Sunday, 13 November 2016

Making excuses for bad behavior: facts, stop making excuses for others

Making excuses for bad behavior: facts, stop making excuses for others

At homes,parents usually make excuses on their children's bad behavior, always taking blames on their motheress, or maids. At schools, when children are not doing well in their studies, parents push the blames on teachers or schools themselves, making excuses. In Africa too,coming down to Nigeria, when a female child misbehaves or becomes wayward, the father blames his wife for such result saying " like mother like daughter",and vise versa.

Child training is not the responsibility of one person as African proverb puts it. It is a collective responsibility of all in the community,and in the environment. When a child is not doing well, the right thing to do is to look at the problems associated to it, and get to know why. It might be that the child is depressed or mentally derailed. It might also mean that the child isn't good at a particular subject, or is being affected by some emotional problems.

At home, that is even the worse. Children pick up characters and behavior from every environment such as schools, neighborhood, or even from social Media and display their actions at home. If you keep blaming your nannies, motheress,, maids or wife,for the bad behavior of your children, then be sure that the such problems will continue until you get to the root of the matter.

The only problems solved are the problems which solutions are sought! Making excuses for bad behavior of your children is a time waster,and an injurious abuse!!!

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