describes a  woman who continually finds fault or complain. Obviously,it is only over nonsense that one could complain. When complaint is made,it is only wise and reasonable that the offender should comply and change otherwise complaint will continue to be. Then you call her a nagging woman or wife.

This is not fair ! It is not fair that you ignore the one doing wrong and face the other who tries to correct wrong! How much more so it is when a wife or girlfriend  sees wrong attitude in her man and tries to correct it.

If her lover or her husband complies and changes his bad attitude,that woman wouldn't have to complain again!

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Simply put this way: ''When a woman is nagging,it is still for correctness. If you don't want a woman to nag,listen to and do it right! Only man makes a woman to nag!!!''

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Friday, 19 October 2018

What To Do When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

What To Do When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

Well the absolute truth is that this does happen! Yes,people fall in love with the wrong people just as people die. In as much as there are people who are fortunate to meet their exact heart desires,there are still others who do not and who will not. This is life! And this is not because,love affairs or relationship is a game of wit or luck,it is simply because life itself is unfair,very short and troublesome! Yes,people still fall in love,be in gainful relationships and count their gains and losses. What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person!

Is there anyone who is actually termed a wrong person? Absolutely no! But there are actually wrong persons in certain relationships! If you are in a relationship with someone who does not suit your needs and  desires,you are in a relationship with a wrong person! 

If your boyfriend does not call you as often as necessary,not because he is not the calling type but because his heart is with someone else,then you are in love with the wrong person! If he does not care  to know how you feel,if he is not willing to act as a man,to prove his love for you,you are simply in love with the wrong person! What to do when you are in love with the wrong person!!
First of all is that you must admit this is very very painful. Giving your heart to someone who keeps blind to it. Your love,attention and even goodness to him doesn't make any sense to him. It's a big time waste of resources to him as far as he cares.

A young woman I know thought she was in love with the right person. At first everything was smooth. Then as time went on,she began to see the real person she's been in a relationship with. Very phlegmatic and reluctant to her in all ramifications. But he is well spoken of by some other women. ''Hawsh...,that man is so caring and loving...'' others would say about the same man so called phlegmatic and unwilling to do anything right for his so called girlfriend. That is another example of a wrong person in a relationship! What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person right?

Pair Man Woman Discussion Difference Relat

Simply consider yourself having been unfortunate. It's been a hard-knock experience! Don't pretend that what brings sorrow and sadness is joyful and kind,no! Facing reality does not only heal but saves.

As one who feels sad and knocked out, you should take your leave for good. Don't try to continue managing the situation hoping everything will soon turn out fine in time.

Take your leave and give him some space. Let him feel your absence and if anything will eventually change in time it will and you will then see it.

The worse an unmarried woman could do is to manage a wrong person in a relationship thinking and hoping that some day he would change. How??

Sometimes,the situation would not change because the ladies themselves refuse to change their ways by taking right actions of movement.

What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person-Take a leave! Give yourself a break and if you can,take a vacation to another side of the world. If he misses your presence,he would look for you and I pray this time,he would do everything right!!!

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Is It Okay To Date A Younger Man? Dating and courtship,dating and relationship,

Is It Okay To Date A Younger Man? Married Couple Romantic Couple Engagement

Okay,I do not know how many of you are interested in this topic that is centered on dating a younger man! But this is all we see around us today. A 60 year old woman marrying a 20 year old boy and the rest of it. Is it okay to date a younger man? What do you think?

Since marriage is the legally coming together of two mature minds who agree to be with each other it would be wrong to say that yes it is not okay for an older woman to marry a younger man since both of them are mature minds. This explains the reason why we have a lot of younger men being husbands to women quite older than they are.

One might also argue that it is not normal as it has never been of any tradition of the world for younger men to marry women quite older than they are. In the beginning,the creator created the man first and after so many years he made a wife for him to be his complement. Yet,is it okay to marry a younger man? It was not the tradition.

