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How Can I Stop My Partner From Cheating?- Is cheating an intentional act? How can I stop a cheating partner? What should I do with a cheating romantic partner? Cheating is good!

How Can I Stop My Partner From Cheating?- Is cheating an intentional act? Is cheating an intentional act?  How can I stop a cheating partner? What should I do with a romantic partner?

Every now and then,we hear lovers cry and complain of being cheated on by their partners! These cheaters are people who are dearly loved by their partners and who also profess to love their partners as well. So why cheat? Yes why? If you love someone based on choice and not by force,why would you go cheat on him or her?

Is cheating an intentional act or does it happen by accident or mistake? Should a cheater be forgiven by his or her partner? Can a lover make a cheating partner stop cheating? Can cheating partner ever change?

Answers to these questions will help us see  whether one can help a partner stop cheating or not.

How Can I Stop My Partner From Cheating?

Can anyone actually stop a cheater from cheating? Does anyone have the power to change another person's behavior? Well I doubt! This is because behaviors are choices of desire,products and evidences of ones thought. No reasonable person wakes up and does anything for no reason.  Before someone does anything,he is aware of it already! He has resolved in his heart to carry out any action he wants to and so,if you think you are the person that could stop this one from what he does,my dear this is a big dream that may never come true! He who has the power to do it,is the one who has the power to also stop it!

Is cheating an intentional act?

Truly speaking,no one is born to be a cheater. It is not natural for anyone to become a cheater but one can choose either to cheat on one's partner or to be faithful even if a situation calls for it. Yes,we hear cheaters say ''please it was not intentional,I didn't know when it all happened and so on and so forth...'' Lies...

You didn't know when it was happening? So who was doing it on the bed? Who was torching the ups and downs on the body and mooing in sweetness huh? The devil abi? Tell me how and why it is not intentional when it was you who calculated when,where and whom you would do it with?

So it is obviously intentional that you wanted to have another person but you didn't call it 'cheat'. You called it 'fun'! So go on and tell your partner that it was only fun you had and see what and how it feels to have an illicit romantic affairs with a non romantic partner.

What Should I Do With A Cheating Partner?

Okay,now you know you have an unfaithful partner whom you cannot change no matter how much you try,what should you do? Leave him? Continue putting up with him hoping he will change some day?

Well while some people would suggest you find out why he cheats I advise you simply find out if he is ready and willing to change. This is because,there is no cause or reason that quantifies or justifies the act of cheating! If your partner needs what you lack and he really wants to be faithful to you,he will simply tell you and help you to have what he needs from you rather than going after someone else who has it. He doesn't want to tell you to adjust or improve your personality makeup for his likes because he really desires and wants to have another romantic partner! If he told you,he knew you would quickly do so and he wouldn't be willing or have any reason to cheat on you!

People cheat on their lovers as if their joy can never be complete if they stick to just one partner! People feel if they don't try someone else or make love to someone else other than their partners they would be missing something else somewhere!!

This is not true! Ask cheaters and they would tell you the same thing! No cheater ever gets added joy by cheating on his or her partner but only end up having some emotional emptiness,feeling bad sooner than later.

It pays to keep to one partner! It pays to control one's urge to have s*x with someone else other than  your partner!

Dear Motivational friend,call your partner anytime you are feeling horny...Even if he is far away call him or her and say the love thing on video chat or phone calls. If he or she is truly your partner,you will definitely get all the satisfaction you are looking for!

Why Cheating Is Good

While we are not here to sing praises to cheaters or encourage people to cheat on their partners,we truly believe that somehow,cheating is good. In a way,it is a silent answer to someone who is difficult to be removed ,someone who has become a toxin to another person, someone who has or who is forcing him or herself into someone else's life to leave! Only people who are in wrong relationships,people who force themselves into love,people who pretend to love someone or who lack feelings with someone in relationship fail to be satisfied in their relationships. So they go cheating,trying to find joy and get satisfaction elsewhere! Click to read this: How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested

Just why you should be in a relationship with someone you don't truly love or who does not love you I do not understand! Isn't that the most traumatic thing to bear? I mean how could you be with someone whose presence does not give you joy as a lover? This is killing! Let him go! Tell him or her how hurt you feel about everything and let them know it is causing your life so much pain and of course yes it is!! Read more here: What It Means To Be In Love.

Why Cheating Is Bad

Again,there is this thing that gets me crazy about people who cheat on their lovers.I mean ,if you love someone you are in a relationship with,if you truly love your partner like he or she is your life and sweet soulmate why cheat on him or on her?  Truly and truly speaking,lovers who cheat on their partners are considered as mentally ill people! And if you are blessed to be loved by someone you love and you still cheat on him or her,then you are very very sick! Sick of something only you can cure!

How can I stop my partner from cheating? No you can't! You can't stop someone who cheats on you because he wants to do so and he is the only person who can also stop it!

Even if you advise him,cry and plead with him,you cannot still stop him or her. Cheaters are the only ones who can stop themselves from cheating!!!
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Should I Marry A Friend's Ex?-Dating a friend's ex,my best friend is dating my ex who I still love,

Should I Marry A Friend's Ex?-Dating a friend's ex,my best friend is dating my ex who I still love,

Should I marry a friend's ex? Wow! What a question! So why are you not comfortable with the issue of marrying your friend's ex? Why would you want us to push you to do what doesn't really seem okay to you? Why would you even want some discouragement from us should we say no to something your heart says yes? If you are really comfortable with marrying your friend's ex you wouldn't be seeking for any one's opinion!

So what happened between your friend and her ex why did they separate? Did he leave your friend because he has caught his eyes on you? Was your girlfriend the one who left him for another guy? Was there any biological or medical issue that had to make them part from each other?

You see,there is NO ALWAYS wrong in everything that happens or that we do in this life! Even what seems bad in the eyes of humans today can be seen right tomorrow. What matters,the most proper and important thing in everything we do is simple wisdom and reasonableness.

