Wednesday, 23 January 2019

He Said If I Don't Lose Weight He Will Break Up With Me.Should I?

He Said If I Don't Lose Weight He Will Break Up With Me.Should I? Whisper, Secret, Mystery, Stealth

Hmm,what a matter of ''Do this to please me if you want us in together.''  'He said if I don't lose weight he will break up with me should I?'

What do you think? Should this big and beautiful full lady lessen weight just to safe her relationship? While many say NO,others,just very few suggest that she do as her boyfriend says. 

Well for me,it is a two way things.It could be YES and It could also be NO depending on whom this boyfriend of hers really is. Is he a claimed suitor or a genuine one? Does he really mean marriage or is he just a passerby?

I mean,if this fat and beautiful lady is just an ordinary girlfriend to this man, doing whatever he suggests even against her wish is simply pure stupidity since he is not a meaningful boyfriend to her. Such a man doesn't have a huge interest or great plan for future with her and so why ask her to reduce her weight as if he owns her?

But if the man in question is Mr Right and not Mr Right now to the lady,yes,he has every right to ask or tell his lady things to correct in herself.

It is not wrong! While some people argue that a man who loves you would accept you the way you are I say yes,that is true but it is not also bad if he sees some part of you not suitable for him and he asks you to work on it. It is only a man who genuinely loves you and has good intentions for you that could boldly tell you all that! Passerby would see things that would hurt you  but won't tell after all they would never have to carry your cross or ever share part of it with you in future.

Why would a man who loves you enough to make you his wife not ask you to change certain things about yourself for his likes? If you really understand the point and relevance of courtship part of which is that it is a period in which two lovers interested in each other for marriage have a close relationship to see whether each of them is acceptable to themselves.

In courtship which is a step higher than dating,both parties talk about future,aspirations and goals together. If you have interest in someone you love and you find out that he or  she has an attitude that will make future difficult for both of you would you not say it and suggest that he or she changes it? If that party really has interest in you surely he or she will change for compatibility purposes.

Read more here: List Of Different Needs In Relationship. Which Is Yours?

So what is wrong if a man wants his woman to add or reduce weight for his likes? Is it not for his pleasure after all? Will it not be for the benefit of the woman as well if her appearance pleases her man brings him smile? What are you saying??

True love is about accepting someone who has your expectations to a large extent without pretense. You can't truly love and accept someone who has not met your expectations and sometimes expectations met include  changes one makes for the likes of his or her suitors!!!

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Monday, 21 January 2019

What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!

What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!-Woman, Man, Pair, Keep, Trust, Passion
What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!

So he has finally realized you are just the right person for him right?  That serves him right. And he realizes this because of whom you truly are,the action you took and your approach towards relationship. Well done gal.

You see it is not in every failed or broken relationship that ex later comes back. Some would wait for dunking years praying and changing their attitudes to be likable,while others would seriously engage in some other actions one could think of to see if their ex would come back but to no avail. Yes I have see so many who never did any thing to impress their ex and still have their ex come back to them. That is life!!

However,I have also seen situations where some ex came back but the doors were completely shot on them without even a green dim light. That is a case of forgiven and forgotten relationship!

But what if you have been longing for your ex to come back and he does come what should you do? How should you act? Should you openly embrace him and throw for him a welcome party?  This is what to do when your ex is wanting you back!!

What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!

  • First let him see  that your life does not depend on anyone who leaves you. This means you should not give him an open embrace immediately.

  • Next time he draws nearer,remind him of his last words or actions that ended the relationship. Watch him act and see if his response is reasonable.

  • Ask him what he wants from you this time. Refuse it if he tells you ''relationship''. Remind him you have had a relationship with him before. This is where and when you will know his true intention for you.

  • Avoid any further waste of your time with him.Give him room to go for marriage rites with you and if he is not willing open the door wide for him to leave you for good because there would still be a second breakup.

  • Any ex who comes back has made up his mind to walk down the isle with you. If you still love him enough to do the same with him and he declares this intention it is now time you open wide your arms for him.

  • Love him like you never did before and make him feel loved.

  • Forgive him completely in such a way that when you remember your breakup with him you won't feel hurt anymore.

  • Yes,make changes that will suit him and make him appreciate and love you more.

  • Finally,respect this gentleman and respect him to the moon and back!!

Do not feel bad that you had a breakup with your ex and he is wanting you back. Breakup is one of the right processes that lead to building a stronger relationship that will pass and endure the test of times to come.

