Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to deal with rape cases

From where do I start ? Do I know  the genesis of it? Can I exactly tell what you feel? But I do know that it pains so much that you feel your life be taken away from you. But behold,you are still alive breathing and recounting how it happened. I know what you feel this time is to set your eyes on the bitch that mercilessly violated you. In fact,the guts you have now is such that you could even pierce through his heart with anything touchable. But can it make him feel the pains you feel? Can it even take the emotional trauma from you? Certainly no!

You see,rapists are heartless,merciless people. No matter how much you plead and beg them they will still get down on you except they realize themselves.How to deal with cases are so many, but here are just few tips. Sweetheart,if you are already raped,just pick up yourself and say to yourself 'thank God I still have my life'. you know why? Because,the life you have now is greater than the sadness in place and that is exactly what you need. Life!
If you were raped,don't pretend you are not especially when inside you,you feel half dead,half living! Again,get help from trusted counselors around and within you. Open up your heart and follow their useful ideas. Remember,problems shared are half solved. And don't forget that rape is not the worst thing  that has happened to people. Others have had worst experiences in life and they didn't die. So will you?

Think about the ugly past will not help the matter. Remember,the stage you are in now is recovery stage. For goodness sake,you cannot recover when you are still bringing to mind the problem. You need to let it go.The worst part of recounting an ugly experience is that it doesn't do any good than inflicting injuries in you. Dear one,why would you inflict more injuries to yourself just because of some good for nothing fellow?  How to deal with rape cases will not help you if you are not helping yourself.

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