You don't wake up one morning with the intention to seduce your friend's boyfriend and want us to support you to marry him and you have our support no...we are not stupid writers here! You should want to see your friend win in everything she does including in her relationship. You should clap loudly when your friend has good news. You are supposed to hate even more whoever that hurts,despises or disappoints your friend and that is what we canvass here!

Should I marry a friend's ex?  In as much as he has become your friend's ex and they are no longer together, the reason why he is now an ex to your friend is very paramount. If they had little or severe  issues that led their separation and you know they can still make up and be back to each other again why not help them rather than add fuel to the fire than burn them down? Why would you not rather fight for your friend's interest rather than pour water in the flame of her love? What would you gain if you betray your friend's trust by marrying her ex?
Click here to read: Should I Go Back To My Abusive Boyfriend?

However,if the problem of your friend with her ex is beyond human correction and it is obvious that the best thing for them is to separate and find other love for themselves of course you can be in the picture. In this case,neither is your friend and her ex against each other nor has one offended the other. Turn of event has separated them and it is the reason for their being ex and not you!

What if your friend's ex says he finds out your friend is not compatible with him,she is rude and impolite,disrespectful and all that? What if it goes vice versa that it was your girlfriend who told you that her boyfriend is rude and abusive,uncaring and non supportive and she threatens to leave the relationship? What would you do? Pick him up as soon as she leaves and end up with him?
Click to read this: How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested

You see,the latter decision can be very difficult for you to make especially when you agree he is a very difficult person to live with. And you might not be willing to go into that relationship with him not just because it may hurt your friend and affect your relationship with her but because you wouldn't really gain in the relationship.

Selfishness! That is what it is! People are just going in for what pays them even at the expense of their friends. Standing on the toes of your friend just to stand tall! This is unfair and wickedness.

Is he the only man in the whole wide world?  Why not go out there and meet your own man and stop standing between your friend and her ex! You are not their mediator and no reasonable mediator would do that to friends for any reason.

If there is any reason friendship exists,it is for the good and joy of people in the clique. Friends watch the back of one another. Friends protect each other's interest. Friends enjoy the joy of one another and shares the pains of one another as well!! If anything is seen wanting to disrupt that purpose,if anything is coming to bring a closure to the bond of friendship rather than strengthening it,it should be shun,dejected and rejected!!!
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Should I Go Back To My Abusive Boyfriend?- Abusive relationship, can abusive partner change? can abusive relationships be fixed?

Should I Go Back To My Abusive Boyfriend?-abusive relationship,abusive boyfriend,
Should I Go Back To My Abusive Boyfriend?

Okay ladies and gentlemen,today we have a very big but a simple question to answer. A very good friend of ours has just posted a life threatening issue on her relationship to us and needs our urgent sincere help.  She said she just got dumped by her abusive boyfriend and she loves him and still wants him back. 'What should I do?' Should I Go Back To My Abusive Boyfriend? Click to read this: Why Do Some People Love Abusive Boyfriends?

You see,the point here is that she is the one who wants her abusive boyfriend back! There is no indication that shows the man wants her back in his life. There is also no indication that the boyfriend loves her from the post. She is the one who loves him so much and wants him back!

Alright,first and foremost,we want to point out that in relationships,two hearts and two minds have to get involved together before it can work. This is when love can be like fire that when lit it continues to burn. But you see,this can't be in your case because,you both are like water and fire!

It can't work! You are firing the relationship forcing it to work,but he is all there pouring water to the fire and quenching it.

He is abusive,and you love him and also want him back? I don't understand. I don't understand the kind of thing you really want for yourself. Women want love!They go for men who love and cherish them and here you are wanting a man who beats you up and rains abuses on you like seriously?

I think the problem with you is that you love a man to a fault. But you see,relationship is not an agape love where you have to continue loving your brother no matter what! The only kind of love that exists and that is permitted to be in boyfriend and girlfriend relationships is Ero love . It has to be really sweet and romantic otherwise you are not in a relationship! Click here to read more: What It Means To Be In Love.

Another problem with you girl,is that you love a man who does not respect or have any feelings for you. Girl why? Is it that you feel you are worth nothing? You don't love yourself? Then you can't even love another.

Yes you love him and you have committed no crime in doing so. But understand that he does not love you and that is the problem here. That love my dear does not and can never make sense. A lady like you who loves selflessly deserves rich and better love and not abusiveness.

You think he is your life and you will die if you don't end up with him right? No he is not and you won't die without him!  We have all been there my dear friend. At first when I wasn't feeling I was in a relationship with a man I was the one who begged to leave even when I loved him so much that I most times lost my appetite had sleepless nights thinking about him. We were in the heart of each other that when it was rough for me,he felt it and would call me to know if I was okay. Yet I left him and he sobbed. Later we were back together again and it didn't take time and he was the one who left this time . I sobbed and felt so bad that I thought I would never find another man who would love me as he did.

But you know what? After sometime I talked to myself and said '' I am a beautiful girl,strong and talented. He doesn't love me as I thought and that was why he left! I'm going to love myself and pursue that great woman I ever wanted to be. A life toucher, a motivational speaker,and an inspiration to the world! Before I knew it,he was gradually leaving my life and I was enjoying my new found life. I stopped paying attention to my memories of him and finally it dropped to almost nothing. That was when I believed that one is special only when you make one a special person in your life! Click here to read more: 

He abuses you in many ways and that is killing!What are you missing in this man that you want him back so badly?  If this abusive boyfriend of yours is the one begging to be back and you still love him,I would have advised you give him a chance to make up with you and give him the opportunity to become a changed person. You know why? Because,people change! Circumstances can make a good man turn wild one night until he comes back to his right senses in case you are asking:

Can abusive boyfriend change? 

Yes they can and they do!. Good husbands today can turn against their beautiful and most cherished wives tomorrow!

