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how to know if you are in abusive relationship-relationship goals,relationship advice for women,

 how to know if you are in abusive relationship

Abuse is a situation where one feels uncomfortable with. A victim is not to be happy at this moment and he can't pretend that he is,because his heart is involved. Here,we are going to see how to know if you are in abusive relationship or not.

Relationship involves love and romantic feelings for two people who find interest in each other. The affairs of relationship is one that no one can actually explain. The spirit is always high and jealous. The feelings are always warm and inviting,so much that just at the sight of your  lover,your heart jumps,and ticks.

Relationship is all about giving to each other. One must not give alone,while the other stays as a receiver. It has to be a thing that both parties do,without the exception of the other. My dear lady,if your man demands that you give him any that he demands before he shows you love,then,honey, you are in an abusive relationship. My gentle man,if your woman expects that only you should do the calling and caring to prove that you really love her,then you are actually in an abusive relationship.

Relationship is a thing of the heart. Your heart must always feel glad and your mind must radiate if you are in love. Anything short of that is an abuse of relationship. For example,if you have misunderstanding with your partner and he is not willing to settle it with you and you are forcing your heart to be,then my dearie,you are in abusive relationship.

When you are in a relationship and  you are not  sure whether you are truly in relationship with him or not,then,my dear lady,you are in abusive relationship. Every genuine relationship has to be defined. Let both of you know your intent of your relationship,and have a clear motive otherwise,sweet heart,you are in abusive relationship!!!

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