Saturday, 28 January 2017



Tattoo,are becoming so rampant everywhere in our society. Something which began from America sometime,to Europe is now in Africa and beyond. Who are the those who inscribe tattoos in their skin? How dangerous are tattoos in your skin?

The concept of tattoo is associated to identity. This is to say that whoever that tattoos in his skin evidently wants to be identified with some great figures,personalities,or symbols. Of course,the use of tattoos are not hidden. They usually appear in places where you and I can see it and identify the symbol or image which the bearer wants to be identified with. How dangerous are tattoos in your skin? How are tattoos made in ones skin?

Tattoos are made in thee skin by injecting dangerous chemicals in the skin,using an electric matching to write and draw desired pictures or icons of the bearer. Without any denial,the chemicals which form the tattoos in the bearers skins are dangerous,and can remain permanent in the body of the bearer.

The first time I began to pay attention to tattoo was when I saw the process of making it on television as a child. The process clearly shows that it could be more painful than the eyes can see. It shows that whoever accepts the pains that come with tattoos,can  be so hardened that he can cut off the head of any human without having a blink of irritation.

Doctors all over the world have agreed that tattoos are associated with a lot  of health risks such as cancer of the skin,cancer of blood,breakdown of kidney,heart disease and host of others. For the tattoos admirer,how sweet is tattoo,and how dangerous is it to your skin??? your answers are as obvious as mine!!!

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