Sunday, 22 January 2017



In many African countries,as well as in other Western world,child marriage is legal as long as the parent of the child give their concept. To these people,they quite believe that every female child must one day be given out in marriage either now or later. But really,is child marriage justified? Can we really say that as long as the parent of a child have given their concept and agreed their little child be given out in marriage it is okay? Does the child's feelings not matter? Maybe you don't understand. Let's get clearly what child marriage is all about.

Simply put,child marriage as  the word implies is a situation where a child,a female is betrothed and married to a man who is old enough to be a father to the child. This is a child who has not yet developed a feeling not to talk of love for any man. In fact,as a child,she cannot make a decision over such a serious issue,as she lives at the mercy of her parent. Does the husband of the child do with her,what a husband usually does with his wife you may wonder? sure he does! But honestly,what joy do men who romance and open the legs of premature children derive from doing so? Hey,can you still say that child marriage is justified? Come to look at this again . When a child is forced to have relation with a man,the pain she feels become so severe like a pregnant woman in a labor room. This is because,her s*xual organ has not really developed to have any romantic feelings. Again I ask: is child marriage justified? Is there any special thing that en who choose to marry babies get that mature women cannot give???

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