Saturday, 12 November 2016

Women's crisis center : women's crisis center near me, Jobs

Women, daughters and mothers of the world, have been facing what we call"women crisis for centuries now, to the point that they now have " women crisis center  all around the world. Can you imagine that your mother, sister and daughter being indiscriminately treated every now and then like she is of no use, not important, or like she is nobody? Your mother?

Women crisis centre is a centre that fights for the rights of women, sisters and daughters of the world. In many parts of the world, women have faced many injurious abuses leading them to women's crisis centre for support, and protection against all forms of maltreatments from their husbands, fathers,or their employers. Women's crisis centre focuses on the protection of women's right and empowerment. It gives battered women a place of refuge and consolation.

women's crisis center : women's crisis center near me, Jobs

A lot of people have asked such questions as: what are the different kinds of women's crisis that women go through in life? Of what importance is women's crisis center since women can actually run back to their parents house for refuge? If you are one of those that have asked such questions, I want to commend you!
You see,women, our mothers and daughters, have been seen as secondary to men in their homes,working places, even in politics. In rural areas,women crisis include rape,molestation, domestic abuse and violence where their husbands beat them up for no just cause! That is women's crisis! Hence, leading to women's crisis centre we have.

 In the same rural areas,the only places women are regarded as being important are in kitchen as homemakers,and cooks,and in the area of child bearing. In fact, any woman who does not conceive or become pregnant within just one year of her marriage faces ridicules,object of hatred,and some  signs of maltreatments from her husband and her in-laws. Imagine that kind of women's crisis that our mothers, daughters and sisters go through in marriage! Funny enough however, a lot of infertility problems in marriages are caused by men who are not able to produce enough sperm count to cause pregnancy in their wives. Yet,at the end of the day,women, are seen as the major causes of their marital problems. Isn't this kind of injurious abuse enough,women's crisis?


women's crisis center : women's crisis center near me, Jobs

For one thing, women's crisis centre is committed to empowering women,and girl child, against all forms of maltreatments,domestic violence and injurious abuse. In the women's crisis centre, such as women's path today WPT, Cambodian women's crisis centre CWCC and Save our women crisis center SOWCC,women are taught self esteem and self values. They are made to understand that like men, they all have the same right to live, and right to freedom of speech and expressions.

In women's crisis centre, women are also taught self discipline, to be industrious, and acquisition skills,as well as formal education as part of self development and self building.
For women and young girls who are thrown out of their homes,women's crisis centre offers home, foods and shelter.

Since women are still subjected as second class citizens in the world, maltreatments,marginalization and even s*xual violence have become their worst fears in life and this,which women's crisis centre fight against, is injurious abuse!!!

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