When you check properly,you will find out that majority of divorces we have today are of those who never had breakup or who conceal serious issues and neglect them while they were dating!!!

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Friday, 18 January 2019

Is It Okay To Revenge On My Ex Or Leave Things For Karma?

Is It Okay To Revenge On My Ex Or Leave Things For Karma?-Divorce, Separation, Relationship

Most times,this is what is presented in the minds of people who are victims of breakup-Vengeance! Everybody especially ladies want to revenge on their ex for leaving them for some other persons. Well vengeance is not 100% wrong in a sense but what makes it unnecessary is that it won't give you any positive result. I mean your desired expectations.

What would you get when you revenge on your ex? Yes he hurts you,he leaves you and he chooses another will you get healed or get your ex back by revenging? definitely NO! 

I don't understand why some ladies would go after tarnishing the image of their ex and even going to the extent of visiting spirit medium to cause madness and render useless anyone that has broken up with them. 

Dear ladies,this is rather too too far steps to take. Rendering your ex useless for breaking up with you does not justify the break up itself. In what way has he rendered you useless by breaking up with you? I don't see that. 

When you begin to have the feeling that you are being rendered useless by anyone who leaves you,you are telling him that your life,your strength,your success and all worth of  your life depend on him. What kind of person are you??

Ladies of my kind would rather pick up themselves,dust off the shit and tell themselves they are the finest of their kind any man could get and work out wonderful things for themselves their ex would later see and yes feel regret they were the ones that left.

Yes that is the greatest revenge you can give any man that breaks up with you! Show him you are a beautiful stuff of material only potential guys can get and that would make him look nothing but of a lesser kind for not being able to have you. That is the kindest and best kind of revenge you can give your ex baby...

Why should you let down on yourself and on womanhood by going into fetishness and harming your ex? Leave your ex alone. Let him live his life to the fullest and watch you become more of potential things only potential men could have.

You can get back your ex you know if you still love him by building on yourself and by being positive!! I am a living example and I won't tell you how until you ask me for it!!! Read more here: 10 Ways To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone

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Monday, 14 January 2019

List Of Different Needs In Relationship. Which Is Yours?

What Are Your Needs In A Relationship?-Shelter, Rain, Couple, Umbrella
What Are Your Needs In A Relationship?

You see,this question is very important. Most people see relationship as a MUST channel that leads people to marriage. Yes, people still have different  needs in their relationships other than marriage intention. This is to say that different people have different purposes or reasons why they are in relationships. So you,what are your needs in a relationship? Why are you in a relationship?

Here are general reasons why people may be in relationships and hope you find yours or otherwise please write to us in the comment box.

  • Just want to know more: Not every party in a relationship is a lover. Some people want to be in relationships just to know the other person more. Does this make them become lovers after all? Well,these kind of people seem to be on a mission to  just know more about the other person and that is it.

  • Another reason why people are in relationships is to get connected. For example,if you want to get connected with someone who is far above your reach,it might be easier to achieve this through someone closer to him perhaps his aide. Unfortunately,this aide may ask you for a relationship before giving you a link and sometimes you might even be the one wanting a relationship with the aide just to get what you want.

  • To grow careers. Yes,this is another strong reason why some people may be in relationships.  Whether you love someone or not,the moment you find out that one man or even a woman has all it takes to help you build your career and achieve success,if he or she asked you for a relationship would you say no? Well,no desperate career lady or gentleman would say that. It is always yes to anyone who has all it takes to make their dreams come true.

  • Satisfaction of romantic feelings. Whether it is infatuation or true love,once someone has feelings for an opposite s*x,his or her need is to be in a relationship with his or her crush.

  • Marriage: This is one genuine reason why lovers want to be in a relationship. Yes they want to be in marriage with each other and live with each other as long as they are alive.

  • For escape: This is especially so when someone just has a breakup or lost a lover to someone else. At that moment your heart is still open to love and it is only a relationship with someone else that could fill this need. To escape boredom, feeling of rejection,pains and sadness associated to breakup,one needs to be in a relationship.

  • To have a child: There are some people who are in relationships with opposite s*x just to have children. Once this is achieved,the relationship is over.

What are your needs in a relationship? Please tell us!!!
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Thursday, 10 January 2019

10 Ways To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone

10 Ways To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone Love, Heart, Harmony, Affection

If you are a girlfriend trying to make a man stay and he is knocking off,don't worry, your story will soon be over. But if you are a man trying to make a woman stay but she is puffing up, try harder because your story in life will never change for good without her. Don't worry,you will understand this,at the end of this article.