But your case here is different. You are the only one in that relationship who loves whereas it takes two to tango! To keep the fire burning in a relationship,two parties have to keep firing on both sides and in that case,the love becomes endless. But what if your abusive boyfriend loves you more than you do? This takes us to another level:

(h3)How to stop abusive boyfriend

You would agree with me now that it is possible to let go of abusive boyfriend or relationship even though he loves you because you don't really crave for him as much as he does. This is absolutely selfishness which kills relationship or makes it either useless or meaningless. Doing things only because it suits you! When you were the only one deeply in love with the abusive boyfriend it seems to you the whole world would collapse should you let him go even when he does not care about your feelings. Stop thinking about him whenever he comes to your mind. Wave him off and quickly replace the thought with another interesting thing.If you have any of his pictures around him,discard them! Unfollow him on all social media and move on.

Can abusive relationships be fixed?
Yes,abusive relationships can be fixed! But this is only possible when two parties involved truly love each other and are willing to forgive each other freely from the heart. The good book of wisdom from God the Bible says that love covers multitude of sins. No matter what your suitor has done to you, you can always readily forgive him or her especially when they also are sorry and are willing to make up with you. There is no perfect man or woman in this imperfect world!  Even in marriage,your best man or woman will still misbehave badly as never expected and yet,he is still your partner. Every boy and girlfriend has their unique problems and it is only love that can help you tolerate,condone and accept your partner.

Yes finally my dear lady,if your abusive boyfriend refuses to change for good, if he is unwilling to make up for his error don't go back to him! Not because he is abusive but because he doesn't love you ! You don't know how fortunate you have been that he is out of your life yes you are so so fortunate my dear. Abusiveness is no enjoyment and smiling and suffering is no life!

Be patient. Have a good waiting attitude towards life. Shun what is bad and Love only a grateful heart!!!

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How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested: how to reject someone nicely, how to reject a guy without hurting him,

 How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested  -Heartsickness, Lover'S Grief
Everyone is created with a natural desire to like things. This explains the reason God creates and created things in their various colors,shapes and sizes,taste and textures.It's for us to make our choices according to our desires. This also goes down to love,choices we make with suitors.

When you have someone who is interested in you ,who says he loves everything about you,that you are just the picture of the woman he wants for a wife and you don't feel the same way about that person, what should you do? How should you do it?  Should you tell your unsuitable suitor the ugly reason why you won't reciprocate his love?  Below is how to tell a guy without hurting him that is, how to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested!!

(h2)How to reject a guy without hurting him:

You know it could be very annoying and painful when someone who loves you gets this in reply: ''You know you are short and short people don't suit me'' or you find out he has low IQ or an illiterate and you say to his very face: '' I can't deal with illiterate people they irritate me. How much more having them as suitors...'' sister,is that being smart or intelligent? Is it the right thing to do? Click to read more here: Should I Marry The Man Who Stays With Me When I Have Nothing Or The Man Who Makes My Dream Come True?

I know we have right to make a choice of a marriage mate. I know you have the right to say NO to anyone who does not measure up to your desire. I also know it is very injurious to the heart,mind and soul to accept someone off your heart desire for marriage out of pity but how should you say NO to such one? How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interest.
Don't tell him that you love him but you can't marry him because he is short,tall,illiterate,he has low IQ,and all of that undesirable things to you. The truth is that you can't love somebody and still say no to him because of your weightless measurement of him. You can't love someone without any reason. You love someone because of his possessions-qualities and personal makeup so why lie ''I love you but I can't marry you because you are...''

Click to read here: What It Means To Be In Love.

The good book the Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. We are not saying that someone  is being what you don't desire or like is a sin. After all,that person is just the perfect picture of someone else's heart desire even though he is not your very yours Again this is how you can tell your unsuitable suitor you are not interested in him without making them feel bad:

(h3)How to tell someone I'm not interested in them

Simply tell him you appreciate you are loved by him but ''you see,my heart is not in this at all.'' You could also say something like: ''Maybe we should give it sometime to see if my heart will knock towards you. If it does,you will surely know''. Don't you think it is much better than the former way of using a sharp sword to slaughter someone who does you nothing wrong but loves you ??  Don't tell him your choice. Let him find out your choice by himself!! How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested.

However,there is something worse than telling unsuitable suitor to his face the unpleasant ( to you) reason why you don't love him. Collecting and accepting gifts from him or asking him for financial help and assistance when you know you are not going to build a future with him. If you know he is not your suitor,completely go away from him. Leave him and leave his resources for him!!

How someone is created is not a fault. Whether someone is short or tall,black or fair in complexion,pretty or what appears ugly in your eyes is good and perfect in its way. If you are not attracted to someone it is not because that someone is casually made or lesser than anyone else,it is because that person is not your choice!!

Worst of it all moreover is condemning someone to his very face telling him how unsuitable he is to you I repeat,don't tell him. Let him find out himself. This is character assassination,reducing a perfectly made man in God's image to nothing . It is not just unfair but also rude and senseless thing to do. How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested. Now you know how!!!

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How Much Should We Do For Boyfriends? controlling? Are boyfriend Boyfriends? Are boyfriends considered family members? s possessive?

How Much Should We Do For Boyfriends?  Couple, Romance, Love, Kiss, Lovers
How Much Should We Do For Boyfriends?

Okay,so a lot of teenage girls and ladies have been hooked by some ridiculous  duties for the likes of their boyfriends. Unfortunately,some of these ladies inherited this sense of unnecessary  duties from their friends turned advisers and some from their great grandmothers history. How much should we do for boyfriends?

How could someone wake up only to realize that the only right thing to do for her boyfriend is to visit his home,wash his clothes,mob his house and prepare his dish for him? This now makes us to ask:

Your boyfriend? When so many of you girls aren't even proud to mention them to your family members they are your boyfriends because the state is yet not clear to you? This is ridiculous!! Why go on and on washing his clothes,cooking and giving him food when it has not been really clear to you if he is a serious suitor? It is only and in only unhealthy relationships full of desperation do we see undignified behaviour like this.

We also have situations where boyfriends force their girlfriends to delete their former Facebook  and other social media account handles. This makes us ask again:

If this is the case or what happens when a girl gets a boyfriend,it then means that boyfriends are in absolute control of your life. If your boyfriend monitors who calls or charts with you,if he chooses or approves whom you should send friend request to or whom you should follow on the social media,it absolutely mean that your boyfriend is very very possessive. This is not what you or anyone has ever wished to have but unfortunately,to please these so called boyfriends,our ladies delete their very mature investment of friendship zones and lose other well meaning friends in their hundreds just for only one jealous boyfriend. Girls why?? What suddenly happened to your right senses??

