Saturday, 21 January 2017

First language acquisition

First language acquisition? Yes that is what we would talk about now! Let me ,Monica ask you this simple question: if a white man gives birth to children in Nigeria,when his children begin to speak,which will be their first language acquisition? British or Nigerian language? The answer is that, their first language acquisition would be the native language of his parents, only,if his parent speak their own language at home to the knowledge of their children, and the language or languages of their immediate environment which are spoken around them. Another truth is this: if your parent do not speak their mother tongue or native language to you during your language acquisition period, what you would end up speaking, would be the language or languages of your immediate environment which is or are foreign languages to your parent, if they are alien residents. Then,your mother tongue by performance would be the language of your immediate environment. If however, your parent make use of their mother tongue or their native language at home in conversation and interaction with you and you acquire the language during your language acquisition period,then,your first language would be your mother tongue by origin and performance.

The thought that a child's first language acquisition must be his mother's native language even when the child is born in foreign land,is a misconception. Nature,does not put ones mother native language in the mouth of their children. Nature,rather makes it possible that a child acquires samples of languages spoken around him,and triggers him to speak such languages he has been exposed to. If parents neglect their tongue and choose to speak a foreign or second language they've learned, their children in turn,would pick the same language as their own mother tongue, or first language.
Dear reader, if a child grows into adulthood, but cannot speak his native tongue who is to be blamed? Anyone making this to happen, is causing an injurious abuse!!!

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