Thursday, 17 November 2016

When you are still single, and feeling unfortunate

When you are still single, and feeling unfortunate

Truly speaking, almost every lady dreams to be married before everyone else in their group. But the truth is that not every lady feels so. Before now, single ladies who have not found their love life usually think they are not as fortunate as others, or that no body wants them.
To,mature single people,being single means that they are pretty, sexy,and still taking their time to make themselves ready for marriage. They are not in any hurry for marriage, because they want to last in it,when they get there. No one is unlucky or unfortunate in life. Marriage is not a yard stick for measuring success or fortune in life.

Dear ones,if your friends are getting married before you,rejoice with them because yours is surely on the way. There is no such thing as being unlucky or unfortunate because you are still single! Such feelings to your personality is injurious abuse!!!

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