In the days of our grandmothers in Africa,things weren't exactly this way. These women although being betrothed and traditionally engaged to their would-be husbands wouldn't go to the homes of their suitors but to the family house of their suitors to get acquainted with the members of his family. There was no form of absolute control of their life pattern by their serious suitors. How much should we do for boyfriends?

Most women in their yet undefined relationships  with their pseudo boyfriends voluntarily and some at the demands of their friends open their legs for the pleasure of their boyfriends. Some do it daily,others weekly. Why? They said if they wouldn't do it,their boyfriends would leave them for other girls! I don't understand. How? Is your womanhood made for public consumption? Is its value rated by premarital sex activities? Is that a qualification for marriage rites? Hello!!

Click here to read more: Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?

There are also ladies who would go as far as risking their life in the process of committing abortion because their selfish and greedy boyfriends ask them to do so would they want to continue to be their girlfriends. What rubbish!! To accept to continue to be a trash of rubbish in a relationship with life killer and blood shocker is what you crave and wish to continue being?? What sort of person are you??

How would you even think that a man who had never been engaged to you,who had never introduced you to his parents as his soon to be wife and who had never deemed it fit to see your parent do so after you have given and he has sapped you of everything you have for his tomorrow's pleasure?How much should we do for boyfriends?

And who told you that a man who loves you would leave you for another girl because you won't open your legs for him to deep his unkempt fingers and manhood in your sacred beautiful hole? A big lie my dear! In fact,it is even your refusal that will make him run and chase you the more. I and we in our entire lives have never seen a responsible,intelligent man leave a gold for a mere chaff!

Click to read more here: What It Means To Be In Love.

I repeat,you won't lose a responsible,charming lover to another girl merely because you refuse to be stupid,senseless and incomprehensible. Any man who does so is rather worthless and unworthy of a virtuous character like you are. You don't deserve such rotten,wasted,chaff in a manly muscularly body, sweet heart.

Gladly let him go!  Let him go for a dear man who will not unnecessarily control your life as if your life solely depends on him. 

A man who will not shameless reduce your worth just because he wants you to prove you love and will make him happy in time. A man who will look at you and see you are just that woman he needs to accomplish and fulfill his soul. A man who will help you and make whole. A man who will mold you become your better person and not a man who will take the better you  and dash it to a trash!You need to have this figure of a man sweetie. And until you have him don't settle for any less!!!
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Should These Ones Also Date?- Why dating is important,why dating doesn't feel right,can lovers form a romantic feelings for each other without dating?

Should These Also Date?  Love, Couple, Happy, Romantic
Should These Also Date?

Are we saying there are people who should not date? Is dating not for everyone intending to find a soul suitor?  Is dating not a necessary step for everyone intending to marry? Should these also date? Please who are these?

These are the many things we shall unveil herein to you As usual,feel free with us and enjoy the article.

Almost every mature mind believes that dating is important and really it is. But why,why and why?Below is the shortest and simplest reason:

(h2)Why dating is important

According to Wikipedia definition,dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. Put simply,dating involves romantic relationship with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner.

Can two people in love assess each other's suitability without going out together or seeing each other? Can two people of opposite sex become lovers without first dating? Can two good friends form romantic feelings for each other without dating? Should these also date?

Click to read more here: What It Means To Be In Love.</b>

(h3)Can Two people In Love Assess each Other's Suitability Without Going Out Together Or Seeing Each Other?

Yes and absolutely yes! Because they are already lovers,their minds and heart are already connected to each other. Without pretense of whom they really are,one can hurt the other without the other feeling irritated about it. They have become two great forgivers to each other that no matter what one does or say the other is always willing to forgive. This is suitability. They can live together in peace forever because,they can let go of anything called a breach to their relationship. Should these also date?

(h4)Can Two Opposite Sex Become Lovers Without First Dating?

In the history of  love and relationship,love comes first before dating. People of opposite s*x must have realized that they have love for each other before they can go on date to form stronger relationship and cement the bond of feelings they both share.

I know of lovers who have deep feelings for each other. They started as good friends who are fond of  what each was. At first,the young man said he was captivated by the little girl's beauty. As they were growing bigger, he also found out that she was a very intelligent child with a fine quality of  ''no nonsense'' and this attracted him to the girl. On the side of the beautiful young lady,she said that her own attraction to the guy was the fact that her no nonsense and gallant attitude which irritates many guys was loved,respected and cherished by him. The young guy prides in everything that makes the girl,the person she really is. He knows how to calm and control her when she has to let the steam out like no other man does. Should these also date?

(h5)Can Two Good Friends Form Romantic Feelings For Each Other Without Dating?

Since love,attraction and feelings are the drives and push for dating are we not saying that two good friends can form romantic feelings for each other without first dating? One thing you should know about dating is that dating itself does not generate either feelings or love. It can only make these two things grow stronger. Lovers who have developed romantic feelings for each other which they keep nurturing day by day through communications via telephones and text messages,are accessing each other's suitability as prospective partners are they not? Should these also date?

(h6)When dating doesn't feel right

Well,we are not in any ways saying or suggesting that dating is not necessary for everyone intending to marry. What we are saying is that for those who start friendships later turned relationships in their early lives and fortunately got attracted to their partners,continue to grow and develop feelings for each other and later in their relationships find they are suitable and compatible to each do not necessarily need to date. What else would they accomplish in dating that they have not already achieved? Is it finding a right mate? Having a companion through interaction? Developing or having intimacy? Could it be personality development? Just what else would those who have achieved all  of these in their casual relationships gain when they engage in a more serious process of getting to know each other called dating? Maybe the last point in my mind- Dating,preparing minds for marriage.
Finally,if you have been in a long time relationship with a lover and you are still in doubt whether you are both suitable for each other you really really need to engage in a more serious process of developing and nurturing romantic feelings for lovers and prospective partners called dating!!!
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Should I Marry The Man Who Stays With Me When I Have Nothing Or The Man Who Makes My Dream Come True?

