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Few simple ways to handle intimidation -intimidation at work,intimidation act,intimidation bullying,

Few simple ways to handle intimidation

Intimidation is a situation where someone subjects another to make him look like he is nobody. In fact the intimidator on intimidating you will want you to feel inferior to him, His goal is to ridicule you,wanting you to always fear him as your superior. Someone can intimidate you with his height when he has height advantage over you,or intimidate you if he is a super intellectual. The aim is always to make you recognize his advantage over you and force you to give him an undue respect.

There are some intimidation that are not necessary. These are seen in people who you sure know that have no advantage over you in any way. In fact,this kind of intimidation is called stupidity. Stupidity in the sense that it has no reason to be shown. What are the few simple ways to handle intimidation?

One among other simple ways to handle intimidation,is to give yourself respect first,and know your right. Have a stand and maintain it.
Intimidate your intimidator  by remaining firm on what you know is right and if he tries to push you out of the track,prove to him some intelligence which is not common to him. That alone will get him off your way.
Intimidators always have a loop holes.While they are showing themselves,remain calm and always aim to see them fall. They hate it when people see them falter.
Always show intimidators that reasonableness is an attribute and that you have it.
In everything you do,do it well,strive to excel in it and in that way,you would have overcome and handle your intimidator.

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