However,since attraction,love and understanding are great keys that bind two hearts together in marriage,since the creator and the originator of marriage never stipulates age for marriage or principle on age barrier,neither has any custom or tradition of any people have a say on the topic above,it becomes a matter of choice for both parties!

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Submissiveness and respect are the dues and requirement for any wife to her husband even if her husband is as young as her younger brother. Can she submit to him and deeply have respect for him despite age differences? If she can,then it is quite okay to date a younger man for her.

But why would a very mature woman accept to marry a man young enough to be her son in marriage? Who does the proposal? Could it be the young boy? The old woman? I mean,how could this  have ever happened?

If you are thinking along this lane,you are also irritated and uncomfortable in this kind of relationship. You can't do it. You don't feel it is the right to do! To you it is not okay to date a younger man!

There is more to this issue! In all our vigorous research and investigations,there has not been any man who finds himself in the situation of marrying a much older woman than he is who did so out of pure and true love. They were all trapped into it by strong commitment,hardship and security reasons.

Can we conclude that since dating a younger man is not normal in any society,neither has it been an original concept of any tradition that it is not okay to date a younger man? Keep brainstorming!!!
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Do You Really Have To Be Of Great Match With Your Partner To Have Successful Relationship?-matchmaking,match mate,

Do You Really Have To Be Of  Great Match With Your Partner To Have Successful Relationship? Couple Together, Holding Hands, People

Match mate

Yea,and that is a very nice question! Do you really have to be of great match with your partner to have a successful relationship? What is this about being of match with one's partner? Is it having things in common? Being persons of the same character? Being in the same social class? Coming from the same national group and language?  What does it mean to be of match with your partner?
According to one research,it says: ''If the honeymoon phase has come and gone and the two of you still maintain a consistently hot-and-heavy romp schedule, you’re on the road to relationship bliss. In fact, a study published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that having s*x at least once a week brings as much happiness to your relationship as making an extra $50,000. For this study, researchers surveyed more than 30,000 Americans over four decades, and found that having s*x just once a week was the frequency most linked to relationship happiness. Surprisingly, couples who had s*x more or less frequently were not happier. “Intimacy is just another type of communication, so if that communication falters, so will your sexual connection in response,” says Tessina. That being said, your sexual chemistry is not a race to the sack. “If you’re mutually enjoying more sex, than it will make you both happier, but remember that it comes down to both people wanting to be intimate that often,” says Greer.

So the point here bothers on having intimacy and close communication with each other. Is it what it means for couples to be of great match with each other to have a successful relationship? Well I don't see any match linked to close communication but I see it linked to intimacy.

Friends can have close communications with one another not because they are of great match but because they have common goals together. Until we understand what makes a great match we won't know for sure if one has to be of great match with his or her partner before they could have a successful relationship.

But let's say that being of match with one's partner leads to successful relationship,what happens to the old saying: ''Opposite attracts?'' Is that saying not in contrast with what we are saying? I do hope you are getting along with us. We are talking about being of match with one's partner. Is it the only way couples could have a successful relationship? 

Let's look at marriage relationship between village brought up and city brought up. What is their great match? Yet when they eventually marry,they still make a wonderful mates at the end of the day. Or maybe you have not seen such relationship right? Well I have seen so many of it even though it was all fight in the beginning as they were trying to adjust and learn to satisfy and tolerate the habits and differences of the other,it all ends well for them at the end of the day!

If match with one's partner means having mutual understanding with each other regardless of any social or racial classes it is fine! It would be positive to say yes,having a great match with one's partner leads to a successful marriage!!!

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What makes a good couple?

Would you say having a common goal in a relationship with your partner makes a good couple? Would you say it is understanding? Being of great match? Let's know your thought on this!!

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Should I Tell A Suitor I Already have A Boyfriend?

Should I Tell A Suitor I Already have A Boyfriend? Love, Romantic, Relationship, Together
Relationship and marriage

Girls are so fond of claiming they have boyfriends even when it is absolutely not true. Whether you call them girls,ladies or women,they are all the same,having common characters and same attitudes.

