Thursday, 17 November 2016

Inferiority complex among disabled

Inferiority complex among disabled

From the word inferior, inferiority complex is when someone, whether able or disabled feels incapable or not able to meet a particular expectations because of his gender,position, or circumstances. 
From our research, inferiority complex happens most often among women especially in Africa, where their culture has stereotyped them as second class citizens, placing men highly above them,and among disabled or handicapped whose conditions have been made to look inferior or incomplete.

To the disabled and handicapped,everyone is a human, trying to make it through in life. If you think that one finds it easier than another,you are wrong! We are all fighting a lost battle called life regardless of our various circumstances.
Inferiority complex attacks your psychological well being in view to break you down. It is not fit or healthy for you or anyone living, it is to humanity, an injurious abuse!!!

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