But why would someone extinguish,that is quench or kill a romantic feelings for someone when love is ooh...sweet? Surely there has never been love in return. Someone reading this has been trying to force love be but love has refused to stay!!

If there is anything that tears the heart in pieces,making it shapeless in figure, it is not when the heart is in want of love but when it is opened to love but does not see love in return. It breaks and shatters the whole being of the heart,mind and soul!!

Read this: Is It Okay To Wait For Someone I am Not Sure Of His Or Her Love?

If you love someone but he or she does not love you in return,it is a total waist of huge resources. You really need to extinguish such romantic feelings for the unlovable to avoid getting love sickness. Here are what you should do to extinguish romantic feelings for someone who doesn't love you in return:

How To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone

  • Always remember there is no best of anything including man on earth. Why dying for someone you may even be better than?

  • Nothing last forever. Even if you are loved,it's only going to be temporary. Sooner or later,that love will expire and still leave you living without him or her.

  • Don't forget,'no one can ever love you as much as you love yourself.'  You need little or no one especially to survive.Why die for reasonably nothing?

  • Think less of anyone who does not want to be with you and spend more time building yourself to be your better self.

  • Again remember,the feelings you have for the unlovable was generated by you. You can also destroy it by revising actions you took to develop the feelings for that person. Yes,think less of him everyday.

  • Begin to see perfection in other opposite s*x around you. In that case,he will be shifting while you are making room for others.

  • Most times,the people we have genuine romantic feeling for are those who do not have much to write home about. Just commoners,trying to fix things. Always have this in mind.

  • It takes two to tangle you know?Anyone who does not love you in return is not worth thinking about. It can't work. Even if you buy it and force it to be,you will not enjoy it. Simply leave it!!

  • Any man or woman who doesn't love you loves someone else. This doesn't mean he hates you. It simply means there is someone out there who will love you even more than you expect or ask for. Leave the unlovable and wait for your lover's arrival.

  • Finally,when his memory comes to your mind,don't frown at it. laugh at it and simply wave it off!!

Yes,if you are a woman trying to keep a boyfriend who does not want to stay,you are wrong! Why are you making it look as if you cannot live with him? Men are the people who cannot live without women because women are their compliments. Men need women to live,succeed and survive in their lives and that is why if you are a man trying to make a girlfriend stay,you really need to try harder by caring more because you need her,a woman to live your life!!!
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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Is It Okay To Wait For Someone I am Not Sure Of His Or Her Love?

Is It Okay To Wait For Someone I am Not Sure Of His Or Her Love? -Character, Back To Back, Male, Woman

Okay so a lot of people are still having this issue of indecisiveness and uncertainty about someone they are attracted to.

You meet a girl and she tells you she is not sure yet,what should you do? Is it okay to wait for someone I am not sure of his or her love?

What if you have a guy and he hasn't given you any serious response but what he wants is for both of you to just be in a normal or friendly relationship? Is it okay to wait for someone I am not sure of his or her response? What should you do if you find yourself in this case?

Well,the truth is that where there is love,there is positive response! Love is patient but not slow in response. When a man loves you but is not ready for marriage you would know it and you would also feel it. You would see it all around him that the readiness is not there but he is keeping in touch with you.

Moreover,when a man has found himself and the readiness is all there for marriage and he tells you to wait,give the relationship sometime or that he wants both of you to just be in a friendly relationship,my dear,it is very unwise to keep having faith in such a man hoping by tomorrow he would change and marry you.
There is something about men that I love. It is the fact that they don't hide their sayings of heart. In their actions they express what they are to you. But when we ladies are in love,we cover our eyes,blind mind eye that we cannot see all this.

Silence they say speaks louder than words. Things are expressed either in words or in actions.  If you are in a relationship with someone and he or she gives you silence for answer,they are saying they are not willing,interested or ready to have anything serious with you yet.

Yes,if your boy or girlfriend tells you ''Let's just be normal friends for now'' my dear it is a clear message that they don't want to be in a serious relationship with you. They just want to be friends and that is all.

Remember,when something is not ready,it will never show up,appreciate or yield anything positive.

So why wait for anyone who does not want you? Why wait for someone who has not shown interest in you? This is like standing in front of a wall that would never be opened or make way for you. The earlier you take your leave the better you would have started making your way to success in finding a soulmate,someone who is willing to be with you in sickness and in health,in riches and in poverty until death do you apart!!!
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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me? Follow This Golden Rule!!

