Friday, 18 November 2016

Insanity upon insanity : Definition, Pros and cons

  Insanity upon insanity : Definition, Pros and cons

What do you call a situation where a mad person or a beggar get mercy ( money) from people and use it in turn to smoke and drinking alcohol? I call it insanity upon insanity.
Yes that is what it is! How can an insane person who is already at a risk of diseases and environmental hazards be inhaling cancerous smoke in a hot sun and at the same time be taking Chelsea dry gin? He is mad already, and what he is doing is also madness!!

If you see an insane person such as this, would you give him any alms? Insanity upon insanity is injurious abuse!!!
 Insanity upon insanity : Definition, Pros and cons

Foolishness is when you see someone acting stupidly with you and you let him be. You fold your hands, and he gets press mad on you,that is foolishness!! If you ask me who is foolish between the two persons in this picture, I will say " the lady".

Yes, the lady. It is obvious that the man herein is insane and stupid otherwise he would have controlled his crazy urge. What woman or lady of honor would allow a public shame as this? This is what we call insanity upon insanity! It is an injurious abuse!!!
  Insanity upon insanity : Definition, Pros and cons
The first time this picture went viral on social media, many people see it as fun,and laugh at it,while others frown and reject it. Whatever your opinion is, am so sure that if seriously speaking, it is insanity upon insanity! It is insanity on the part of the lady who allowed her womanhood brought to shame. This is what happens when we let nonsense have its way. It brings shame and other dire consequences.

If you ask me,I would say that this is not the first time of the man in uniform acting stupidly. He must have been succeeding having his way,till now. If only this officer is put on public reproof and discipline, am sure by now,this nonsense would have stopped. When nonsense is not put to stop,abuse becomes the case,and this is injurious abuse!!!

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