Sunday, 22 January 2017


 How to know if you are ready for marriage

The word 'marriage' is one that is familiar to all. To the single,marriage is one thing that they all look forward to and for those who are married,stories are what they all have to give! Does that mean that marriage is a threat to life? Why does everyone look forward to getting married? How does one know if he is ready for marriage? 


 Just as every good thing has time to be,there is also time for marriage. In some cultures,a man is expected to marry as soon as he is grown,and established. To this culture,a man must have built his own house,and must have established a business to bring home some money. In other cultures however,as soon as man is grown,whether he has his own home or not,the one thing that is expected of him is to get married and have children. Does the fact that one is grown mean he is ready for marriage? No,it is not! Marriage involves a lot of responsibility. As a father,you must provide food for your household. So ask yourself 'Are you ready to care for this responsibility? If not,you are simply not ready for marriage! Again ask yourself 'Are you ready to leave your father and your mother and stick to your wife'? Sticking to your wife here means that you r must put your wife first before your own mother who gave birth to you. Are you ready to do this? If not,you are not ready for marriage!

As a man,pride is a common crown in your heart. Yes,they always want to prove that they are the men all the time. But men,if you must succeed as a man,I ask you today,put your pride off,and clothe yourself with humility. This alone will help you stick and plan with your wife to help you build your home and family. 
Married men stay with their family members. They are not boys that stay out late at night. Therefore,if you are still keeping late at night,my are not yet ready for marriage!

Marriage doesn't need to be rushed. Take your time,build yourself,and then proceed for marriage.

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