How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me? Follow This Golden Rule!!-Model, Flowers, Bouquet Of Flowers

Hey? How do you get a girl to like you? Are you now begging people to accept you the way you are like you are no body? That means you either don't believe you have what it takes to attract some girls or you don't have what it takes to impress your dream girl.

Men who have been made,who have found themselves on the platter of gold do not beg ladies to like them. Their possessions get ladies running after them!!

Take a look at this experience of a young guy in India. It simply shows that if you keep chasing after a girl,you won't ever get her. But if you work on yourself,concentrate to build yourself and achieve your goals in life,she will not only come after you,but she will chase you bomber to bomber. Enjoy the experience:

''When i was in grade 10, i was badly crushing on a girl. Out of my love for her, i gave her too much attention than she required, thinking she would love be back. It quite didn't work for me. She would ignore me, everytime she would see.
I would wait the whole day for her to come online. I had lost a track of my studies and all my day and my energy would be invested in pleasing her.
Still, she wasn't convinced. I then went up to my sister, asked her the same question as this. She came up with a golden rule.
“If you chase a girl, she would never chase you back”
I worked on her advice. I kept ignoring her hoping that she would one-day notice. She didn't.
This process of ignoring her went on for a month and soon i got used to it. I had started focussing more on my studies and my extra curriculars. I was primarily goal oriented.
One day a notification popped up on my facebook profile( xyz accepted your friend request). I had sent her a request long back which she never accepted till today. A message followed the notification.
She: Hey, Congrats. You were really great today at the Sports Meet. I knew that you would win the race.
I grinned. A sly smile played on my face. Our conversation continued. I kept my calm and acted as maturely as i could. My replies were short and on point.
Later that night.
She: You liked me once, didn't you?
Me: Umm, Did i ? I never confessed anything.
She: No you didn't, but your actions spoke louder.
Me: I don't even remember. I was stupid.
She: No you weren't.
After a pause. She again messaged.
She: Do you still have feelings for me? No, i mean if you have, you should take a shot and confess. You never know when things take a turn.
Me: Miles to go Before I Sleep, Sister. I need to work on my project.

I was happy. I had finally learnt,
How do you get a girl to like me.
No. Not your looks or your money. What impresses a girl are your skills and you perception towards your goal in life.
I had wasted a major part of my school life giving the girl undue attention which she never wanted. She was never impressed because i had no impressive qualities to impress her.
She wasn't wrong either, she simply wanted a guy who has a life and is pretty skilled. Why would a girl fall for someone who does not have a goal in life ?
I had invested a major portion of my time and energy in pleasing her the wrong way. It deviated me from my goal in life.
So, Work on your goals and you would surely get your girl. The process is time taking but works the best.''
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Monday, 7 January 2019

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On A Date

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On A Date-People, Happy, Happiness, Couple

Whether your relationship is defined or not,once you are emotionally attached or attracted to a guy and you both are getting very much along with each other,you are dating.

No doubt,a man who loves a woman and vise versa will likely end with him or her in marriage. However,not all relationships end in marriage and  not all marriages end well.

There are relationships that kick off smoothly and later end up roughly whereas there are others which cases are on the contrary.

How can young men and women dating have a smooth running relationships? How could you make your relationship as sweet smelling as rose flowers? 

You really need to know very well about your partner's interest in life. You really need to know him or her in dept to see if you are of any match. These are achieved through the use of questions.

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10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On Date

  • First ask your friend the kind of woman he would like to have as his wife. This question is very important because,many times men are led by infatuations,things they see with their eyes which are not depicted by the actual personality of someone. Listen carefully to see if his description matches your person.

  • What is his relationship with his family members? Who is his best among his family members and why? This question is very important because it will give you a better clue the attitudes that make him like someone.

  • Social lifestyle is part of life but not everyone enjoys taking part in it. Find out his take on it and see which side he belongs. This will help you to moderate your lifestyle as well.

  • Are there some strong habits he exhibits such as smoking and indulging in heavy drinking? Can you accommodate that? Do you have the power to help him change? The earlier you find out about these things the better for you.

  • What kind of friends does your boyfriend keep? This question would help you see the inner person of your friend. That your friend you are dying for. The man that makes you sometimes lose your appetite (You can imagine)

  • Is your boyfriend the accommodating type who would not close doors on your parent and relatives? Is he stingy,the type who does not like to give out? My dear lady this is very important you find out to know what to expect tomorrow.

