Thursday, 17 November 2016

Lack of entrepreneurship skills

Lack of entrepreneurship skills

A lot of people especially women and ladies want to be economically and financially independent either from their parents, guidance, or husband, but have ignore the value and purpose of entrepreneurship skills. Overtime, experts from government and non governmental agencies have talked, preached, and sounded warnings on the importance of skills acquisitions.
 Maybe you do not know that acquisition of these skills is one and the only thing that can make you the boss you are looking for and put into your pocket, the money you've always clamoured for.

Among other advantages of skills acquisition is that it can take you to places you could not have been by merely being dependent on others. Entrepreneurship is a career. It opens many doors of employment for people making you a helper,and a creator. Ignoring skills acquisition and entrepreneurship is making yourself a finite slave to people, and of course you know it is an injurious abuse!!!

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