We are not saying it is bad to have a boyfriend or to let someone know about it but at what extent and in what circumstances should one reveal she has a boyfriend? Should you tell a suitor,someone who is willing to build a relationship for marriage with you that you already have a boyfriend? Should I tell a suitor I already have a boyfriend?

It has been noted that the best way to turn a man down or to refuse a man whom one has no feelings for but is coming for a relationship is to tell him you already have a boyfriend that has asked your hand in marriage and that you have said yes to him. But when reverse is the case is it not unreasonable to still claim the same?

Romantic, Hug, Togetherness, Embrace

We believe that love grows and feelings generate and this is still true today. This is to say that certain things can still be altered. What kind of boyfriend do you have for example? Is he the type that frequently comes to your house for food getting attached to you as if he cannot live without you? Is your boyfriend that man who would not go find something reasonable to do but live on the excuse that there is no job? Is he Mr Romantic who forbids looking unattractive all the time but can go far and wide to borrow a good outfit for himself? What kind of woman are you having him as a boyfriend and yet you are still asking : Should I tell a suitor I have a boyfriend?

A suitor is someone who loves you and your person and wants to have future with you. Yes,he wants to marry you!! He is ready and prepared for marriage. He has put up necessary things to give you comfort and make you that woman you should be. What are you waiting for my dear lady?

A boyfriend is not a suitor. A boyfriend is not a husband to be until he declares interest. Why would you tell a serious man,a man with vision and future,a man who is capable of carrying out where your father stopped that you have a boyfriend? What is the meaning of a boyfriend my dear lady? Should I tell a suitor I already have a boyfriend?

Now this is what you should do: If a gentle man comes to you and shows interest in you be grateful. Do not be quick to tell him you have any boyfriend. Forget that word boyfriend. You are no longer in primary or secondary school where teenagers have boyfriends at their level. At your age,you shouldn't be talking about a boyfriend. You should have a man in your life who is gonna make you a woman!

For the fact that that suitor says he loves you should melt your heart for him after all,he doesn't posse any danger to you. He means well! Love grows,feelings generate!!

Should I Tell A Suitor I Already have A Boyfriend?-Couple, Hugging, Love, Together

Dear Motivational friend,rather than telling a suitor that you already have a boyfriend,tell your boyfriend you are having a suitor!! A suitor is not asking you for friendship,no,he is asking you for something much better than that!!

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Yes,tell that your boyfriend,the time waster that you now have a suitor! If he really wants you for marriage,he should quickly begin to act and stop wasting your time for ages. Then,if he never had that intention,he would tell you he is not ready and that would be a good news for you!!!


At a point in ones life,one begins to see boys from all corners getting attracted to her. Yea,it is very normal! As a girl,lady or woman,you would be taken by a suitor in marriage some day. How do you tell your friends you have a boyfriend? 

Well,you don't have to tell it,they all have to see it if you truly have a boyfriend. But if they don't see a boyfriend in your life,then be sure you have no boyfriend as you ever thought! All you have is a time waster!

One advice: Get out of him,if you want to see your suitor!!!
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Friday, 14 September 2018

At What Age Should One Start Thinking Of Marriage?

At What Age Should One Start Thinking Of Marriage? marriage,romance,relationship age,
Photo: Marriage- and- Age.

Well I don't get it! I no longer understand if age still has anything to do with anything these days otherwise I wouldn't know why everyone including minors seem to be having a romantic affairs with an opposite s*x.

When you go to secondary school you would find out that almost every girl is already having a boyfriend. At that tiny age. What do they talk about? S*x and romantic issues! And when you come down to society,younger girls are taking over marriage these days while the older ones are busy building up somewhere as if marriage is not for them. What is really happening? Is there a particular age ripe for marriage? At what age should one start thinking of marriage?

