Thursday, 19 January 2017

consequences involved in a society where kids are denied of fun play

consequences involved in a society where  kids are denied of fun play

Imagine a world where there is no fun, and everything has to be work work and work. The life of children is not the only one with fun. Adults too also have theirs in bar parlours, in hair salon, and in other outdoor places. No doubt, everyone loves fun and wish that life could go on and on in this way.

There is something special about having fun. It is the fact that it brings people closer,and better acquainted to you. It makes one to see the other side of people and things. It not only brings excitement but enlightenment to the hearts and minds of people. Fun,makes one a better person!

Dear parents and academics, schools and religion, bear in mind that anyone who leaves out fun from their kids,or any activities has deprived one the joy to live and the joy in working, and this is injurious abuse!!!

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