Thursday, 17 November 2016

Child of circumstances

Child of circumstances

I called this baby a child of circumstance because he happens to be the only dominant gene that inherited his parent's diseases. This boy is a sufferer of cancer of the eyes. 

Ever since he was conceived, he has been a fighter. A fighter of a deadly disease from embryo, till birth, yet to a baby boy he is now,he is still a fighter. From all my earnest research, it was discovered that it is far less harmful for a child to go through a family breakdown than to go on living in pains associated with inherited diseases such as cancers. 
What a child of circumstance!! Oh God the creator of life,please help children of circumstances overcome their inherited problems and may you cut short their life span to relieve them of pains,till your kingdom comes. Inherited diseases are wicked, and injurious abuse!!!

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