Should I Marry The Man Who Stays With Me When I Have Nothing Or The Man Who Makes My Dream Come True?

So there is a lady out there who has been facing an emotional issue only she can rightly take decision on. But here she wants us to advise her on what to do. Will she take our advice? Again,this is another decision she can make all by herself. But we are here to give relationship advice,look at some critical relationship issues that could endanger relationships,listen to complaints and try to proffer solutions to them. Should I marry the man who stays with me when I have nothing or the man who makes my dream come true?

Wow! This is a very interesting question! She has two men currently in her life but she does not know who to  choose for a husband. One of the two men had been with her for a long time and he is the former,but the latter recently came into her and changed her life completely.

What would you advise this young woman in a cross road of love do now? Should she go for the lover who had stood by her when she had nothing or leave him for the man who made her dream come true?

From what is seen here,both men are lovers of this young,talented woman. When she had nothing,the former man stood by her ( like he depends on her for a living) praying and hoping that soon things would turn around for good. The latter lover came to the young woman's life,saw she had a need to meet to be happy in life and helped her meet the need. Now she is made and happy once again. But she is confused,not knowing who to give her life to. Should I marry the man who stays with me when I had nothing or the man who makes my dream come true?

My dear young lady,from your description of your first lover,it looks like you are the breadwinner,always on the forefront to make both ends meet for both of you. When you had nothing,he had nothing as well. And it also seems to me that he made no much effort to realize capital and make your dream come or probably he tried but not enough to make it happen. What do you what? Do you want to have a man in your life whom you will always fend for and and become his breadwinner?

The latter man saw you and you gave him the chance to come into your life even when you already had a lover. Why? Is it because you knew he could help you actualize your dream and what to take advantage of his money or is there anything else? I'm sure that man truly loves you otherwise,he wouldn't have spent so much on you to make you a better person you are today. Should I marry the man who stays with me when I had nothing or the man who makes my dream come true?

Again the answer lies in your hands! What does your mind tell you is a better person for you? But hey,one choice here is better than the other. If you go for the former who virtually does nothing much reasonable for a living,a man who could contribute nothing in your career success, in what way will he be of any support for you in the future? If he comes into your life real time in marriage with you will you not have made him reap on what another man has sown? That wouldn't be fair at all. Try to be in his shoes and see if that pleases you as well.

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Maybe you are afraid of what people might say. ''She left her lover because he has nothing for another man because of his money'' and all of that. Did you really go for the latter because of his money or because your happiness in making your dreams come true is paramount important to him?

But this is the real man! A man who would be at his best to make his woman happy and above all be successful in her chosen career. This is the kind of man every reasonable woman should go for rather than stupidly dying in love for no gains,for nothing!

A man of great insight and hard work is a leader and the only legible man for any kind of woman for marriage!

The good and only inspired book the Bible says '' Husband,love your wife as Christ loves the congregation and delivers up for it...And you wife,have deep respect for your husband.'' Tell me woman,how can you respect a husband who cannot deliver?

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You see,that is the simple principle of headship and submissiveness in marriage. A husband must really work hard to care for the needs of his woman ( that is love) and this is where he gains the respect from her which includes submissiveness.

Another truth is that it is not possible that a man loves a woman he does not care for. Love entails care and responsibility. When a man does not do these things,he naturally begins to feel less of a man in himself and abuses everything and everyone around him. How on earth for heaven sake can any woman respect any man without value? doesn't really happen! And it is not genuine if it in anyways exists. Should I marry the man who stays with me when I ha nothing or the man who makes my dream come true? Choose for yourself!!!
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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?

Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?

Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?

Was not sleeping with him the first place the cause of  your problem?  Did he tell you that as long as you chose to remain chaste,refused to open your legs for him he would have nothing to do with you? Will sleeping with my ex bring him back?

Wow! This is unbelievable question of our time! Well,it depends on what business you have with this kind of man anyway.  If you are a s*x worker,yes,sleeping with him will definitely bring him back. If you are his romantic and s*x mate,surely closing your legs before him will be the most stupid thing you would have ever done.

Will sleeping with my ex bring him back? Not for a man who loves you and wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. A man who loves you enough to make you his wife and everlasting life partner will continue to run after you and long to have you yet more and more each and every time you distance your body from him.

A man who cherishes you the way you are will have respect for you so much that he would not want to embarrass you with the issue of s*x.

Yes,the one and only truth is that refusal to have s*x with your friend or suitor will NEVER make him to leave if he truly loves and mean well for you. Only Casanovas,chasers and tappers  will. Will sleeping with my ex bring him back? How and why?

For a truth,s*x is never a ground on which marriage is ever founded. Only personal qualities, possessions,and likes are. And all my life in my imaginative works and realistic senses, I have never heard that a suitor,a man who said he has found love in a woman left her because she refused to sleep with him. But I have seen and heard for real,how men flew from women they were considering marriage with for their lack of self control and ability to stay chaste.

How will sleeping with your ex,a man who left you because you refuse to sleep with him bring him back? Of course it might bring him back but that is only for s*x purposes! Not for any love or serious relationship affairs but for craving of your body and lust.

You didn't open your legs for him when he wanted it because you were a different person. You refused to sleep with him because you knew it was improper. What suddenly happened to that wonderful knowledge of yours dear Motivational friend? When and how did chastity become improper?

Be careful with your thought this time.Stop making yourself go against your will and desire because of a man who craves for your body.  I can't believe this father! While some women are saying no to serious suitors wanting marriages  because their men have not been able to buy them their desired cars,houses or capital to raise their business and promote their careers,you are here disturbing yourself and everyone with the issue of selling your body for one carnivorous man,looking for your body to tear and dash out. Will sleeping with my ex bring him back? What a question!!

Any man who tells you that keeping your legs closed with him will make you lose him has a clear message for you already. Don't even bother him.You do not have to ask whether he loves you,if he has any marriage intention for you or wants to have you as his future partner. He only wants your body! He only wants you for s*x!!

