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Dangers in early childhood marriage

 Dangers in early childhood marriage

Marriage is one of  the things that has no fast rules and principles. Since it is not in International law,I cannot remember of any particular law that fixes time  or age limit  on when a child should marry or not. In fact,some religions such as Islamic,encourages and allows early childhood marriage. This tells us why a man in his forty's can marry a girl as young as ten,twelve years and her parent will not object it. What then are the dangers of early childhood marriage?

Marriage as we all know is about responsibility. Whether one is married early or not,she must  still take up the responsibility which is due to a married woman. Since marriage requires having a relation with ones partner in bed,even when a child is given out in marriage at early age,she still has to lie down with a man old enough to be her father,while the man without  shame opens her legs and make her feel some sensations.

Many children who are given out in marriage so early in life are deprived of childhood love and experience.This is because,in their husband's house,they cannot be treated as kids like other children of their age are,because they have ascended the level of marriage. Thus,instead of staying by the sides of their mothers,learning how to cook and do other home chores, they now do them by themselves.

Dangers in early child marriage deprives a child of right to education. This is not fair! While other children of her age are in school,she is either in a kitchen,or in a bedroom,rubbing the back of one husband. The worst of early childhood  marriage is that men,who marry children as their wives do so after having children from their other wives. Thus,making these children their 2nd or 3rd wives. Are these dangers in early childhood marriage fair?

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