  • Where would your boyfriend like to be in the next 10 years? This will help you to see if he has a common goal with you. Some men think that marriage is all about child bearing and they could keep doing that as long as they live.

  • How many people has your boyfriend slept with in the past one month? Ask him. This will help you to know if your boyfriend is a s*x monger or not. You know what you want! Go for it!!

  • How much does your boyfriend earn? However this question might look,it is important because he is your boyfriend and you both are trying to see how to make ways together. Don't see yourself as an intruder.

  • Finally,find out from your boyfriend the last time he had a police case and why. It will only help you see more and know more about the man you are going out with and the man you wish to spend the rest of your life with!!!

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Sunday, 6 January 2019

My Girlfriend Had A Boyfriend Before Me. Should I Break Up With Her?

My Girlfriend Had A Boyfriend Before Me. Should I Break Up With Her?

I don't understand. Your girlfriend HAD a boyfriend before you and you are contemplating to break up for that? If you break up with her and the next person you will have becomes a girl who never had a boyfriend what then happens?

Some of these boys don't understand the meaning of relationship and they just enter it because they see others are in it. This is stupidity. No wonder many times,most of them sustain serious emotional injuries that the next thing is to commit suicide. Do you think that relationship is a platform where boys and girls engage to rub hearts? You really must be a joker. You found out that your girlfriend had a boyfriend before you and you want to break up with her just like that? Hello!  I am sure he is still a very young lad growing up in his mother's home and unfortunately,he didn't drop his name.

Dear anonymous,it matters nothing if your girlfriend have had tens of boyfriends before you . Relationship is not a competition between lovers. It is not a place to discuss affairs of formerlities ( affairs with exes).

Relationship is a medium where two lovers,people who are attracted to each other meet to achieve a goal of coming together as husband  and wife. They love each other regardless of whom they are,whom they were,and regardless of their past lives.

Obviously the anonymous who brought the issue above is not interested in his so called girlfriend. I don't see him being her lover in anyway. And in fact,he is not in any relationship with his so called girlfriend to realize the common goal of relationship.

My girlfriend had a boyfriend before me should I break up with her?  YES PLEASE! Gently  leave that little girl alone for a lover who will love her and take care of her as his own. She is not for your kind of person. She deserves better. Her heart is so precious and we wouldn't want her to lose it for nothing.

Next time when you want to be in a relationship.make sure it is with someone you are attracted to. Someone you desire and want to spend the rest of your life with and not just with any opposite sex you come across to and think you could could rub her heart today and get away tomorrow!!

Hey girls,be careful with these guys you call your boyfriends!!! Read more here: How Do I Cope With My Ex Dating Another Guy?
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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Should I Share Intimacy Before Getting Married?

Should I Share Intimacy Before Getting Married? Couple, Holding Hands, Walking, Love

And so a woman (anonymous) shares with us how she regretted not being intimate with her then boyfriend now husband when they were dating and courting. For her,her reason for not ever allowing her then boyfriend touch her was because she was too morally high. Again,she was mama's girl who wouldn't want to do anything that would irk her mom. Yes,her mom preaches chastity and morality. An advocate of  ''no s*x before marriage.''

Well this is something that has kept so many marriages that have this kind of story sweet and glowing especially if the ladies were virgins before meeting their husbands. Men who are part of this story call their wives ''priceless jewels and all that'' and cherish them forever. Below was part of her story to us:

