Thursday, 17 November 2016

Abandonment and Negligence of elderly

Abandonment and Negligence of elderly

Did you know that when give a helping hand to others,especially people not related to you, not in your age group, or language group you are strengthening and empowering yourself? It is a good attitude and only people with gift of virtue has it! No one is especially born with it,it is something that one can cultivate. It is not a gift peculiar to a particular people, nation or tribe. It is a mercy everyone can acquire.

When you offer help to helpless, you are lending to God,you are investing a very important thing for yourself, and your future. A person who offers help to a needy or helpless, has helped saved life. He has built trust and hope to humanity. He has just encouraged a soul to pick up and move on in life,in fact,he has given light to anther's life.

Helping hand is a medicine to a dying soul,and strength to a feeble hand! Negligence and abandonment are injurious abuse!!!

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