Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sports and spirit : the effect in the society

Sports and spirit : the effect in the society

Sure,not everyone belongs to any football club, either English league,or premier league. The names of football clubs such as Manchester united, Barcelona, Chelsea,Arsenal the gunner,Liverpool and others. The names of clubs have become so well known that even if you don't belong to any club,they can not be strange to you because, they are well pronounced.

In big cities like Lagos Nigeria, fans whose club wins any trophy celebrate themselves, giving gifts and showing kindness to only members of the club. I have seen a commercial driver,who brought out his bus and picked only members of their club, free of charge, frustrating others.

The spirit behind sports also makes it possible that fans can actually bet with their life effects, in predicting that their clubs must win. Many people have lost properties, on bet,whenever their prediction fails them. Some on the other hand have also become friends and foes in the name of sport!
Are all these behavior reasonable? 
Sports and spirit : the effect in the society

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