Monday, 23 January 2017



In a society where everyone claims equality,it happens that inequality rules. It rules in our homes where parents make preferences among their children and in classrooms,where teachers favors a particular good students as a class representative.

High institution is an environment of academy, where students who wish to further their learning go to for further learning. It is found in two major categories namely: University and Polytechnic.  There is a disparity between these two varsities of learning. Why the disparity between University graduate and Polytechnic graduate should stop is our center of discussion here.

When you are seeking admissions into high institution,people are usually advised to choose University instead of Polytechnic. The reason for this  is not far fetched. When you graduate and secure employment,you will become a junior staff in the midst of University graduates on the basis of the fact that you graduated from Polytechnic. People are now asking: Why the discrimination since they all have the same knowledge? Why the partiality since they can do the same task equally? This is why the disparity between University graduates and Polytechnic graduates should stop!

Career oriented individuals who seek to make difference in their fields of endeavor will not always choose Polytechnic as their choice of institution. The reason is obvious. The would not want to pressed or held tight from achieving excellence,neither will they want to be marginalized in their work place,soon after they have graduated. The truth is this: Polytechnic offers an environment of classical practical than University does,and so,the disparity which their graduates suffers make this group of career oriented people give up the opportunity and experience. This again is the reason why disparity between University graduate and Polytechnic graduates should stop! 

In every good organization,hard working employees are usually rewarded with promotion. Did you know that even if you have worked your entire life faithfully to your employer,you are still as good as a boy in that organization as long as University graduates are there. This in fact is one proper reason,why the disparity between University  graduates and Polytechnic graduates should stop!!!

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