Sunday, 22 January 2017



To say that begging is a menace is not enough especially when you see the much involved in it. If mothers or fathers choose to be in order to provide and cater for the needs of their children,it will be a fair thing to say and hear. But you see involving children into begging? It is absolutely an unfair thing to do.  In fact,it is an evil thing to do,and an abuse to the life of any child.

If there is any reason why parents involve their kids on begging,it is either because, they want to get the piety of people or because they really want to use them and make money. Child abuse on begging is everywhere around the world. There is  no nation,or country in the world that is free from child begging menace. At every point,parents who beg with their children claim that they beg because,they have no helper or support from anywhere.Then I ask: If you know that you have no helper or support,why did you have to get pregnant and have children? Who will take care of them after they are born? If you don't have any plan on how to care for your children,and you go get pregnant  to fill the earth,then you are of all people,the most pitied.

Children who are let out to beg on the risk their lives to moving vehicles on road ways. Many of these  kids have  been struck down dead for this ugly reason. Many at times too,they have become vulnerable to wicked people,who seek a means to get children for human trafficking or ritual making. Children who are let out to beg are usually denied the opportunities to go to school and be taught. In fact,lose their  dignity and pride as children and most times,do not enjoy their fundamental human right. Child abuse on begging is as ugly as death and should be discouraged.


Having seen the dangers inherent on child street begging,what then is the solution? 
1. Every  Individual, young and old must learn to stop giving money to beggars on the street,in motor       parks and else where. In so doing,beggars will be encouraged to find something else doing other  than begging.
2. Government should realize that it is their responsibility to create enabling environment for job creation and functionality to their citizens. For the disabled and truly handicapped, government should have a functional rehabilitation center or shelter to cater for the needs of such ones.
3. For those whose hearts impel to give to needy,they can gladly do so by going to their rehab or shelter. This is cleaner and more decent!!!

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