Saturday, 21 January 2017

Heartbreak and solutions

 Recently on social Media, there came a picture of a smart girl, asking her mother: "mother,is it still possible to find a man who really loves one like no other"? Then,the mother looks at her pretty girl, without a word,smiles and nodded!

Hello everyone, does real love still exists? Well, I can't really hear you,so listen to me please. You see,liking people Is a common, natural thing to do but loving someone is a tasky,serious thing to do. In fact, finding true love is harder to do than finding real gold,among many articles. Everyone you meet is beautiful and handsome in their own very special way, but out of them all,you are only permitted to choose just one person as your own,for life! Are you saying that this is really a simple thing to do?

To give a very simple and clear answer to this question, I like you to imagine, you are holding a glass object. Just anything glass. Now,let it off your hand! Yes,you heard the disturbing noise of the broken glass,shocking the heart,and disturbing the brain. The reaction and effects that heartbreak brings in reality is far more than the description above!
In life there has been many great love stories,and hug disappointments told. Many have succeeded and laugh thereafter, whereas many others have lost and let go the situation.
What heartbreak causes the victims is equivalent to what the lose of a loved relative could do: tears,sorrows, emotional trauma, and internal bleeding, sort of.
Heartbreak has happened to everyone of us at one time or the other. In fact, one thing anyone in love,or relationship guards the heart against, is heartbreak! No partner in any love affair, or in any relationship is sure if the affairs will lead to hopeful destination ,or not,until both of them say: " yes, I do!"
Dearest reader,because heartbreak brings huge disappointments and distress, love with your eyes open! Love in your head,not with your heart. Think, and always follow your instinct!
Tell me,if your lover tells you that he is no longer interested in you,will you not find love again? Listen,making someone indispensable in your life is the greatest injurious abuse!!!

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