Thursday, 17 November 2016

Giving up in life : causes and solution

Giving up in life : causes and solution

At one point in ones life, one begins to feel terrible, lonely, and depressed. He has laid his hand on everything possible to make wave ,but to no avail. When he looks ahead, he would see no light coming insight and everywhere behind him is real dark! Then he begins to end every effort he has made by giving up.

Just before you feel like giving up,just reflect on your journey so far. Think of where you began, where you came from, and where you are now. Having reached a place you are now is effort achieved for your continuous movement. If you keep trying again, your achievement will be better, taking you closer to you ever desired destination.

The thought of giving up in life belongs to people without future. They do not want to try anymore because they wouldn't need to. Dear ones, every successful man and woman we have today have at one point in time felt like giving up as you do today. Their persistence, and resistance made them successful and celebrated today.

Giving up is losing everything you've struggled for. It belongs to the weak and manless,it is also injurious abuse!!!

This is the second article on the issue of giving up in life. But this time, I found a better picture of a resinous tree surviving hard times in its environment yet,it still strives. 
From the look on the tree, the base soils have washed off,leaving the root wide open to be smashed by both hot sun,and rain, as well as to other dangers. This is exactly the situation that compels man to give up in life. When trial comes it will make sure that it is severe,and Dearing! It brings along depression, fears,discomfort and other threats. 
Like this tree,the condition is really hard and unfair, but the leaves and branches offers real hope for it,so is trial in life. No matter how much it shakes you, it can only bend you but your life is surely kept! Dear ones,don't give up in life. Trials that come, must also go even though it is injurious abuse!!!

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