Yes,what do you yourself want? Honestly,if you want a decent marriage partner,this man is not an ideal man for you! By the way,why should you go back to your vomit all because your body is in want of a partner? But this man doesn't mean and doesn't want to be one for you. Can't you see? He wants your body!

 Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?

My advice: Leave him alone and let him go. Tell your body you have not yet seen a man who loves and cherishes you to care for it. Keep calm and keep waiting. Your fortune is on the way and you will surely see him on time only if you will let go of the man who wants your body only for s*x and never let him back!!!
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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

What It Means To Be In Love.

What It Means To Be In Love.  Love, Coffe, Cup, Sweet, Romance
What It Means To Be In Love.

Do you know of anyone who says he or she is in love? Do you know of anyone who is truly in love? Do you think you are in love? Are you truly in love? You see,these questions are here because of so much confusions people in relationships have.

Truly speaking,thousands of women are in relationships with their heart desires but still feel the vacuum that only love can fill.  Does this mean they are in relationships with wrong persons? People who love some other persons while they pretend to love them?

You see,there is a huge difference between being in love with someone and having love for someone. Most people who have problems in their relationships,feeling empty and being in want of love even when they in relationships are those who simply have love for their partners or whose partners simply have love for them rather than being in love with them.

Do you know of anyone who is in a relationship? Is he or she in love or does he or she feel or have love for his or her partner? What it means to be loved!


Many people know the popular story of the Romeo and Juliet. You may have also heard of ''Love in Turkyo, These are examples of endless love. Inseparable love. Love in action. People in this kind of relationship are lovers and they are in love. They share,experience,and feel what it means to be in love. They don't wonder whether they are really in love with their partners. Yes,they know it is not just love they have for each other but that they in love.

  • When you are in love,your partner becomes your soulmate and not your bedmate. This is to say that even when your partner lives or stays a far distance,you both are not separated. You are ever close

to each other as if he is standing always,next to you. What it means to be in love.

What It Means To Be In Love.

  • Again when you are in love,you don't have or feel any doubt that he is the right person for you. Yes,he feels the same. Your heart,your mind and your soul are completely in agreement with him or her. At this time,you do not have a second man as option as much as he doesn't. Everything just take two to tango for both of you.

  • When you are in love with someone who truly does the same with you,you do not have to beg for his or her attention even when he does not immediately give you the satisfaction you want from him. This does not mean he denies or have to deny you your needs. A man who is in love with you won't do that but a man who simply has love for you can. What it means to be in love.

  • Yes,when you are in love,you are filled and satisfied with the person you love. You are okay with everything he is or has. His wrong or imperfection does not hurt you. You accept his good,bad and ugly as fine and beautiful. And no chances,no ugly traits can take him away from your heart.

The truth yet is that,every true relationship has pains and endurance. Stop being deceived by the movies you watch and fictions you read that depict that true relationships and love are bed roses. Look at real live experiences and true love stories and you will see that there is always Exodus after Genesis in every true relationship.

True love will sometimes make you cry and shed tears but will sure soothe your heart thereafter. That is what it means to be in love!!!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

If Your Friend Keeps In Touch With His Or Her Ex,Does It Matter Anything?

If Your Friend Keeps In Touch With His Or Her Ex,Does It Matter Anything?  Pair, Human, Photograph, Friendship
If Your Friend Keeps In Touch With His Or Her Ex,Does It Matter Anything?

Virtually every lover has an ex. Of course I do not know of any sort of human who doesn't or never had some lovers but gigs.

If you had a friend whom you shared some romantic affairs with but later lost his or her entire contacts,he or she is your ex!

If you also had a clear break with your lover because of some critical issues or misunderstanding and you both parted ways and you found another,you also have an ex!

If your friend keeps in touch with his or her ex,does it matter anything? Let's use your present case to find an answer.

You are in a relationship with a friend. You love him well enough to make him your very close friend. Soon,you begin to develop some romantic feelings for him and as days pass by,it becomes stronger. Now it has gotten to a point he has become a total part of you and you do not want to lose him to anyone else.

Now you have a crash in the relationship and it begins to tear apart. And finally,that which holds both of you together looses and both of you finally fall apart. You both are now exes to each other. Free to be on your way and do whatever that pleases you with your body.

Now your ex must have gotten a new girlfriend that makes him happy. But later again,some fumes begin to draw both of you together. Now someone's boyfriend,(your ex) is getting in touch with you. Is anything wrong with that? If your friend keeps in touch with his or her ex,does it matter anything?

When that ex,(someone's boyfriend) is getting in touch with you,what does it feel? What do you share together? Nothing? You would definitely not say that!

You are trying to reconnect with each other. Of course you both still have the undying feelings for each other,for those feelings don't die easily. And you are saying that there is nothing wrong with that,that it doesn't matter if your friend keeps in touch with his or her ex?

Wait a moment,do you think that just because you have allowed some deep feelings develop with someone's ex you have just won or gotten him? Unless he doesn't meet his ex still single and sweet!

Over 80% of relationships which have almost hit the point of marriage crash just because some people find their exes back. Relationship,when it has a genuine feelings is so strong that even storms cannot put it apart. Feelings,is something of the heart and spirit,not of the mind!

If your friend keeps in touch with his or her ex,does it matter anything? Yes,it does! A man who truly loves his girlfriend but loses her,always prays to have her in his arms again and again. If this kind of ex is the one you have as your boyfriend,sorry dear,you don't have a lover!

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And you know the worst? There is no amount of love you will give or show him at this time that will blind fold his eyes from his ex. Just leave him and start making your way out of the relationship. Let it go and be on your way to find your own lover,your heartthrob forever!!! 

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Friday, 3 May 2019

If I Accidentally Kiss Another Girl,Is It Still Considered Cheating?

If I Accidentally Kiss Another Girl,Is It Still Considered Cheating?  People, Man, Woman, Couple, Kiss, Hug
If I Accidentally Kiss Another Girl,Is It Still Considered Cheating?

