Thursday, 17 November 2016

When she doesn't feel loved

When she doesn't feel loved

No doubt, the maker of marriage, God, says to the wife, " you wife, have deep respect for your husband, and be submissive to him". To the maker,we now ask, how can a wife have deep respect for her husband and even submit to him? In response, the maker says " you husband, love your wife as your own body and treat her like a weaker vessel ". 

That is the point! As a matter of fact, the instructions of how husband and wife should treat each other was given first to husbands. This is to say that before wives give their respect to their husbands, their husbands would have first of all shown them love! No one,not even kids can respect any,who hasn't merited their respect.

Respect is earned, not solicited. If you want respect, you work for it by acting responsively. God is wise,and he knows the stuff women are made of to have given the above instructions. No woman on receiving love,which include care and attention will not give her husband the respect he deserves in return except she is a woman that has been sent to destroy you or teach you a lesson.

Women like to be loved,cherished, and be reaffirmed, of your love for them. Any man seeking respect from his woman without having shown her love is wrong, and this to the creator,is injurious abuse!!!

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