Saturday, 28 January 2017

Dangers in early childhood marriage (part 2)

The first part of the article on 'dangers in early childhood marriage ' focuses on the deprivation of the right of a child such as education and  the joy of childhood experiences. In this article,we will look at emotional impact of early childhood marriage.

You see,as soon as a girl's body begin to release egg,and she begins to menstruate,she is ready to have children. This means that if a girl who is already married sleeps and have any relation with her husband say when she is 12 years old and she is in her ovulation,before the age of 13,she is already a mother. By calculation,before this child reaches the age of 20,she might have given birth to at least four children. Can you imagine the troubles associated to motherhood which have been converted to 'Joy of motherhood?' The day and sleepless  night stress in the name of being a mother? This she has to pass through even as a girl.

One danger which is truly associated to early marriage is that,the child who has been given out in marriage so early in life will have to stop giving birth to children as well. At what age I ask? Just when she is still in her twenties. This means that this baby girl will start seeing the misery of womanhood which is having to deny herself s**ual pleassure  with her husband as she tries to avoid another pregnancy.

Someone suggested family planning as a solution for couples who wish to stop having children while they continue enjoying their romantic and bed partner benefits. But hey,if you know the problem with this suggestion,you will understand the dangers in early childhood marriage. Family planning results to such problems as heavy flow of blood which is twice or three times of a normal menstrual blood of average woman on earth. To understand this properly,please ask any woman around you or your mother,if they have done family planning. You sure know how distressful monthly menstruation can be? How much more this can be for children who begin very early in life!! This problem they will have to go through till they die or reach the age of monopus. This dangers in early childhood marriage are so huge to bear my dear!!!

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