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What girls do to avoid menstrual pains : remedies and solutions

 What girls do to avoid menstrual pains : remedies and solutions

Menstrual or menstruation pain is not a news to any teenager,especially our young girls. Of course the boys and gentle men out there are not strangers in this context, as their girlfriends, and ladies would always share their pains each month it appears.

Menstruation pains in some people could be normal, while in others, it could be a sign of infection or hormonal imbalance. Whatever case it is, the truth is that seeking solutions in a way that won't result to much more problems in future, is the right thing to do.
                                                          Remedies to menstrual pains
You see,a lot of our young girls, who have be scared with some misconception  information of menstrual pain have been deceived to have sex with their boy friends few days before their period, or take some contraceptive such as postinor.

Can you imagine what young girls do just to run away from menstrual pains? Unwanted pregnancy,losing self worth and value,and making oneself vulnerable to infections are the common results.
The truth is that the price these girls pay later in their life time for these acts is dearer than the pain which they tend to avoid!
                                                            Solutions to period pains

Dear young girls,having illicit sex because you're running away from natural normal pains or abnormal pains,is like jumping into ocean because, fire is in your house! You may not be able to swim out of it,and the sea foods may not be nice to you. Oooh,before I forget, those contraceptives you take either to avoid menstruation pains or pregnancy are the major cause of the pre -menstrual bleeding you experience often!
This is not healthy for you, it is life threatening, and injurious abuse!!!

What girls do to avoid menstrual pains : remedies and solutions

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