Tuesday, 31 January 2017

how and why freedom of speech and expressions are abused

When I was in secondary school,I was taught that there exist freedom of speech and expression. This means that everyone can always express his feelings and decisions any time,and at any moment.Do we really have freedom of speech and expressions as presented? Well let us take a look in the media,at home,and in offices.

The Media,represent the thoughts of mankind. Apart from giving us information,news and updates on every happening,the media also serve as  light. There is no way the media will be able to do all of these without having freedom of speech and expressions. In many places around the world especially in Nigeria,Journalists and many media companies are not finding it easy to excel and do their jobs. Anyone who performs their duties without fear or favor stands at risk of either losing his life,or his media organization. Why? Because,they have used expressions that have hurt their government.

Can we say that freedom of speech and expressions are abused when one is not allowed to use it? yes,we can. Things are naturally abused when they are not being put into use. How can one person try to block the mouth of one other simply because he has not spoken in his favor? At home too,when children or even adults say certain things that displease anyone else,that person will either be punished,or disciplined. Why? Because,he has used his freedom of speech and expressions which does not please the other. In offices,whenever especially a junior staff speaks his mind the way he feels it is right but it displeases the other,a senior staff,it becomes a problem for him. If he is not quarreled,he will be sacked from his job.
Why on earth should somebody expect that things should always be done in his own way? Should
 somebody please the other and displease oneself? Isn't this how freedom of speech are abused??

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