Thank you Mr. Brennan for asking us this question. No doubt you've been afraid of cheating and you truly want to be faithful to your partner. But we could feel your arms are about to drop from your girlfriend because you want to kiss a side -chick . I don't get it Brenna,you asked: 'If I accidentally kiss another girl,is it still considered cheating?'

Any thing done in this way is no longer an accident! You've deeply thought of it,and you knew it could happen. The only problem you are having right now is that you do not know for sure if it is considered cheating when one accidentally kisses another girl.

In a sense,if someone tells you that it is not considered cheating when a man accidentally kisses another girl order than his girlfriend you will go on doing it in the name of ''accidental deed''.

Did you kiss another girl order than your girlfriend? Have you already done it without knowing when and how it happened,and now you want to know if you've cheated on your dear partner?

Well,if you have already accidentally kissed another girl and you want to know if you have cheated on your partner,yes you have cheated! And if you are talking out of imagination  it means you are already willing to do it and will later call it an accidental kiss. Yet,it too is considered cheating!

No one kisses just anything he or she sees except what is being attracted to him or her. It must have appealed to you and you must have developed some feelings to kiss before it is done. If you do it,you will have cheated on your partner!

Faithfulness is simply when you have an urge to kiss or do any wrong and yet,say no and refuse to yield! If you fall in to your urge and do as it pushes,my dear,you have cheated!!

If you don't want to cheat on your girlfriend,let no to the feelings to do so be your only resolve. Yes,it is so hard to say no to the urge when it comes but it cannot push you do kiss anyone if your heart is strong to withdraw.

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If your mind is trying to get you there,let your eyes off her. Get your eyes down your shoes and then walk away...

Whether it is by accident or not,kiss is kiss!!There is no difference between the action because it is drawn by the same stimuli.

You kissed her because you had the urge and you drew out when you've gotten the satisfaction you craved for.

Dear Mr. Brenna,when you kiss another girl who is not your girl,whether by what you called an accident,you have simply cheated!!!
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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Why Do Some People Love Abusive Boyfriends?

Why Do Some People Love Abusive Boyfriends? Alcoholism, Female Alcoholism, Girl
Why Do Some People Love Abusive Boyfriends?

While nobody in actual sense enjoys abusiveness of any form,there are humans who actually go for  it or accept it especially when they are in love or in relationships. They belong to the female gender of humans. Could you imagine it?You can imagine a lady being so crazy about her abusive boyfriend who had abandoned her many times after some physical abusiveness. ''I just got dumped by my abusive boyfriend and I love him and I want him back. What should I do?''

Could you imagine that? While no one wants to have anything to do with abusive friends,someone is being onto it. She is being dumped  by her abusive boyfriend and she is begging him to come back. Is this love at fault? 

Well,some people may say a big yes,that she loves her boyfriend to a fault to the extent that even after being abused physically and emotionally,she still loves him more and cries to have him back. But to us,it is okay.

Everyone loves for a simple reason and that reason becomes very strong. When you get attracted to someone, everyone else would be wondering what the attraction is. They can't see it because it is not in their place to fall in love with such one. Only you can see it because you are the one that got the attraction!

Everyone has an imperfect fault and still has someone who loves him or her despite it. Some faults among humans could be selfishness,anger,envy,malis,hot-temper,jealousy,and the like. 

We have seen some irresponsible women got married to very important people and vice versa.Sometimes you might look at yourself as worthless of any good things of life and you see good things coming to you. There are simply things one can't explain in life but just accept them. Yes,there are still other things we fight against coming our ways and win at last. Everything bothers on what anyone wants and that is what he goes for.

Why do some people love abusive boyfriends?  There is something else they see in such boyfriends that blindfolds them and that is the attraction! It would make you see fault and overlook it. But the danger lies in the other person. Does he love you?

You see,this is where the issue of love comes in. If the man you love and crave for does not do the same for you,there is no good or healthy relationship between you people. What is even your reason for tolerating his imperfect fault if not because at least he loves you? Your love and craving for him becomes in vain he does not love you as well.

Don't try to force a man love or accept you because his abusiveness will become more dangerous thereafter. It's either you die in his hand or you beg for a way to get out of the miserable relationship. 

Dear Motivational friend,love a man who loves you. Reject the thought of  ''I cannot live without him''. Says who? Where was he when you were born? How has he contributed to your living or survival before you met him? He has barely spent some meaningful hours in a few months with you in a relationship and you feel you cannot live or survive without him. This is very very senseless,unbelievable and incomprehensible thing to think about.

There is no genuine love in life except where two hearts beat together as one because,it takes two to tangle,and not one!

No just one person in love or in a relationship can make a relationship meaning or workable. It doesn't work in a relationship and anyone who thinks she can try it would only keep beating in a bush without realizing any achievement at the end of the day.

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Love in return,covers a multitude of sin,makes all faults bearable!!!

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

If Woman Becomes Boss In Relationship You Will See These Dangers

If Woman Becomes Boss In Relationship You Will See These Dangers Beautiful, Business, Woman, Phone

I don't seem to understand it when a woman begins to play the roles of a man either in marriage or in courtship. Wherever roles are swapped,it becomes incomprehensible and senseless idea that a man should sit while the woman becomes the main actor.

Yes,sometimes,women are the causes. When they make themselves the boss of the house or the leader of their relationships!

Let's say a man or a husband loses his job,should the wife take up his roles? Not necessarily. It may seem to you the situation has presented itself for it but it is not true. What the man loses is his job. Not his position as the head of the family.

A husband loses his job and his wife begins to take care of all financial budget in the bid to help her husband. She goes to the market without asking him for money.The children ask for sweet and she would warn them not to disturb their dad. If a woman becomes boss in relationship,you will see these dangers:

The man would automatically have the licence to sit and watch at home. When he gets tired of sitting at home,he would go out to join other men who play draft. Before long,he would have become an idle mind and a lazy hand! Because the woman is now the boss of the household!