I remember there were days when men would be afraid to tell parents of girls they were attracted to that they were interested in coming for marriage with their daughters. Why? Because they thought that ladies in their early teens were not really mature for marriage. But what do we see now? Girls in their early teens are being taken and given in marriage whereas those in their middle teen are considered old and too mature to be considered.

At What Age Should One Start Thinking Of Marriage?

If this question is given to a group of people or thrown for a public opinion you would hear such things as:

 ''Girls should marry as soon as they meet their suitors.'' ''As early as possible. ''The sooner the better''. ''There is no specific age for marriage. One should get married when he or she deems it fit.'' 

I do not know if your opinion is given above or if you share any of the sentiment mentioned above. If  your opinion is something quite different,please feel free to share with us.

There is an answer in the greatest book of wisdom called Bible. If you could get a copy of it,it says in 1 Corinthians 7: 9 : ''But if they do not have self-control,let them marry,for it is better to marry than to be inflamed with passion.'' Also,verse 36 of the same chapter says ''But if anyone thinks he is behaving improperly by remaining unmarried and if he is past the bloom of youth,then this is what should take place: Let him do what he wants;he does not sin. Let him marry.''

Verse 9 says that if one does not have self-control let him or her marry. Then you could imagine at what age one begins to develop feelings for opposite s*x to the point that he or she could no longer control it. But to make it right,verse 36 of chapter 7 of 1 Corinthians say ''if he is past the bloom of age.''

At what age should one start thinking of marriage? The greatest book of wisdom,not human philosophy says ''When one has past the bloom of age.'' And if you ask me,I would say that is very reasonable!

That you allow yourself aroused with s*xual feelings is not a sign you are mature for marriage. Yes,romantic feelings for someone you are attracted to is very normal for any creature having blood and flesh. But you have to keep it under control. You have to wait until you have past that bloom of youth when every boy or girl seems good and perfect in your eyes.

There is no particular age bracket that is stated ripe or right for marriage. The only guidance is when one has past the bloom of youth! Have you past your bloom of youth? Have you come to know that qualities are important possessions which get one qualified for marriage? Are you now convinced that love is not about s*x or what you feel for an opposite s*x? Then you are getting ripped for marriage if your answers are resounding yes!!!

Highlighted subtitles on the age one needs to start thinking about marriage...

- Right age for marriage medically.Still loading...

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

How To Build A Happy Relationship And Stay Together Forever

How To Build A Happy Relationship And Stay Together Forever -Men, Women, Apparel, Couple, Relationship,

Relationship is hard work and it takes a lot of work. That is probably because relationship needs commitment and a lot of other ingredients that the couple need to work out. 

It is not news that men and women act really differently, process things differently, handle and see things differently. So for a couple to successfully work out a relationship, they have to both seek to understand their differences and celebrate their similarities. 

For many relationship, unfortunately, they are not able to get pass the human dynamics to make it work but although relationships are hard work, they can work. Relationships do not have to be full of sad times and unhappiness, they can be happy and fulfilling if certain things are put in place by both parties.

How To Build A Happy Relationship And Stay Together Forever-Marriage,happy relationship,romance,

1.Effective Communication:

There is a reason communication always comes first when giving tips on how to improve your relationship in discussions like this. The reason is that many relationships, would have otherwise worked out if the partners had taken time to communicate effectively. Many of the fights that people have are simply as a result of misunderstanding. If one or both party are not ready to communicate, then the relationship would be hanging on a thread. Effective communication cannot be over emphasized in a relationship. Talk about any and everything. Ask questions and let your partner explain as against making assumptions. Talk about your fears and insecurities. Talk about your goal and dreams. And while your partner is talking, listen. Even if there is a quarrel, discuss it rather than fight it out. Relationship is not a battle ground.

2 2.Let Trivial Things Go:

Some people are in the habit of wanting to deal with any and every issue that comes up in a relationship. Of course, if you have doubts, talk to your partner about it rather than keep mute and acting out. However, many of us are in the habit of wanting to fight over anything, even the most trivial things. Sometimes, even arguments can escalate if we let it. You don’t have to agree over everything, you are two different human beings. Agree to disagree sometimes and let some things go. Ask yourself if it is truly worth it before engaging your partner. If it isn’t, then there is no point letting it steal your joy. 