 ''I was one ideal girl who would not let a guy touch me before marriage. So when I fell in love with my then best friend and now husband, he knew that he cannot be intimate with me before marriage. Because I was not only high on morales, but also a mama's girl who would not do anything that would ever irk her.
He kept patience for 4 years and then we got married.''
Well this is something that has kept so many marriages that have this kind of story sweet and glowing especially if the ladies were virgins before meeting their husbands. Men who are part of this story call their wives ''priceless jewels'' and cherish them forever. But here,the anonymous and sharer of the story laments: 
''You know the irony? It's been more than 10 years and he does not see me in a sexual way at all! He loves me to the core, cares for me like no other. But that's it! He never got intimate. Even after all the trying, pleading, crying, getting frustrated, getting even cheated with other woman. I lost a husband. I feel as if I am married but have never been a wife.''
So what could be the cause? Is this the result of being chaste with one's partner until marriage? I definitely don't think so. This is just one of the ladies in the chaste group who didn't enjoy s*xual life with her marriage mate. Not being intimate with a friend is a totally different thing from not having s*xual urge with one's marriage mate. 
Should I share intimacy before getting married? Well,are you scared that if you don't you will suffer rejection,lost of s*xual feelings with your hubby tomorrow? What has light got to do with darkness? Any relationship? Then what are your fears for??
For one thing,the anonymous who shared this story with us confessed that her husband showered her with so much love and care but intimacy! 
''He loves me to the core, cares for me like no other. But that's it! He never got intimate.  I wish I had been intimate with him before marriage.''
So what do you think? Was not sharing intimacy with her then boyfriend the cause of her problem? I absolutely do not think so because nature has it that when one hungers for something that is kept for him,he longs more to having it. 
The fact that the husband of the anonymous loses interest in what is kept for him simply  means he has taken it somewhere else! He is the cause of the problem and not lack of intimacy from the beginning. His wife confirms this:
''He is not a Gay for sure! Eventually, he gave out every detail of his intimate affair on my insistence. And I truly have forgiven him.''
''About porn, yes, he was a regular porn watcher. But he is not interested in it now. I guess he is already done with it.''
This is why the man has suddenly lost interest in having s*xual affairs with his own wife? You can't simply eat your cake and have it.

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Again,there is absolutely nothing wrong in chastity and in keeping one's legs closed until marriage. In fact that is when s*x matters most and best,more and better!!!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

How Do I Cope With My Ex Dating Another Guy?

How Do I Cope With My Ex Dating Another Guy?-Romantic, Hug, Togetherness, Embrace

What? Are you feeling so angry and uncomfortable that your ex is dating someone else? Your ex? This is something about men-They are usually over jealous when they have got to be jealous.

What happened to your relationship with your ex and how did it crack? Who initiated the ending of the relationship? You didn't tell us and from the look of things it was all your fault.

You see,this is why we keep telling you guys to be careful how you end their relationships. You don't initiate a crack in your relationship when you can't bear the loss of it and expect to be happy whenever you see your ex somewhere with someone else.

According to the anonymous who posted the question above it was a relationship of 6 good and hefty  years that ended. Then 6 months later,he saw his ex hanging out with another guy. Then he was so angry and felt like tearing apart the guy who was hanging out with his ex. Guy what for? Is she not your ex? Why did you have to let her go when deep down inside you you still have so much feelings for her?

Read more here: How To Build A Happy Relationship And Stay Together Forever

What guys do not know is that ladies could be easily wooed by simple care and love. They are not as hard as men who would still leave a woman they have no feelings for no matter how much has been committed in the relationship. They could harden their hearts,they could say no and disappear into a thin air if they are not interested in women so dying to have them.

How do I cope with my ex dating another guy? Simple: Forgive her and forgive yourself too.Understand you both were together and that everything is now in the past between both of you. No matter who initiated the breakup,it is now in the past and you have to let it go!

Can't you get another girlfriend for yourself? Common your heart really needs it. Yes yes it does and that is the reason you felt bad when you saw your ex with someone else! Hey! There are many beautiful ladies out there who could give you the better of what you have lost.

Again,always remember there is no best thing in this life. Your ex you consider as someone you can't do without is nothing but a mere human who could be here today and gone tomorrow. So you can't even have her forever neither. Let her go! She has right to be happy and fulfilled and if she can't be all this with you,it means you have to look for someone else.

Yes,next time you see her again,complement her and share some greetings with her. It's a very good way of letting grudges out of your mind,relieving your heart of pains and envy!!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Why You Should Love A Nagging Woman!

Image result for nagging wife meaning, Why you should love a nagging woman!

The word nagging seems to be beyond having a good dictionary meaning. There is no dictionary meaning of the word nagging that can depict the exact meaning of its context in reality or in real sense. This shows that no one could give the actual meaning of Nagging even when it exists in real world. 

But we see nagging in some homes. We often hear complaints from husbands saying their wives nag a lot. Some men would even prefer to spend sometime elsewhere rather than go home after work for relaxation. Why? They say they have nagging wives in their homes!

Image result for nagging wife meaning,Why You Should love A Nagging Woman!

How does nagging come about? Why do some wives nag? Is nagging an inherited behavior? Is nagging as bad as it is being pictured?

