Sunday, 13 November 2016

Impostors and contenders

 Impostors and contenders

Of course, anyone who claims what he is not,who deceives,or pretends to be someone else for fraudulent gains is an impostor,or imposter. In this forum, we would be looking at a medical expert who makes caricature of himself being a Doctor.

Can you imagine that Doctor who knows quite well, the negative implications of contraceptives to the lives of young men and women, and still recommends them to his patients, simply because they come crying,asking him to give them quick solutions to nonsense problems? He knows that such contraceptives are injurious to their health, and yet,that Doctor could not say no,to help bring them to their senses!
Take a look at that man who calls himself a religious leader! He has read many times and intensively from their holy books, which impart says: you must not commit fornication,or adultery and so on.

Yet,he encourages his members to come for confession, as the only means that God would forgive them each and every time they commit more. Excuse me religious leaders,why have you refused to discourage your wayward members from commiting sins,using every effective measure? Are you so afraid of losing them and the benefits they bring to you?

Impostors and contenders are never true to people they lead,and represent. They are falsehoods and to their society,they are injurious abuse

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