Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Effects of child labour : Causes and effect

Effects of child labor : Causes and effect

I don't really know your very definition of child labor. If you say that it is an undue maltreatment on children, I would say " correct "! If you also say,that child labor is an abuse,and deprivation of children's rights, 
i would also say,very correct!

Children under the ages of 7_12 are usually forced to do heavy or hard works due to adults. The effects of this labor usually leave these children psychologically,mentally and physically derailed, and starved.

Children who are engaged into child labor end up losing their many rights which include joy and happy spirit, and other host of childhood benefits. Child labour which deprives children opportunities to grow in life,is to humanity, an injurious abuse!!!

You see,the rate at which child labor thrives and succeeds in Nigeria is alarming. In fact, it has gotten so common, an acceptable thing that some people especially women are seekers of helpless children, taking them to homes of people who would need maids for hour help.
In fact, getting children for households who seek assistance and help has even become a lucrative business for especially for women in Nigeria. The most embarrassing thing of all is that those who give out children to people for house chores,end up never checking on them to know how they are faring.
 Most times however,the madams of these children most times send the kids in their care for household chores on harking,working on other people's farm lands,drawing water from deep well,and doing other abusive things to bring home some money. 
Many times however, these children do all of these hard labor without eating enough and quality foods. When are I'll,their help only come from above. When they faltered at their duties,they are unnecessarily beaten almost to death or badly injured. Child labor is evil, and wickedness! It is an injurious abuse!!!

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