3.Understanding Differences:

You and your partner are two different individuals. Even twins are different, so you cannot expect to have the same likes and dislikes or have the same personality. But the differences can be used to work for the good of the relationship if both of you are willing. Understand, rather than dread the differences. Of course, there are certain differences and even similarities that cannot work in a relationship, but you should have known that before starting the relationship. Working under the assumption that you both know and agreed despite your differences, you can learn to understand them. One way to do that is by accepting them for who they are and not seek to change them. Seeking to change your partner is a recipe for disaster. Another thing is to accept you are different, you might not agree with what this person likes but you understand that is how they are and you let it go. Then, regarding hobbies, try to engage in something the other person likes once in a while. Get your adventurous spirit on and try something new. 

4.Celebrate Similarities:

Just as you are different, there are certain parts of you that would be similar. It is even impossible for a relationship to work between people who are completely different. Opposite does attract and is fun, but there are certain values and principles that have to align for a relationship to last long and be happy. So, celebrate your similarities. If you have the same hobbies or some of them, then do them together, create memories, especially over things you both enjoy.


To err is human, to forgive is divine. It is impossible to relate with another human being, wherever and whenever and there won’t be offenses except there is pretence involved. We are humans and sometimes, we just step on each other’s toes. A relationship that would last will need a high dose of forgiveness from each side, sometimes, even without getting an apology. Sometimes, our relationship is more important than getting an apology. Now, of course, we should not subject ourselves to people who will not readily apologize when they hurt us and we should also not be those kind of people, but there are times when people hurt us and they don’t even know they did or offenses that can be easily overlooked. Wear your forgiveness cloak on when you are about to get into a relationship.

6.Be Committed:

Some people have no idea what being in a relationship entails. They want to have their cake and eat it. You cannot have an enviable relationship without working on it. There is virtually nothing on earth that can be excellent without a high dose of commitment to make it excellent. Have it in mind and be deliberate to make your relationship last and not just last, but happy and fulfilling as well. 

7.Be Realistic:

Quite a number of times, we have an unrealistic expectation of our partners, ourselves and our relationship. When that expectation is not met, we become disappointed and sometimes, resentful. It is not your partner’s fault they cannot meet the high expectations you set for them. Have expectations and standards but be realistic about it. Your partner is not God; he/she cannot be perfect, just like you are not perfect. And the relationship cannot be all rosy, there will be downtime, expect it and ride over it together.

8.Laugh and Play: 
Yes, life can be difficult and yes, life can be unfair but in all these, find time to play and laugh. If you cannot laugh with your partner, who would you laugh with? Tell each other corny jokes and laugh it out. Be silly with each other without judgement. Life is too short to spend it being serious all the time. There is indeed time to be serious but there is time to be playful and laugh.

9 .Be Tolerant:

Things will not always go your way in the relationship; your partner will not always be how you expect them to be. Be tolerant. Give room for offenses and be ready to forgive and let it go. Everybody has a deal breaker, so there is no problem with you having a deal breaker but if everything you don’t like or want is a deal breaker, then there will be problem. In order to have a lasting relationship, both parties have to tolerate each other.

10.Spend Ample Time Together:

Life can really get busy. The hustle and bustle of life can get in the way, many times but in all these, find time to spend with your partner. Spend a lot of time together. Many might not like it but out of sight can be out of mind, especially if when in out of sight, you don’t deliberate seek to find ways to be in each other’s presence. Technology has made even partners in a long distance relationship spend time with each other without being physically present. So if you stay in close proximity, you have no excuse. We always find time for what we consider priority.