A man said he loves you. And the following week she's gone to the market and comes to the man's house with a load of food stuff. She has taken up the task of a wife already in few weeks of their relationship. She makes sure the man has enough food on his table with her hard earned money. Many times,she buys him boxers and singlet,perfect T-shirt,shell glasses,bracelet and all that! If a woman becomes boss in relationship you would see these dangers:

The woman becomes the giver and chief provider while the man,the supposed actor in the relationship becomes the receiver. He becomes manless because his girlfriend has taken his position as the chief provider!

We have also seen another set of women that have kept our mouth afloat. They are the first to call all morning to know how their guys spent their night. At midday hours they call to check on their guys and in the evening they would still do the same. I wonder the wombs that gave birth of this kind of women. Very senseless and shameless! If woman becomes boss in the relationship,you would see these dangers:

The man begins to feel sucked and emotionless. He is deprived of the feelings and strength that men get when they are in a relationship with women. Yes,the woman lacks the joy women feel when they are in the hands of their suitors.

I used to know of a boss lady whose boyfriend is both jobless and homeless. She took him in and they lie in the same bed.She has a business outfit where she sells goods and her boyfriend is the sale's boy who never touches money while she is the cashier that receives all monies. All the boy gets in return for his endless services is the daily bread on the table. If woman becomes the boss in relationship,you will see these dangers:

The man would continue to be handicapped and hand broken. Becoming a responsible man would be so hard for him to reach. And the woman would continue to have a lifeless man in the coat working for her. She would never feel the joy and satisfaction of having a man in her life.

Dear boss ladies,it doesn't make any sense being the boss your husband or boyfriend is made to be. When you take up the role of a man,you make him be a woman you are made to be. This makes no sense to me or any of my kind being the boss of your own household.

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Learn to empower your man when he is broke. Raise him when he is down. Help him become A MAN and the boss of your household and you will enjoy what it means to be a woman!!!
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Thursday, 14 March 2019

How Can I Make myself Attracted To Men?

How Can I Make myself Attracted To Men? Girl, Love, Heart, Relationship
How Can I Make myself Attracted To Men?

Wow! This question sounds like ones' who has never been approached by any man in her entire life!  Some people may say that there could be no such people on earth who have never been approached by their opposite s*x but I tell you there are!

They are not imbecile,neither are they handicapped or  mentally challenged,but,they are just normal men and women like you who are reading this piece. How can I make myself attracted to men?

What kind of attraction could a woman be asking for in order to get herself a man? This is because,getting the most expensive powder and getting the best makeup artist in the world to give one a beautiful look does not make any woman attractive so forget about it. Cosmetics does not help in this regard!

The question of what a woman could do to make herself attracted to men is the same question a trader or a business owner would ask to attract buyers to patronize his or her goods. What could a business man or a trader do in his business in order to attract buyers to buy his goods? Change the color of his shop to perhaps one attractive color? Change his business type or repaint the brand of his goods? Well, all these attempts won't do so much to attract buyers to buy ones' goods. No doubt it would make the business outlet and products look beautiful and neat but unless the seller has what customers want he will not seller. How can I make myself attractive to men?

The same is applicable here in a woman who is seeking for an attractive mate for marriage. Painting or changing her color to attract men won't make men ask her hand in marriage unless she has what the suitors want for marriage!

Everyone naturally is good enough for marriage but attitude and wayward lifestyles could make one unattractive for marriage.

Some women do not know they worth more than many sparrows that they give out their most precious bodies to men all day- night for a price of  chicken!

Some become so gullible that they dance to the tones of others,follow the devilish ways that by the time they come to their senses they would have been worn off.

How can I make myself attractive to men? Be your humble self. Be a productive or an enterprising person. Live a meaningful lifestyle. Live a life of purpose.And show that your life does not depend on anyone to survive!!!

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Thursday, 28 February 2019

My Boyfriend Is Going To Break up With Me Again? What Should I do?

My Boyfriend Is Going To Break up With Me Again? What Should I do?  Pair, Man, Woman, Discussion, Difference

Nice question! And I believe this is a good question because to before warned is to before harmed. People who run to relationship counsellors early enough do by 80% save themselves of many pains. ''My boyfriend is going to break up with me again? What should I do?''

So how did you know that your boyfriend is going to break up with you again? Wait a moment,this is not the first time you would be experiencing a heartbreak and probably not the second time by the same boyfriend. Your boyfriend had broken up with you at some points before and you could see him trying to go into that path again. Well done!

This simply means,he  is trying to do the same thing to you over and over again just in the same manner he started the other. Frankly,something really fishy is wrong somewhere you people have not fixed and that is why you are yet to experience the same shipwreck with the same boyfriend.

Obviously you accepted this boyfriend of yours back to relationship without addressing former issues and setting things right with him. But why? You were so desperate,and you thought any waste of time to accept him would make him change his mind from you right? You also thought that everything would be fine as soon as you both are back in relationship eh? But hey,things don't work that way my dear lady!

You don't run away from today's problems and it disappears into the thin air tomorrow. When matters surface and it does not get solved,the reality of it is that it will rest and wait for you tomorrow,either in multiples or in plurals.

Don't ever beg your man or boyfriend to stay in a relationship he doesn't want to be into! Doing so is making him wask a stronger wings that would make him fly away.

In relationship,it takes two to tango, and two hearts to beat as one! Anything short of this law of nature breaches it and makes lovers fall and tear into pieces.

My boyfriend is going to break up with me again? What should I do? Well,nothing much should you do in this case to keep a man who wants to leave for good. Beg him and he would see himself very important. Sacrifice for him and he would see you looking very stupid. Pretend you cannot see him losing out of the relationship and he would see you as very senseless!! These are what one could get by paying attention to a boyfriend who doesn't want to stay.

You see,you need to understand you are in a relationship and not in marriage. If you at the stage of 'relationship' would beg a man to stay what would you do if he is in marriage with you? Remember,affairs and matters in relationship level are lighter and simpler to handle than when in marriage.

If you notice that your boyfriend is about to break up with you,ooh you are very fortunate to notice it. Begin to feel less concern too. In fact,try to feel more indifference about it than he would.Then the result is that he would be the one to ask ''what is happening and why you are behaving the way you are!!

In everything,do well your own part and let what would be,be!!!

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