Tuesday, 31 January 2017

career and money making which comes first?

A lot of people  in the whole wide wide have issues and problems with the matter of career and money making. Career and money making,which comes first? The answer to this question is determined by which of the two can provide a means to the other. For example,can career give money? Does money make career to come alive?

To realize ones career,money is as essential to it,as water is important to life. One must go to school to acquire the basic skills and encouragement to move his career. So,can we say here that money comes first before career,since money itself can make career come true?

On the other hand,to make money,one must have a source which money can come from, as money itself has no tree that produces it,neither can it fall from Mars. Can we for this reason then say that career comes first because money is gotten from something that one does.

It seems that these two can not do without each other. They look irreplaceable! career or money,which comes first? If you say that money comes first,remember that their money does  not come on its own.It is gotten from ones hard work,and effort.But if you say that career comes first,remember too that money is invested to take any career to any level. So,what is our answer? Career and money,which comes first? Your answer could be one thing that can save man from this puzzle!!!

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