Monday, 30 January 2017

How to give your best in whatever you do

In life,everyone wants to give his best in whatever thing he does. Whether in academics,or in business. In offices too,the joy of both employer and employee is to succeed and give his best. How then,can you give your best in whatever you do?

Most people love particular musical artists or actors so much that they have their faces and their words in their hearts. Do they love the artists because of whom they are,or where they come from? No,not at all.They certainly love them because of how well,they deliver their parts. How then does one give his best in whatever one does?

In every art and science,there are rudiments in whatever thing that has to be done. What applies to what makes one thing successful may not apply to the other. You have to understand what applies to whatever thing you do in order to succeed.

Among other things that must be taken to achieve success in your art,seriousness,and energy must be taken in order to give your best in whatever you do. Secondly,to excel in your job,research must not be taken for granted. This means that you have to read widely on matters of concern as if everything depends on reading.

Practice is another thing that one must seriously put in place. Do you know how many times your best musical artist practiced before he becomes perfected and got your heart? A best lawyer is one who have practiced while others are  asleep. So,practice,practice,practice,until it becomes part of you.

One of the foremost factors that moves one to give his best in whatever one does is choosing a career or a thing that one loves to do. Because you know and you are sure that, that is one thing you can actually do to be happy,will you give your reservation for anything else? Surely not! I love writing,Writing and talking are my hobbies that any day I don't write a write up or articles such as this,or engage in useful and up-building  talks,be sure that that day will be my most miserable day in life.

When performing,make sure that all your heart,mind and soul are involved. Do not reserve your energy to something else,and then,you would have given your best in whatever you do!!!

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