Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Improper behaviour and lack of courtesy : common courtesy examples, courteous behavior, courtesy in life

Improper behavior and lack of courtesy

Yes,am sure many of you would really laugh at this woman for picking her nose with her fingers! But please,don't just laugh at it,pick some corrections from it! You don't pick your nose with your fingers! It's not only embarrassing, but also irritating, depicting you purely dirty.
Do not act to impress anyone! It makes you a loser, a pain carrier,and a victim of disappointment! At table,table manners demand that you don't eat faster than another,or chew your food so loud to make noise. Do not pass your hand over another person's food because you want to reach an item next to you. Instead, ask one next to you to help you do so. Never pick your teeth after eating at the table! It can be very embarrassing and irritating to people with you at the table.

Lack of properly behavior surely reduces you to nothing, and this to man is injurious abuse!!!

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