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Rape crime : causes and consequences, Effect of rape

  Rape crime : causes and consequences, Effect of rape

Have you ever been raped before? Do you know anyone who has been raped at anytime?  Rape is a sexual assault, that involves s*xual penetration perpetrated against a person, without his consent. There have been many crises of rape and cases of rape  prison yards,where female inmates have many times been raped by male inmates and most times by male supervisors in prison. 

Could you imagine that? Convicts who are under supervision,going through some reform program are still found on rape? What about chief officers who are supposed to protect and respect the rights of prisoner? Is it not rather more shameful that they too are guilty of rape?  News on this ugly incident is also  rampant in police stations, schools, hospitals, and even from home where victims have repeated  complained, screamed, and shouted for help over the ugly crises of rape. If I say that the worst type of rape is rape on infants and children, would I be wrong?


Most times when rapist are caught and convicted, their common expressions on their action of rape have been,: " please forgive me, it is the devil at work"! Can you imagine that? Who is the devil here? The person who raped,or the scaring creature with diadems somewhere? Of course your answers are as obvious as mine. For goodness sake,how can someone, man or woman, rape someone else, and denies the rape,pointing his fingers on someone else,claiming that he did it? This is insanity! In fact, anyone who does rape another, and denies it,pointing his fingers on another, should be taken to any psychiatric hospital for some neurological test. 

  Rape crime : causes and consequences, Effect of rape

Any offender who does not accept his mistake  or a wrongdoer who does not plead guilty will never have a change in his life and this includes the case of rape! Such individuals will do it again, and over again! Since there is absolutely no pleasure in raping or violating ones s*xual life,why would someone ever think of doing it? Or is there anything pleasure in  rape crises? Hello,can you hear me?

Since rape is associated to killing,then,rapist will always be guilty of destroying someone, somewhere,who is still fighting the emotional trauma of rape! All over the world, rape is a serious case that the offenders have to pay heavily sometimes,throughout their life time.

Cases of rape has become one of the highest crimes in humanity. In fact, it has caused the many lives of people, ranging from kids to adults, men and women! Wonderfully, the cause of rape can never be justified! A rapist can not say,he rapes someone because her actions  arouses his se*ual feelings, or because her dresses are see through!

Rape is a crime against life and blood, and this is injurious abuse!!

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