Monday, 14 November 2016

People,Life and betting: Focusing on your field of life

People,Life and betting: Focusing on your field of life

The news on Africa's first prize winner Professor Wole Soyinka tearing up his green card should Donald Trump, the American presidential candidate wins his opponent Mrs. Hillary Clinton has gone viral everywhere in the world, and is truly embarrassing. How could a world respected personality, an iconic figure ever thought of denying himself of great honour, injuring himself because a fellow man like himself is about to make history in his life?

Focusing on your field of life

This statement of professor Woke Soyinka, saying,that he will ripe up his green card if Donald Trump wins Mrs Hilary Clinton, his strongest opponent in the forth coming election on 8th of November 2016 is the most expensive life betting in the whole wide world! This is so dishonoring, and embarrassing. It is an insult to the government of America which offers him the green card. Wole soyinka is not a politician! He should have minded his business as a lecturer,and book writer. Of what benefit is this betting to him anyway? He fails his reputation,and this is an injurious abuse!!!

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