Sunday, 13 November 2016

Common misconceptions about people and life : meaning, definition, misconception examples

 Common misconceptions about people and life 

Life naturally, means living! Can you live under depression? Yes you can, if you survive it! Can you also survive fear and emotional trauma? Yes,if you remain strong, and firm in your hope!
Life is all about fight. You fight with the environment, you also fight with ailments of various kinds,you  everything fight to survive.

Many people believe that someone out there actually lives in roses,this is a misconception about life! but I tell you, no one lives in roses! Everyone has their own pains regardless of how affluent his background might be! Life is ups and downs like my good friend would always say! No pains can ever last forever, as storms cannot last for eternity! Pains,frustrations, depression, and unkindness willingly foreshadow good things to come.

Remember what Mohammed Ali would also say:"Don't quit,suffer now to live a life of a hero"!  Yes,if our heroes had ever quitted, life would have really been miserable for them, and this would have been an injurious abuse!!!
Common misconceptions about people and life 

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