Thursday, 17 November 2016

Vengeance for disappointment

Vengeance for disappointment

You know, the common reaction for a disappointed person is usually to revenge. This makes it clear why a supposed bride would rather poison,kidnap or kill his suitor or boyfriend for leaving her and choosing another for his bride.

Yes,no one likes disappointment neither does anyone wish for it. What one should seek is justice when being disappointed because, it is the only thing that can bring peace of mind. Dear ones,vengeance, does not bring lasting peace,but lasting death! Nature has a surer plan,than mortal can devise!!

Always remember that anyone who disappoints you can never make you any better,either now,or later! So,why would you hold on to someone who cannot better your life as though your future rests on his shoulder? You had better get up,and face the reality that no one has the key to your future or happiness except you.

Vengeance on someone who hurts you is not a pay,it is an injurious abuse!!!

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