According to Stan Ekezie,nagging is a very beautiful thing. He sees it as an anchor that shapes and molds lives to suitability. A fight to protect and keep what belongs to one. He says: 

''A woman is known to nag and fight over a man for whom she has feelings for, she moves to protect her territory at the slightest sign of encroachment. She wants him to be perfect, she tries to make him fit into her fantasy image of Mr right.''

Did you hear that? It is only a woman who has feelings for her man that could nag. She nags just to protect her territory. She nags to keep and maintain what she dearly cherishes and owns. What is wrong with that??

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Then Mr. Stan,one of the greatest relationship experts of our time advises men:

'A wise man shouldn’t be worried when the nagging is going on, however, you should be very worried if the fighting and nagging suddenly stops. If she suddenly starts to ignore the things that used to make her quarrel and fight, pay closer attention and move to make things right before you loose her for good.'

You see? I don't know how many of you can be like Mr. Stan Ekezie. He sees positiveness in what most men view as negative. He wins my admiration! 

How could a woman who truly loves her man watch her man misbehave and you expect her to keep quiet? No,she is not afraid of telling her love mate the truth and she believes he can change for good. The only fear of a nagging woman is that if she continues to keep quiet,she would be giving nonsense and nuisance chances to succeed. I don't know of any good woman who would allow that!

Image result for nagging wife meaning,Why You Should love A Nagging Woman!

According to one dictionary,nagging qualifies and describes a  woman who continually finds fault or complain. Obviously,it is only over nonsense that one could complain. When complaint is made,it is only wise and reasonable that the offender should comply and change otherwise complaint will continue to be. Then you call her a nagging woman or wife.

This is not fair ! It is not fair that you ignore the one doing wrong and face the other who tries to correct wrong! How much more so it is when a wife or girlfriend  sees wrong attitude in her man and tries to correct it.

If her lover or her husband complies and changes his bad attitude,that woman wouldn't have to complain again!

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Simply put this way: ''When a woman is nagging,it is still for correctness. If you don't want a woman to nag,listen to and do it right! Only man makes a woman to nag!!!''

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Friday, 19 October 2018

What To Do When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

What To Do When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

Well the absolute truth is that this does happen! Yes,people fall in love with the wrong people just as people die. In as much as there are people who are fortunate to meet their exact heart desires,there are still others who do not and who will not. This is life! And this is not because,love affairs or relationship is a game of wit or luck,it is simply because life itself is unfair,very short and troublesome! Yes,people still fall in love,be in gainful relationships and count their gains and losses. What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person!

Is there anyone who is actually termed a wrong person? Absolutely no! But there are actually wrong persons in certain relationships! If you are in a relationship with someone who does not suit your needs and  desires,you are in a relationship with a wrong person! 

If your boyfriend does not call you as often as necessary,not because he is not the calling type but because his heart is with someone else,then you are in love with the wrong person! If he does not care  to know how you feel,if he is not willing to act as a man,to prove his love for you,you are simply in love with the wrong person! What to do when you are in love with the wrong person!!
First of all is that you must admit this is very very painful. Giving your heart to someone who keeps blind to it. Your love,attention and even goodness to him doesn't make any sense to him. It's a big time waste of resources to him as far as he cares.

A young woman I know thought she was in love with the right person. At first everything was smooth. Then as time went on,she began to see the real person she's been in a relationship with. Very phlegmatic and reluctant to her in all ramifications. But he is well spoken of by some other women. ''Hawsh...,that man is so caring and loving...'' others would say about the same man so called phlegmatic and unwilling to do anything right for his so called girlfriend. That is another example of a wrong person in a relationship! What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person right?

Pair Man Woman Discussion Difference Relat

Simply consider yourself having been unfortunate. It's been a hard-knock experience! Don't pretend that what brings sorrow and sadness is joyful and kind,no! Facing reality does not only heal but saves.

As one who feels sad and knocked out, you should take your leave for good. Don't try to continue managing the situation hoping everything will soon turn out fine in time.

Take your leave and give him some space. Let him feel your absence and if anything will eventually change in time it will and you will then see it.

The worse an unmarried woman could do is to manage a wrong person in a relationship thinking and hoping that some day he would change. How??

Sometimes,the situation would not change because the ladies themselves refuse to change their ways by taking right actions of movement.

What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person-Take a leave! Give yourself a break and if you can,take a vacation to another side of the world. If he misses your presence,he would look for you and I pray this time,he would do everything right!!!