11.Give Room for Alone Time:

While you should find time to be with each other a lot, you should also take time away from each other to breathe. Some people are in a relationship and joined at the hip, and many times, it causes friction. Have a life outside of each other. Have friends who respect and support your relationship. Have a career or business that would keep your busy and not in each other’s faces all the time. Take time to go out on dates with friends or even alone, so you can appreciate the time you spend together.

  12. Be Each Other’s Biggest Cheerleader:

Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader and vice versa. It is not fun to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t support and celebrate you. Celebrate each other’s victory as though it is yours. Grieve each other’s failure as though it is yours. Encourage each other and always be there for your partner. When they know you are always in their corner and always have their back, it increases assurance they have towards the relationship.

13.Be Affectionate:

It is normal for people to start taking their partner for granted after they have been in a relationship for long. You see them no longer try to look good for their partner, no longer compliment each other, exchange gifts, go on dates and be generally affectionate. Some even commit the heavy crime of forgetting birthday and anniversaries. No matter how long you have been in a relationship, don’t take the spice away that was there at the beginning. Tell each other “I love you,” exchange gifts, go out alone on dates and do those little things for each other. They will always matter.

14.  Respect Each Other:

Respect for each other is very important in any relationship. At the core of it all, we all want to be loved and we also want to be respected. Respect your partner by discussing issues before making decisions that will affect you both, respect them by not doing things you know they wouldn’t like, just generally show them respect. Even when you are having disagreement, present your case with respect.

15.  Make Your Partner a Priority:

Your partner should always come first. Don’t always put work and other things before them. Making money is important and your partner should understand your need to work and make some. But they should always feel like they have to compete. Assure them through your actions about their position in your life.

Relationship can really be lasting and they can be happy if we take care and put in the hard work. Nothing good comes easy you know.

Dear Monikmotivational friend,put all these to heart and be on your way to building a happy relationship that will last forever! Yes we trust you will!!!

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Do You Suffer Differences In Your Relationship? Is It Normal?

I don't understand it when it is said that it is better for couples to be persons of different characters when differences of interest bring conflict,causing more problems than could ever be handled. 

Often,it is said that when a man is quiet in nature,he should get a woman of outspoken character for a mate. I just wondered why! Would they be facing court rousing cases or wrestlemania soon in their marriage? Do you suffer differences in your relationship?

The debt of differences in relationship is huge. Sometimes it could mean differences in characters or attitudes. Take a lot at this:

A wife might be someone who does not like to see anything litter on the ground. In her house,she makes sure clothes are picked and packed in their normal places. And her husband? He is a direct opposite of his wife. As he comes in he removes his shirt right in the sitting room and dumps it on a seat. Most times the only problem he always has with his wife borders on his carelessness,habits and dirty attitude. Do you suffer differences in your relationship?

Image result for differences in relationship

The truth of the matter is that differences exist where there are two different people living together. Even people with common interests still suffer differences at times. We are all different humans and we should therefore look at the world differently.

Do You Suffer Differences In Your Relationship? Is It Normal?

Yes and very yes! It is normal to suffer differences in relationship. This is why relationship is a school of no graduation  for married couples because they would keep learning and learning different attitudes and makeup of their partners.

Tolerance and adjustment are the key words for couples who want to succeed in their relationships. You can't force any man or woman to dance to your tune or live the kind of life you live. Allowing people live their lives irrespective of how you feel is tolerance. On the other hand,seeing that your attitude irritates your partner,seeing that your life style isn't good and healthy should call for changes. That is adjustment!

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One more point on how to manage differences in your relationship

If you happen to have a partner who doesn't bother where or how things are kept for tidiness,you could try this:

A woman whose husband like the one mentioned above likes to dump his clothes and shoes wherever he dims fit would on seeing her husband throw his shirt on a seat remove hers right in front of him and do the same. You know what? Her husband picked up and said ''What was that?'' And she said: ''Exactly what you just did.''

Our point: No one notices that their actions or behaviors are bad unless they are made to see it! As long as we are persons of different characters we will always experience or suffer differences in our relationships!!!  
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