Saturday, 12 November 2016

Help For Rape Victims

 Have you ever been raped before? Do you know of anyone who had at one time or the other been raped? Listen, if you are, do not be ashamed of yourself because, counseling for rape victims is here for you. We know what if feels to be raped because, many of us here,in one way or the other have also  been raped,but good enough, to have been helped by some useful arrangements of counseling for rape victims and today we are strong, and alive!

Rape is a traumatic experience that affects every aspects of man and woman's life. A lot of you do not know, but I tell you today, that men too are sometimes raped! Yes,it is true! When you arouse a man's s*xual organ,or blows him up without satisfying his craving for s*x, you've just raped him!

Counseling for rape victims is initiated to lift the low self esteem of those who are already raped. Counseling for rape victims is a platform established to impact hope and bright future for persons who have been molested, and se*ually violated.

Rape is a criminal offense against another person which is an unwanted s*xual activities that can be  done orally, or through penetration of penis into a woman's vagina or anus. Can you feel the pains? For the minds of growing children, rape is when someone forces you,to lie down with him or her,forcing you to remove your pants and bra,and begin caressing your breast,dipping his fingers into your vagina,or using his penis into it!

 Most times when this evil act is on,the men usually make sure it is a lonely,quiet place where no one can see them, and at the same time, they cover your mouth to stop you from shouting for help. In counseling for rape victims, however, while some rapist would not want to rape anyone forcefully,they would do so by drugging their victims with alcohol,so that they would be either subconscious, or unconscious of themselves,while the rapist do all the immoral act they could, to their very satisfaction.

what counseling for rape victim, wants you to know about rape, is that men too also get raped as women do. So if you are a man,don't think you are a superman or untouchable creature! Also be on the guard!

Secondly, people who are emotionally traumatized most often are teenagers and young ladies, who have been keeping their virginity for the best men of their lives. Whenever they find out that their virginity have been lost to some gangs,or some good for nothing fellow,they want to die,or kill themselves just to end their life!


NO! They are not! In fact, this is where counseling for rape victims comes in. They sincerely want you to know that yes,even though rape can result to especially emotional trauma, making the raped act miserably for sometime, and in some people, for a life time. That is one bad effect of rape to their victims!

 Counseling for rape victims also  says that emotional trauma that is associated to the victims can not in itself result to miserableness except the victims themselves choose to be miserable. Many victims of rape have gone through their dilemma and ugly ordeal, and still came out of it. So you can! From the counseling for rape victims, rape is an ugly ordeal, that  the offenders cannot be justified ,or vindicated, whether the doer is sane or insane at the time of the action!

Finally, rape,is a criminal act against the body,soul,and spirit! This is injurious abuse!!!

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