Monday, 14 November 2016

Medical care type in Nigeria, peoples mindset, healthcare management, problems facing healthcare management

Medical care type in Nigeria, peoples mindset

Before colonization of Nigeria by the British, Nigeria has a perfect medical care centers, where they treat various forms of ailments, and sicknesses. It is called traditional health care. It is in this health care center that women delivered their babies safely without any form of drugs or injection to induce their babies.
Traditional medical care centers still exist, and is still effective.

If one has any bruise or a deep cut or injury in his body he simple goes to a herbalist who would give him a herbal leave to chew,or herbal mixture to drink and this automatically takes care of the problems. If one is hit by nails or iron,he simply hits stones on its surface and no tetanus would infect it.

African traditional medical care is the highest and most effective care there is. No chemical or industrial ingredients is mix in it. It is purely natural and unadulterated. Even English or orthodox medicines borrow their leaves and herbs from the tradition to produce their own drugs.

Funny enough, traditional medical care in Nigeria is not highly appreciated by her people. Is their reason plausible or injurious abuse??

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