Monday, 14 November 2016

When a depressed partner falls out of love : depression and love relationships, loss of feelings for partner

When a depressed partner falls out of love

You know, just lately,a very particular statement begins to make sense to me and it says:" if a man expects his woman to be an angel,he should build heaven for her! Angels don't live in hell!" Wow wow wow! So men,brothers and husbands, why would you expect your woman to love, cherish and care for you, when you yourself haven't created an enabling environment for that?

Even God in heaven says,that we should draw close to him,and he will draw close to us. So why would you be different? You see,love like respect is earned,not forced or solicited. Give your wife a good treat,and make her feel the love in your heart and she becomes truly, your angel.

Women are like computer! Bag in, bag out!! They can't give out what they haven't received. Women hate it,when you maltreat them,and still expect them to act angelic. To them it is foolishness, and injurious abuse!!!

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