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Is It Okay To Date A Younger Man? Dating and courtship,dating and relationship,

Is It Okay To Date A Younger Man? Married Couple Romantic Couple Engagement

Okay,I do not know how many of you are interested in this topic that is centered on dating a younger man! But this is all we see around us today. A 60 year old woman marrying a 20 year old boy and the rest of it. Is it okay to date a younger man? What do you think?

Since marriage is the legally coming together of two mature minds who agree to be with each other it would be wrong to say that yes it is not okay for an older woman to marry a younger man since both of them are mature minds. This explains the reason why we have a lot of younger men being husbands to women quite older than they are.

One might also argue that it is not normal as it has never been of any tradition of the world for younger men to marry women quite older than they are. In the beginning,the creator created the man first and after so many years he made a wife for him to be his complement. Yet,is it okay to marry a younger man? It was not the tradition.

However,since attraction,love and understanding are great keys that bind two hearts together in marriage,since the creator and the originator of marriage never stipulates age for marriage or principle on age barrier,neither has any custom or tradition of any people have a say on the topic above,it becomes a matter of choice for both parties!

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Submissiveness and respect are the dues and requirement for any wife to her husband even if her husband is as young as her younger brother. Can she submit to him and deeply have respect for him despite age differences? If she can,then it is quite okay to date a younger man for her.

But why would a very mature woman accept to marry a man young enough to be her son in marriage? Who does the proposal? Could it be the young boy? The old woman? I mean,how could this  have ever happened?

If you are thinking along this lane,you are also irritated and uncomfortable in this kind of relationship. You can't do it. You don't feel it is the right to do! To you it is not okay to date a younger man!

There is more to this issue! In all our vigorous research and investigations,there has not been any man who finds himself in the situation of marrying a much older woman than he is who did so out of pure and true love. They were all trapped into it by strong commitment,hardship and security reasons.

Can we conclude that since dating a younger man is not normal in any society,neither has it been an original concept of any tradition that it is not okay to date a younger man? Keep brainstorming!!!
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Do You Really Have To Be Of Great Match With Your Partner To Have Successful Relationship?-matchmaking,match mate,

Do You Really Have To Be Of  Great Match With Your Partner To Have Successful Relationship? Couple Together, Holding Hands, People

Match mate

Yea,and that is a very nice question! Do you really have to be of great match with your partner to have a successful relationship? What is this about being of match with one's partner? Is it having things in common? Being persons of the same character? Being in the same social class? Coming from the same national group and language?  What does it mean to be of match with your partner?
According to one research,it says: ''If the honeymoon phase has come and gone and the two of you still maintain a consistently hot-and-heavy romp schedule, you’re on the road to relationship bliss. In fact, a study published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that having s*x at least once a week brings as much happiness to your relationship as making an extra $50,000. For this study, researchers surveyed more than 30,000 Americans over four decades, and found that having s*x just once a week was the frequency most linked to relationship happiness. Surprisingly, couples who had s*x more or less frequently were not happier. “Intimacy is just another type of communication, so if that communication falters, so will your sexual connection in response,” says Tessina. That being said, your sexual chemistry is not a race to the sack. “If you’re mutually enjoying more sex, than it will make you both happier, but remember that it comes down to both people wanting to be intimate that often,” says Greer.

So the point here bothers on having intimacy and close communication with each other. Is it what it means for couples to be of great match with each other to have a successful relationship? Well I don't see any match linked to close communication but I see it linked to intimacy.

Friends can have close communications with one another not because they are of great match but because they have common goals together. Until we understand what makes a great match we won't know for sure if one has to be of great match with his or her partner before they could have a successful relationship.

But let's say that being of match with one's partner leads to successful relationship,what happens to the old saying: ''Opposite attracts?'' Is that saying not in contrast with what we are saying? I do hope you are getting along with us. We are talking about being of match with one's partner. Is it the only way couples could have a successful relationship? 

Let's look at marriage relationship between village brought up and city brought up. What is their great match? Yet when they eventually marry,they still make a wonderful mates at the end of the day. Or maybe you have not seen such relationship right? Well I have seen so many of it even though it was all fight in the beginning as they were trying to adjust and learn to satisfy and tolerate the habits and differences of the other,it all ends well for them at the end of the day!

If match with one's partner means having mutual understanding with each other regardless of any social or racial classes it is fine! It would be positive to say yes,having a great match with one's partner leads to a successful marriage!!!

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What makes a good couple?

Would you say having a common goal in a relationship with your partner makes a good couple? Would you say it is understanding? Being of great match? Let's know your thought on this!!

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