Monday, 14 November 2016

Negative effects of day care on child development, effects of daycare on infants, daycare psychology

Negative effects of day care on child development

When a baby is born,his brain does not get matured immediately. It starts maturing as soon as he was born til he is about two years,or in some children, three years of their age. Factors that help in child brain development,includes environmental factors such as family members, speech and language of the immediate environment, singing poems, playing with other kids around them, sleeping, and even crying.
Yes,in as much as learning starts from when the baby is still in his mother's womb,it continues after his birth, till he dies.

According to one study, spending too much time in doing homework can lead to chronic depression in children. This means, that early child education does more harm than good to children. None of the ancient gurus and giants of academics in the whole wide world began education as early as our modern system has it today,yet,the capacity of their brain development is above our modern age.
Children learn better and faster,in a fun play environment (informal) than in a more serious academic environment (formal) education.

Any attempt to force children run faster than their shadow, is to health, an injurious abuse!!!

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