Thursday, 17 November 2016

Romance among teenagers

 Romance among teenagers
I have been asked many times,if is proper to kiss someone of an opposite sex,and go down naked with him! I do not know for sure why my opinion was needed, whether she has already done so or not.

 I now ask 'who in question are you referring to as an opposite s*x you want to know if it is proper to kiss and go down naked with?? If he is your boyfriend, a serious one in a real relationship,I would say that there is a limit of romance to share with him. Yes,don't give him everything! You surely should call him a heart tickling names,using melting tones for him,and yes,you may occasionally give him some kiss.
 Do so,only when you know you can control yourself and him! Going down naked with him? No! Let it be a drive that will take both of you to the next level where he will unveil your white. Kissing and having sexual relationship with a boyfriend are the commitments that make your heart sick when the relationship fails.
They make you feel empty,lost, and cheated! Romance at this stage,is injurious abuse!!!

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