Sunday, 22 January 2017



Everywhere around the world,in the street,along the road,in motor parks and even in churches,we see beggars in different forms,begging and asking for alms. Beggars are in different categories. There are some who are disabled,who have lost either eyes or hands or who are lame and deaf.These ones take up begging as a means to survive. The question: Can the concept of begging be justified?
Islamic religion preaches and encourages alms giving. Can we then say that this is also a justification for begging? When one gives alms to the needy,does he do so because the needy has begged for it? Absolutely no! He gives because he has seen a needy,whose only means of survival is at the mercy of the people. The Islam believes that when they show such goodness and kindness to people,Allah is well pleased,and will never allow the givers to lack. If you ask me,I would say that Islam has a good intention for providing alms. What we see around us these days on begging matters is abuse of concept. Rather than using the opportunity to show some thankfulness,they misuse it,thereby making  themselves vulnerable to pitiable conditions.

The results from interviews we conducted on people's streets show that the lame can not walk,neither can the blind see,and so they take up to begging.Then we ask: If the lame cannot walk,can they not see? have they  no hands that can work for them? Why  would they not put their able body organs to use and make themselves useful? Yes my question: Can the concept of begging be justified?   

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