Monday, 14 November 2016

Double dating in relationship : meaning, ideas, tips, double dating

Double dating in relationship : meaning, ideas, tips, double dating

Ever seen a situation where someone says that she is in a working relationship with a man, she brings him around, and everyone knows him. Later,in that same close period, you still see her with another man, having another relationship with him! That is double dating. Dating two or more men at the same time! What is your view on this matter? Is it an ideal thing to do?

Many people who engage in double dating most times do not make it known to their partners that they have someone else. If they feel that double dating is right, what stops them from letting the cat out of the bag? If they think that what they do is bad,why would they hide it from their partners?  Every relationship that is intended to end in marriage must be built on trust! I now ask:'if you trust your relationship and partner is real,why would you be having another?

If you don't trust your partner, maturity demands that you call him and let out your fear. If you still cannot gain his trust, oooh let him go! Only then will you be free as he is,to engage in another. Double dating may make you think you are smart, but hurting and cheating on the one who loves you is an injurious abuse!!!

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