Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pretense in relationship : The cause of failures in relationship

 Pretense in relationship : The cause of failures in relationship

When people are in relationships dating, and courting, they show various sweet characters that will keep their mates still going. They would do everything possible to make their relationship work,and end in marriage. However, when they are finally married, some of them begin to bring out their real selves, showing who they really are.

One good thing is that there are people who don't pretend,trying to impress their mates when courting . They tend to show who they really are,their strength and weakness, their good and bad side of them. These ones I must commend because they understand the sole objective of courting which is to make your partner know well about you,your likes, and dislikes, what you value and hate,your inner and physical qualities, the value of your family background, and the norms of your culture and tradition. 
If you take to pretense, how can these information be learned? How would you be able to pass the life saving information to your future intended partner?  Pretense while courting in a relationship is not healthy, it does not even match the concept of courtship, this is an injurious abuse!!!

Having discussed the points and objectives of courtship, we could see that it is basically nonsense hiding who you are to your future intended partner. Worthy of note however is that there are people, who show their real selves to their mates,so much that these mates of theirs could see it clearly and feel it. Some of them to a large extent complain that the characters of their mates are horrible and unbearable. 
Dearest one,please quit if they are unbearable to you! Any character or behavior that your partner bear that looks awful to you and he or she cannot change will remain with them. Remember, the value of a man or a woman,is in what he gives,not in what he will give! If he Doesn't change when the relationship is still tender and sweet, is it when it has gone sour that he would? Almost impossible!!

Open your senses,be honest with yourself and act wisely. When you sight fire and still go into it, it is your body that will get hurt,and this is injurious abuse!!!

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